6 great reasons to outsource your telemarketing service

Many companies prefer to rely on their own employees to support their telemarketing service. While this approach may seem cost-effective, you must bear in mind that B2B telemarketing requires specific skills. At ProContact, our agents are trained as soon as they are hired, and then continuously, in order to deliver a service that meets your expectations. Our contact centre will allow you to generate leads while saving your financial and human resources. The experience of our agents will become the best asset to preserve and improve the brand image and the credibility of your company.

The various advantages of outsourcing your telemarketing service

ProContact is equipped with a long-term experience based on proven and results-oriented techniques. Our agents are trained to develop specialised skills, deliver efficient Account Management, a structured and consistent approach to your brand values which are essential factors to boost your return on investment.

Outsourcing to benefit from specific skills

B2B telemarketing requires in-depth knowledge that only a qualified and experienced telemarketer has. The issuance of high volume calls as well as constant quality require know-how and tenacity in order to generate qualitative results.

However, within a company, employees are generally not trained, or not sufficiently trained, to master the process of creating relationships. For his part, a contact centre agent knows how to go beyond his/her comfort zone and generate a positive influence on the decision-maker.

Performance indicators that are always in the green

For any company, telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting must be subject to strict measures based on a set of key performance indicators. Through outsourcing, you will benefit from the strong support of a multi-role account manager. Most importantly, he/she will adapt its scenario for each campaign ordered by your company by:

  • Managing resource deployment,
  • Setting up call times, talk time and texts,
  • Calculating conversion rates,
  • Calculating costs per lead,
  • Implementing early campaign reviews to gather customer feedback,
  • Delegating tasks to competent officials, and
  • Targeting resources to groups that cause more reactions

Benefit from a structured approach

The strength of telemarketing is its ability to collect all the necessary data in order to determine the best time to be the most effective. Add to this the proper prioritisation of resources in order to benefit from maximum impact.

By outsourcing your marketing department, you will benefit from efficient data management specific for your needs. Our mission at ProContact is to put at your disposal trained agents able to handle scheduled reminders while managing other channels in order to develop short and long term opportunities.

Offers your company a consistent representation of its brand

If one thinks that in-house employees are the best ambassadors for a company, this idea usually has some misgivings. ProContact’s telemarketing service provides you with a structured approach that will help determine your brand perception through an organized and consistent framework, clear procedures, follow-ups and an in-depth understanding of your brand and your business. Thanks to outsourcing, you will finally rest assured about the representation of your brand.

Increase the profitability of your business

By outsourcing your telemarketing service, your company will increase its profitability while becoming able to save time. It will also be able to focus on its core business and address, in a more relevant way, the quality prospects brought by your outsourcing provider.

Is your business in full development?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your telemarketing service, but you’re having a hard time deciding, here are some good reasons to get started:

Low costs for high efficiency

As a developing company, you need to focus on the commercial aspect. However, this item can quickly increase your expenses and force you to distribute your human resources inefficiently. While hiring specialised employees may seem like a good idea, salary charges may overwhelm your budge. You should not forget about the legal aspects as well. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core business, without mandatory salary or material expenses.

Qualified and trained agents

Telemarketing requires a certain know-how that your own human resource team do not necessarily possess. Outsourcing will allow you to benefit from trained, flexible and experienced agents in many areas, including telemarketing. At ProContact, our expertise is broad enough to meet all your needs.

We train each agent since their arrival, and then continuously, so that they know exactly how to represent your company to your customers and prospects.

Quality customer service

If you have an in-house customer service in place and it does not meet your expectations, it can compromise the development of your business. With outsourcing, you no longer have to worry about training your existing employees in order to offer them a new direction which may disrupt their own expertise.

Focus on outsourcing so that you don’t have to worry about these aspects anymore and, above all, quickly benefit from customer service at the cutting edge of the latest best practices. Our Contact Centre has experienced agents and all the necessary infrastructure to carry out your mission.

To conclude

Outsourcing your telemarketing service is an advantage in itself. By entrusting this service to a company specialized in this type of service, you will be able to redistribute your resources in a relevant way and continue to deliver your know-how without having to worry about aspects that may become problematic over time.

