The call center: the bridge between your brand and its market


By bringing together all kinds of services on the same platform, the call center brings you a global and specialized expertise in terms of market and customer relationship, essential to the development of your business. At ProContact, we have the best tools and a team of specially trained advisors to ensure quality support with real results at your fingertips.

A short history of call centers


Starting in England in the 60s


It all began in the 1960s with the emergence in England of the private branch exchange, better known by the acronym PABX (Private Automated Branched Exchange). This service was then reserved for press groups and travel agencies, especially to support subscriptions and bookings.

In France, the term call center appeared in the 80s. These centers consisted of rows of agents equipped with a telephone and a script to manage the day-to-day business affairs. The VPC regularly used call centers to:     

  • Save customer orders for items seen on the paper catalog.     
  • Resolve delivery problems, defective order, etc.

The telephone was then the only way for the customer to contact the company to obtain the quality of service expected, which was not always the case … (waiting, long deliveries, difficulties to return items).

80s: the beginnings in France

Years 90-2000: a difficult transition phase


Between the 90s and the 2000s, with the advent of the internet, companies are rushing into these new digital channels that make interactions more numerous and faster. But technology evolves very quickly, many companies are struggling to adapt to these new modes of communication to provide the best service to their customers. This is an important phase of transition that takes place during this period. Here is an example of a situation that could be encountered:

    • The customer spots an advertisement on the internet extolling the merits of the brand new “Herbenet” lawn mower.

    •  He clicks on the banner that will redirect him to another site that will allow him to place his order.
    • Unfortunately, he still does not receive anything after 3 weeks.

    • He has several solutions to contact the distributor: the phone, the email or the contact form on the brand’s website.

    • Not knowing which solution to choose, it uses the 3 channels of communication to increase its chances to have a fast answer.

    • The agent at the end of the line makes him wait, while another interlocutor who has received his email, asks him to send another email specifying his order number, and exchanges can cross, contradict, and lose to the customer a crazy time.

    • And during this time, the company that had not anticipated such an influx of orders via the internet, struggles to honor them for lack of organization.

From now on (since around 2014), the multiplication of channels (web, mails, SMS, social networks …) and communication media increasingly sophisticated (smartphones, tablets, desktops) have led to the emergence of new software offering an integral vision of the customer journey.

Here is an example of what could be a commercial exchange nowadays:

  •  You see a blue t-shirt that you like a lot on your smarphone. In one click, you order.
  •  No luck, you receive a green t-shirt and not blue. Always on your smartphone, you contact the online shop and the operator welcomes you by your name. At a glance, he sees the history of your orders and starts immediately a return procedure which will be confirmed in the wake of SMS.
  • While you are still online with the operator, you receive your confirmation sms and an email containing a return label to return your package.
  •  The problem has been solved in a few minutes, you are delighted with the service provided and will not hesitate to place new orders at this distributor.

As a result, companies become more proactive and strive to deliver the best customer experience possible through personalized monitoring and quality support.

Nowadays: a multichannel service for an optimal customer experience


What is a call center?


Call center or contact center?


A call center  is a platform that brings together a set of human, material and technical resources to support the remote relationship between a company and its market. The call center can help companies to put them in touch with their prospects / customers in B to B or B to C.

The call center occupying this space handles all incoming and outgoing calls from their customers (VSEs, SMEs, liberal professions, etc.). These calls may be related to a commercial or technical aspect of the product or service offered by the company. For this, they use digital tools such as chatbots or CRM and HR software to ensure an optimal customer experience.

A call center also acts as a contact center (contact center) since the platform not only handles incoming and outgoing calls, but also supports all the exchanges passing through other communication channels. : email, social networks, written messages, websites …


Contrary to popular belief that only companies working in the telephony or internet businesses use call centers, they cover a very large number of sectors as shown in the graph below:

secteurs utilisent les centres d’appel

Although telecoms dominate the market, teleoperators operate in most areas of daily life. They manage subscriptions, solve technical problems, keep track of your orders, organize your trips and offer many other services.

Which sectors do call centers use?


What types of services are offered to companies?


Call centers manage multiple activities related to the relationship between its client (the company) and its prospects / customers. Depending on the contracts and the needs of the companies, the services can range from a simple telesecretariat to a global support of the customer relationship. Here are some examples of benefits:     Telephone reception     

  • Télésecrétariat     
  • Surveys, satisfaction surveys     
  • Telemarketing and telemarketing (taking appointments, prospecting …)   
  • Qualification of files     
  • Management and enrichment of databases     
  • Customer loyalty     
  • Technical support (hotline, webhelp, technical support)     
  • After-sales service (SAV), customer service

Why choose ProContact Call Center?


Founded in 2002, our company is a contact center specializing in telemarketing and remote relationship management.

Based in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, it operates in European and global markets. Since 2015, ProContact is installed in the building “The Core” of the Cybercité offering the best technological standards of the island. The group continues its climb today with the establishment of a new site in Madagascar. ProContact is ranked in the top 500 of the Eco Austral (economic magazine of the Indian Ocean) of companies in the Indian Ocean.

For our expertise


Our services can evolve between a total support of the operations (ProContact Outsourcing Services) and a support towards an installation “in own” (ProContact Business Solutions). Whatever the project, we have an adapted and dimensioned answer to offer you in our 3 areas of expertise: Marketing, back office, front office.


Outsourcing of human resources

Our teams of HR experts provide you with efficient and proactive solutions in terms of personnel administration and HR management: recruitment missions, remote payroll and payroll management, personnel management, social communication, security and improvement of the workforce. work, training management, accounting management.

Satisfaction surveys to evaluate the quality of your services

The satisfaction survey (questionnaires, surveys, etc.) is a marketing tool that aims to gather the opinion of your customers to measure their level of satisfaction. This allows your business to improve to retain and win customers.


In your day-to-day business, you do not necessarily have the time or the skills to effectively manage everyday business. In addition, your needs may vary depending on the period and your type of activity, which is why many companies are increasingly using outsourced telesecretariat. By entrusting a certain number of tasks to an external service provider (call management, email processing, agenda management …), you can refocus on your core business and control your costs by modulating your request according to your needs.

Teleprospection et telemarketing

These two services, at the heart of our business, include inbound call campaigns (hotlines, relay campaigns emailing and direct marketing actions, support actions for product launches …) and call campaigns outbound (market research, interest detection, lead generation, appointments, BtoB telesales, BtoC telesales, reporting).

For the quality of our teams


Choosing ProContact is choosing:     

  • 15 years of experience on all types of operations     
  • 400 teleoperators spread over 2 multi-skill, complementary and highly secure sites     
  • A management team entirely focused on customer satisfaction     
  • Multilingual, skilled, multi-skilled employees motivated by the missions entrusted to them
  • Applying to an offshore platform like ProContact offers you the same quality of service as inshore but with much more interesting rates.
  • With only 2 or 3 hours difference, our location in Mauritius is particularly adapted to the French market.
  • Mauritius has a workforce available and qualified for our types of services turned international and require the command of several languages ​​(the majority of the Mauritian population is bilingual French / English).

For our locations, offering ideal conditions to our customers