Outsourcing: 5 reasons to add value to your developing business

As a small business, your priority is to grow and build a stable presence in front of the competition. As a result, your teams need to focus on core business functions and develop your product or service. In the meantime, who will take care of, for example, the marketing aspect, the training of employees, the availability of IT tools and the resolution of problems, without preventing the management from focusing on the development of the company? Outsourcing is the best answer that will meet your expectations and needs!

Two surveys, the same result

A US survey by Pricewaterhouse Cooper highlighted the ability of small businesses to grow faster through outsourcing. Even better, according to this survey, they can generate more profit than those who prefer only internal management.

Another survey, conducted by Deloitte in 2014, indicated that outsourcing allows companies to stay in competition while being able to cope with technological and regulatory developments.

If you are looking for a solution that is easy to set up, fast and efficient to grow your business, here are 6 good reasons to turn to outsourcing!

Outsourcing for better productivity and low cost

As a newly established small business in the economic sector, you need to focus on your growth and business development. However, by assigning additional responsibilities to employees who do not have the necessary expertise; expertise that does not correspond to their remuneration, the result can be financially negative. If you plan to hire additional employees, the impact will be unmitigated: you will increase your current and overhead expenses.

How to proceed, so as not to have to sacrifice the expertise of your HR manager or that of the marketing manager? Again, the answer is outsourcing! ProContact takes care of your human resources services, satisfaction survey to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary solution, your tele prospecting and your telemarketing.

More than a call centre, we cover other operations thanks to our Digital Service. Contact us and entrust our teams your maintenance/redesign of websites, e-commerce management, social networks, file processing, design & graphics or content creation.

The gain will be multiple: Your Company will work with economies of a high scale. It will manage to structure its costs so as to make savings while becoming able to offer a competitive advantage to your customers.

Outsourcing is a concrete solution to meet your budget while having the ability to adjust itself according to your needs.

Focus on your core business at last!

By outsourcing tasks with less added value and entrusting them to other trained and qualified professionals, your in-house employees will finally be able to focus on the very heart of your company. They will also be able to devote the necessary time to your main customers, while leveraging the company’s resources, even if they are limited for the time being.

A global presence

Today, for a serene and solid development, a company must not be content to be present on the regional stage. As a small business, outsourcing will allow you to have visibility into other potential markets on a global scale.

Save on salary expenses

In addition to operating costs, your company must take into account many other expenses, such as employees’ salary, premises, equipment, etc. In full development, you must limit these costs until you generate a profit.

Thanks to outsourcing, you will save on salary expenses and by domino effect on training expenses, for equipment and premises.

Sell your services or products more efficiently

To grow, a company must be effective when dealing with its customers. ProContact provides you with teams trained to sell your image, services and products. For this, these teams deliver a clear message with precise and unambiguous business arguments.

If your company wants to launch a new service or offer a new product on the market, it will require sufficient and consistent internal resources to achieve this. In full development, however, you cannot afford to compromise your essential activities, at the risk of losing part of your clientele.

Outsourcing, a powerful tool for the development of your business

By outsourcing activities with less added value, you will be able to focus on your core business and maintain your competitiveness. At the same time, your employees will be able to put all their resources, knowledge and expertise to the benefit of their original missions.

Remember that your provider will represent a partner capable of offering you an external vision, technological tools and human resources. At ProContact, thanks to these elements, your company will benefit from an external vision, offered by marketing, HR and digital professionals.

As a developing company, you need to quickly and effectively fill internal skill gaps, meet deadlines and be available.

With outsourcing, you have a way to settle in your market sustainably while becoming a serious competitor.

Our tips to reduce your operating costs through outsourcing

Outsourcing rhymes with cost reduction. This solution is to entrust one or more services of a company to a third party provider. How to optimize it to be financially profitable as well? ProContact has been present in Mauritius for more than 18 years now. Our expertise has earned us the status of being reference in the field of contact centres. Here are our tips!

Outsourcing has convinced thousands of companies around the world. This solution offers many advantages to companies that decide to entrust some of their services to a specialist. There are many reasons, but the main one remains the reduction of costs, making this sector particularly dynamic in all circumstances. If you own a business and you plan to outsource, the first step is to understand how this solution can help reduce costs.

Bet on a provider who can take over while being away from your business

For effective cost reduction, do not stop at the first provider you contact.

Your provider must demonstrate that they have all the necessary resources to manage your projects and meet your needs without delay. Its agents therefore need to be constantly trained to handle your own clients and requests transparently and on an equal level with that your internal resources. Thus, your services will be delivered remotely, but much more efficiently.

Do not hesitate to approach outsourcing specialists such as ProContact. Since we are located in Mauritius, our agents are multilingual, qualified, trained and flexible to deliver services tailored to your time zone.

By confiding your needs to us, you will save on recruitment expenses. We also provide training for our agents, allowing your company to focus on its core business.

Agents available according to your schedules

If the question of time zones arises, know that, at ProContact, we adapt our schedules to those of your company. We are also able to ensure the continuity of outsourced services when your offices are closed, if you express the need. We give you the opportunity to reduce your lead time.

Outsourcing to reduce your wage costs

Reducing the lead time will allow your company to use its resources more efficiently, but also to only hire employees that are essential to its proper functioning.

Outsourcing so as not to suffer from a reduction in the wage bill

If your company is going through a complicated economic episode and it is forced to separate from some employees, including those who are important, outsourcing can take over. This solution will take over by allowing you to increase your margins and reduce fixed fees. It will also free up capital for other uses. In addition, your provider will be able to offer you a fixed-term contract, allowing you to further reduce your expenses.

Outsourcing to benefit from cutting-edge technology

Over the past decade, many innovations have come to the aid of businesses. At ProContact, we have invested in an advanced CRM allowing all possible outsourcing treatments: e-mail, chat, SMS, GED. We take care of your human resources services, satisfaction survey to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary solution, your tele prospecting and your telemarketing.

In addition, we have set up a Digital Service that supports your maintenance/redesign of websites, e-commerce management, social networks, file processing, design & graphics, or content creation.

Outsourcing is therefore the best way for your business to save on technological investments.

Outsourcing to reduce financial requirements

There is a huge difference between wages in Western countries and those in countries such as Mauritius, where there is no shortage of skilled labour. Outsourcing with ProContact is the possibility for your company to save more capital, because besides the aspect of wages, you do not need to invest in premises and equipment.

A provider entirely dedicated to your needs

A good outsourcing provider conducts highly selective recruitment based on language proficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm. They must have an operational Call Centre team without delay and provide their officers with sustained initial and continuing training. At ProContact, we have little turnover and an average employee length of 4 and a half years.

To better serve you, we provide “virtual ambassadors”, entirely dedicated to your operations and concerned with the image you want to convey.

To choose outsourcing is to be able to rely on professionals trained by the care of their employer. If you were to hire employees with the same level of expertise in your home country, the cost would be much higher.

Step-by-step outsourcing

How can step-by-step outsourcing reduce costs? Once your outsourcing project is in place, during the transition phase, you can only hire part of the offshore team. This will reduce the training costs of this same team.

Once the team in question is operational, the most experienced officers will be able to take the reins and train their counterparts.

Your outsourcing provider is a partner. Its role is to increase the efficiency of your business while allowing it to earn on many plans, including financial. ProContact supports you in your outsourcing project, advises you and will help you to set up a team capable of taking charge of your needs quickly and transparently.

Outsourcing: Trust is an essential pillar of a successful partnership!

Outsourcing is a tool designed to help companies grow. To achieve this, it is essential to build a partnership based on transparency and communication, but above all trust.

ProContact: your trusted partner for an effective recovery!

Outsourcing is actually a relatively simple process to implement, provided that the work done upstream is relevant. ProContact offers optimised solutions and innovative services that meet your expectations. By entrusting us with certain services inherent to your human resources, your satisfaction survey service to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary solutions, teleprospecting and telemarketing operations, you entrust us with your image in exchange for quality and productivity at an optimised cost.

To go further, ProContact has developed a Digital Service dedicated to the digital outsourcing of professionals: web agencies, e-commerce sites, digital marketers, start-up, pure players, etc; all trades are concerned. You will find everything you need, including maintenance/ redesign of websites, e-commerce management or social networks, file processing, design & graphics, or even content creation.

Why is trust important in outsourcing?

It’s no secret to anyone, trust is the foundation of any healthy and long-lasting relationship. In the business world, and even more so in the context of outsourcing, it is essential for a company to be able to trust its partners, who will receive, manipulate and feed sensitive internal information. A Russian proverb wisely reminds that you can “trust, but verify”.

Building a relationship of trust

Trust is not acquired from the very beginning of a collaboration, even in the world of outsourcing. Nevertheless, there are some essential steps to start this process and to get on a healthy footing with your provider:

  • Conduct a thorough background check of your provider,
  • Communicate with other companies that have successfully outsourced their services and ask for advice on how to avoid pitfalls,
  • Establish a trial period and short-term performance markers.

Your outsourcing provider can, undoubtedly, become a trusted advisor

Over time, working methods have changed dramatically, as technology has interfered with the equation. With telework, mobility is the current trend but it is also much more agile, so much so that today, many functions and services can be outsourced in order to benefit from better resources and skills.

How to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your outsourcing provider?

Communication is the key!

In short, every player in your outsourcing project needs to take the time to get to know the members of the team across the street. The goal is to include the outsourced team; to turn it into a partner who clearly knows what is expected of it.

As a company, you know from the outset that communication is of paramount importance in any professional relationship. In the context of outsourcing, this feature must be able to reach an exceptional level, knowing that communication takes place mainly by e-mail, voice, video or instant messaging. These methods may contain certain nuances that it is important to take into account so that you can maintain a high level of trust.

From the very beginning of the outsourcing process, it is important to meet the team members involved, either in person or via video. This is about creating a live interaction, the basis of strong communication that will follow.

In order to establish effective and two-way reporting and dialogue, the second step is to plan regular calls or team meetings.

Objectives and measures to be implemented

To be successful in outsourcing, it is essential to be clear about the objectives and the measures implemented to achieve the expected results. Thus, each actor, both internal and made available by the provider, must be on the same page. The lack of common objectives and parameters will feed the risk of errors and the feeling of frustration.

This will require key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). These tools provide a roadmap to measure the success of an outsourced Project. Let us add to this the expression of desired commercial results to assess satisfaction related to an outsourced project.

Successful outsourcing in an environment of trust: it is possible!

Successful outsourcing of one or more services begins with a collaboration between the internal team and the outsourced team. The lack of communication, objectives and measures that are understandable and enforceable by all can adversely affect the project.

By finding concrete ways to open and maintain communication with your provider, the climate will be conducive to a sustainable and productive collaboration. The whole thing can go down simply and efficiently, without being lost in complex processes. It is important to choose tools and set up collaborative processes that speak to all.

For example, all feedback, both positive and negative, can and should be shared with the outsourced team. By proceeding in full transparency, your provider will be able to calibrate its offer and adjust its teams in order to achieve your goals.

Want to outsource? 8 reasons to get started!

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution to intelligently lighten the workload of your employees and allow your business to grow, but it serves many other purposes. Indeed, in many sectors, cost reduction is also a vital pillar, leading to profitability and rapid growth. Here are 8 good reasons to turn to outsourcing.

When your business needs to innovate

Given the number of tasks you need to take care of on a daily basis, your teams are running out of time to meet their main mission: innovate. Many companies face this problem. Now, to grow, your brand needs to advance; to offer new products and new services to its customers. If the lack of time prevents you from devoting yourself to innovation, it is probably time to rethink the way it operates in its entirety. Today, it is difficult to maintain a company which unable to innovate, as this gap has a direct impact on growth. Therefore, to stop wasting time with routine tasks without added value, to free up your human resources and to allow them to express all their creativity, outsourcing takes over and at particularly attractive costs.

When your human resources have reached their maximum capacity

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution when one of your key teams seems to be at their best and projects are stagnating. While demonstrating strategy and psychology, you will manage to present this solution as it is: a way to unload your human resources, which will be able to focus on their core business. In concrete terms, it will be necessary to audit the specific needs of the said team in order for it to achieve its objectives on time.

When you internal resources do not possess the skills to handle specialised tasks

The lack of expertise for a particularly specialized task results in two behaviours: the team in charge takes too much time to complete it and even more time when this task is repetitive. To avoid demotivation, in addition to time wastage, outsourcing is the most relevant solution. ProContact agents have continuous training to carry out specialised tasks related to human resources, satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of your services, remote secretary, tele-prospecting and telemarketing.

When certain tasks performed in-house have no added value for the company

It is difficult to decide whether to keep in-house or outsource certain tasks, as both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the best decision, it is necessary to analyse the competitive advantages of outsourcing over purely internal support. If in the second case, the advantages are absent, then it is time to outsource the tasks involved! Take the example of an e-commerce business that needs to manage its website. In this period of containment, orders explode and it is vital for the company to be able to present its products to consumers. However, because of the confinement, it is complicated to hire a web management specialist, not to mention the costs generated by such hiring.

ProContact is not just a call centre, we cover many trades, especially thanks to our digital service. The advantages are many: saving time, saving money or a web page that is always accessible and up-to-date.

When your business grows too fast

If you are a young entrepreneur or your company has just entered the market, there are many fears. Among them, there is that of a too quick evolution, which could prevent the company to satisfy its customers, to have delays in deliveries, etc. If that is your case, the outsourcing of certain tasks or processes will allow your company to gain in human resources, but also technological facilities in order to support such an expansion.

When skills and needs do not match

If you have specific needs, but you or your existing team do not have the tools to meet them, it is best to outsource. No need to force your hand if you are not equipped to take over a task for which you will waste time, resources and energy.

When you want to reduce costs

The wastage of resources comes faster than we think, which automatically leads to an increase in the prices of your products and wages. Perform an audit of your production process and you will notice that some tasks can be handled internally, while others can be delegated.

When you display too much delay

If your company accumulates delays in the delivery of its products / services, outsourcing can help. This collaboration can be done without you having to give up the essential elements of your marketing strategy. This will give you more time to focus on your priorities and meet your deadline.

In conclusion

Human resources, satisfaction survey to assess the quality of your services, remote secretary, tele-prospection, telemarketing; how to determine the services and functions to be outsourced? To what extent should this outsourcing take place? ProContact, your partner, is your go-to firm in the Contact Centre sector. Today we use advanced techniques in the field of outsourcing and offshore call centres!

Outsourcing: the best strategy to help your business grow despite the Covid-19 crisis

With the spectre of the financial crisis that accompanies the coronavirus health crisis, companies must find concrete and quick solutions to put in place to get out of this situation without losses. Outsourcing is a perfectly adapted response, however, it is essential for decision makers to overcome the moral dilemma that can accompany outsourcing. One example is employee loyalty. More than ever, there is an urgent need to combine and optimise internal and external resources. It all starts internally, thanks to a controlled organisation.

Why is outsourcing an added value for companies?

Offshore outsourcing providers began to emerge in the late 1990s. On the agenda were effective but inexpensive solutions and resources capable of dealing with the so-called “Year 2000 bug” threat. Since then, outsourcing has rapidly transformed. It has grown to offer a highly qualified and multilingual workforce which is able to adapt to the foreign cultures of their customers. Today, these providers are able to offer mature and quality project management processes that match and even surpass the standards of what can be offered internally.

Today, outsourcing is gaining and bringing even more in terms of value. Among the world leaders is Mauritius, which has succeeded in supporting many Western companies in their development efforts through outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a specialty

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution for a company that wants to keep growing despite the current health crisis. However, it is not a question for the company to transform its employees who are working from home into outsourced agents. Outsourcing is a strategy in its own right, but in which the employees of the client company have a major role to play.

By using outsourcing, the client company makes the choice to adopt a new organisational model which is balanced by a global workforce pool. So it’s time to ask yourself a question: in the era of outsourcing and the financial crisis, are your employees ready to become an essential asset?

3 elements to consider for a smooth transition to outsourcing

Finding solutions to reduce costs

The current economic slowdown is a major concern for most companies around the world. More than ever, the trend is to protect profit margins through cost reductions. Some companies are planning to lay off their employees or divest their loss-making assets.

To avoid this, many companies plan, or are in the process, to outsource certain services, such as satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of their services, remote secretary services, teleprospecting or telemarketing. This reflex will allow them to reduce their costs and to refocus on their core business, thus actively participating in the development of their organization, even in the context of health crisis.

It is a fact, cost reduction has always been one of the main reasons for outsourcing and this should not change despite the current and future complex conditions. As a result, outsourcing contracts will, in the very short term, offer customized, adapted cost control mechanisms. For this, as a customer, you will have to discuss with your provider. Together, you will be able to accurately determine the services to be outsourced and the applicable rates.

For cost-effective outsourcing, take the time to build a win-win contract, both for your company and your provider. With a fully implemented cost control mechanism, you will be able to build a sustainable partnership.

Evolve your teams

Whether it is human resources or marketing, it’s time to evolve your internal teams, be it managerial or technical. This action will have beneficial consequences once your services are outsourced, because the more an employee occupies an important place in the organisational chart, the more efficient and loyal he will be to the company.

By increasing their skills, your employees will also be able to contribute significantly to your outsourcing project.

A flexible outsourcing contract

In the face of the current economic uncertainties, it is essential for any company to react quickly to changing market conditions. In the context of outsourcing, it is important to have a personalized contract, therefore one that is flexible. This flexibility will make it possible to adapt to any changes that may result, for example, from restructuring or withdrawal of investors or from changes in the volume of services, the geographical scope of services, etc.

To achieve the writing of a contract in your favour, do not hesitate to stipulate that the provider will have to continue to provide its services even if your company transfers an entity under the same conditions and for a minimum period after the transfer.

A flexible contract must at all costs avoid strict contractual clauses and foster a clear and workable change control mechanism. Thus, both parties will be able to agree and implement any changes quickly.

Each issue must be carefully considered. This will allow your company to determine whether to outsource one or more services in the current economic climate. Involve your financial, technical and legal teams at the beginning of the negotiation process with your provider. Allow enough time to write a clear and unambiguous contract. Outsourcing should not be seen as a lifeline, but as a winning strategy. The Covid-19 health crisis is no doubt an opportunity for your company to bounce back intelligently and efficiently, whereas the competition will find it difficult to regain a solid place in the market.

Outsourcing: protect your business from the health crisis

It is difficult to act as if nothing has happened: the health crisis is affecting the whole planet and we are already beginning to feel the economic effects. In any case, you still have the opportunity to preserve the working state of your company, even better, continue to develop it and to ensure its positioning in the market. Why not see beyond and surpass the competition?

Outsourcing to stay afloat and thrive until the end of the Covid crisis-19

Do you have a feeling that you will have to fight for the survival of your business when it normally runs very smoothly? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the solution, provided that you clearly determine how this solution can help you stay afloat and thrive until the end of the Covid-19 crisis.

Outsourcing of business processes is not something that emerged yesterday. This past decade has seen more and more companies adopt this strategy for several valid reasons:

  • Reduce costs,
  • Increase efficiency,
  • Improve the quality of business processes, from collection to survey and survey services to remote inspection to name but a few

Today, it is estimated that about 40% of companies classified in the Famous “Fortune 500” outsource at least some of their business processes abroad.

Demonstrate economic intelligence and be strategic

For most companies that have turned to outsourcing, decision-making, choice and negotiation with their provider are the result of a mature and thoughtful process. Given that we are in the midst of a health crisis, that more than half of the world’s population is in confinement, this is probably the best time to turn to BPO.

Why do we do it now? Your company must reduce its costs while increasing the quality of its offers or services and, of course, its revenues. Outsourcing is now a matter of survival and sustainability and above all a solution that will avoid aggressive restructuring. Regarding this last solution, it is more likely to slow down the economic growth of your business once everything goes back to normal! Add to that all the administrative hassles that result and the loss of talent that a restructuring can generate.

If correctly implemented, outsourcing is a quick and simple tool that will help your business survive the general slowdown. Thanks to its economic intelligence, it will be able to continue to prosper, health crisis or not.

How is outsourcing able to turn fixed costs into variables?

We are once again experiencing a period of economic uncertainty and it is your duty as a company to survive. In your current scheme, you have to take into account fixed costs while the volume of labour has drastically decreased. Outsourcing has the advantage of being able to adapt to your needs in real time, with a prorated rate. In the world of outsourcing, contracts display unit prices.

By choosing the right provider, you will get a complete, quality service, while making significant savings.

A significant improvement in your customer service, even during the health crisis

The world of BPO aims to improve customer service, but not only that. Today, more than ever, you can’t rely on intuition to maintain customer loyalty or make business decisions. Through outsourcing, you have the opportunity to create a new market through a well-established business behaviour. Thanks to experienced operators, trained in loyalty, respectful of the image of your company, you will be able to provide vital information to your sales teams.

Take advantage of outsourcing right now!

For maximum impact and to reduce costs including during the health crisis, you need to be able to positively answer the following questions:

  • Will outsourcing significantly and quickly reduce my costs? Indeed, outsourcing must reduce your operating expenses by at least 25%.
  • Will outsourcing maintain or improve customer experience?

In the current economic climate, it is essential to structure your business to meet today’s challenges. You also need to be able to adopt a long-term growth model. The biggest challenge is outsourcing, but the time is right to change your operating model in the name of your business’s survival.

With the help of a realistic deployment plan, you will win on all levels: cost, transparency, personalised delivery and streamlining. Put your teams, present or confined, to work to create clear documentation which is derived from in-depth research on the needs of your structure. Thus, outsourcing will not become a massive dislocation of your company’s culture. Your provider, chosen with care, will become a partner willing to put its resources and commitment at your disposal without imposing itself.

In the current and, especially coming, economic climate, your outsourcing provider will be able to help you focus on vital processes and survive the historic crisis raised by Covid-19.

Covid-19: How does outsourcing protect its clients?

It is a fact! The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies and their employees to protect themselves by adopting an approach that involves confinement and working from home. This change naturally affects several outsourcing providers and their clients, regardless of where they are across the globe. Let us take an extreme example: India. Within 21 days of confinement, the country managed to put in place a complex logistics. Back to outsourcing, the industry has also been able to modify and adapt its security aspect to protect more than its customers’ data.

Containment has led to the emergence of additional concerns and considerations for both clients and outsourcing providers. These are the key questions that outsourcing providers are able to answer for business continuity. Thus, suppliers and customers can circumvent the limitations and realities of working from home during the containment period.

Collaboration: the key to rapid and effective adaptation

Outsourcing providers are not only service providers. For their customers, they are in fact partners; collaborators. Thus, the provider and also his clients must work seamlessly together so that each decision made is relevant. Each party must be able to understand and keep in mind its legal rights, obligations and recourses, while accepting the idea of having to deviate from contractual norms on a temporary basis.

It is possible for both providers and clients to enforce related legal clauses in case of major concerns. But today, many of them have managed to find common ground. The idea is each party comes out of this complex situation winning and satisfied.

In addition, both parties must understand that certain services may be exempted from the containment policy, as is the case for those known as essential services. Taking the example of India, the government has exempted some services related to the IT sector from the containment. In this regard, clients of outsourcing providers must ensure that their business and operational priorities are clearly identified. The objective is to work closely with their providers to ensure that contractual requirements are met. For their part, providers must make every effort possible to meet the most pressing needs of their clients. For this to happen, there is no secret: they need to communicate in clear terms about achievable needs and those that are not.

The importance of documentation

In the following scenarios:

  • When an outsourcing provider wishes to make a change, an exception or a relaxation of the requirements stipulated in its contract;
  • When a customer is working to redefine its priorities or extend the responsibility of the service provider due to increased security risks,

There are two important aspects that must be considered:

  • Changes must be discussed and understood by each party,
  • Any deviation from the terms stipulated in the contract, whatever its extent, must be discussed and laid down on a formal written document.

Example: customer data security

The outsourcing provider and its clients must be realistic about what is possible or not in the context of telework. It is therefore essential to write down every detail essential to this state.

Each stakeholder in the outsourcing project must participate in the drafting of this amendment to the contract, including IT security, legal, compliance, audit and sales. Indeed, the addendum to the contract must benefit from the knowledge of each essential department.

Outsourcing clients and providers also need to understand and find solutions that can mitigate the impacts of telework on the service provided and what is foreseen in the original contract. Does this mode of work involve liability insurance? How will telework impact companies subject to audits and reports? What are the impacts of teleworking upstream and downstream when the client needs to comply with agreements, obtain permissions and send or receive notifications?

Customers and outsourcing providers should think carefully to avoid delays in production. To do this, customers must be able to recognize that their providers are likely to offer limited services. Why? Due to issues related to bandwidth, laptops, other physical resources and personnel.

Outsourcing providers are aware that their clients have quite legitimate and relevant concerns and questions about teleworking. Everything is therefore planned to provide a quick and constant engagement with their clients so that they understand and can assess the implications of teleworking on their goals.

Today, outsourcing is a tool; a solution. Given the current context, clients and providers strive to work together quickly to minimise delays in decision-making. This involves negotiation and clearly expressed agreements. The current circumstances are complex, but they require more precise contractual documentation.

In these unprecedented times, it is essential that clients and outsourcing providers work hand in hand, without wasting time while clearly prioritising what they can do. As the situation evolves, each actor takes care to continuously monitor the evolution of the containment, to communicate closely and to anticipate further changes, including a return to more normal activities as soon as possible.

Focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM): a powerful strategy to handle customer relations

According to Gartner, CRM as a technology will be at the top position regarding business expenses by 2021. The main mission of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is to improve and optimise business relationships. This system allows companies that use it to optimise communications between its various teams and services, to continuously manage their interactions with their customers, prospective clients and suppliers while streamlining their processes and improving their profitability. More than just a tool, this is a powerful strategy, if it is well mastered. Outsourcing specialists master it at their fingertips!

How does CRM work?

By opting for a CRM system, your outsourcing provider has a unique place where it will be able to gather the data of your customers and future customers. This device will also allow you to track the interactions between your company and these customers and it can also be gradually enhanced with information which is gleaned by our agents.

To be clearer, once in place, a CRM system allows its users to access, in just a few clicks, all requests, calls for services, preferences and contact information of each customer of the company. Thanks to this information, he/she will be able to create a unique, personalised, always up-to-date and optimal relationship for satisfaction and loyalty.

Why is CRM a formidable and essential tool today for outsourcing?

For any company that provides services or a product, it is essential to collect, filter, gather, analyse and keep up to date information related to its customers. It is also vital today to be able to track every customer interaction. CRM was therefore created to help companies intelligently optimise customer relationships and, by extension, customer life value (CLV). The amount of pasted data is important and it requires an efficient, simple and quickly accessible organisation.

In order for the company to take advantage of new markets, it is vital to better understand its customers, but also to identify possible and additional cross-sales with relevance.

What happens in the absence of CRM?

The paper medium, the computer and the small flying notes have lived. Today, for the good of the company, no information must be misplaced, put aside or remain untapped; everything must be monitored. CRM is the guarantee of having all data at your fingertips, including, for example, when a key employee leaves the company!

Three important concepts to remember about CRM

  • Used as a technology, CRM is used internally to collect, record, track and analyse exchanges between a company and its users.
  • Used as a strategy, CRM integrates with the best practices of the company, because it is through it that it will manage relationships with customers and potential customers.
  • Used as a process, CRM is transformed into a system to develop and manage relationships.

Benefits of CRM

  • Improved contact management,
  • Smoother collaboration between every team in the company,
  • Productivity optimisation,
  • Optimization of sales management,
  • Improved accuracy of sales forecasts,
  • Clearer and more reliable reporting,
  • Optimisation of business indicators,
  • Better understood, therefore satisfied and loyal customers,
  • Profitability on marketing ROI,
  • Improved products and services

Daily CRM

By choosing and installing a CRM software, the company will have a tool through which it will record the contact details of its customers (e-mail, phone number, social network profiles, etc.). But it will also retain crucial information such as customer preferences in terms of communications and organising the data so that it is always up to date.

The interaction between the company and its customers is essential. So it is vital for the former to have perfect visibility to ensure better communication between the two parties.

The importance of CRM

Without a close relationship with its customers, its different departments, suppliers and employees, the company cannot hope to evolve and develop in the market and to retain each party. The CRM is precisely the perfect tool to facilitate all exchanges of information thanks to a dashboard that is usable by all and customizable. It includes the history of customer interactions, the status of their requests, any unresolved internal issues, etc.

Who benefits from CRM within the company?

By having a prowling CRM strategy, the company can win on all fronts:

Sales department: employee progress, target status, up-to-date information, Sales Performance, Products and campaigns. Reduction of time-consuming administrative tasks, better understanding of customers and concentration on the core business.

The marketing department: optimisation of the accuracy and simplicity of forecasts, increased visibility on opportunities, sales leads, planning of the customer’s journey, better control of the sales pipeline.

Customer service: better follow-up of communications between channels, follow-up of meetings with suppliers, partners, registration of requests, note-taking, etc.

HR service: speeding up the recruitment process and monitoring employee performance.

An essential strategy for a modern customer relationship, CRM is above all a practice before becoming in the collective mind a software. Today, its presence is more than valuable within the company, since it allows to improve the efficiency of the sales process. Its use makes it possible to win and realise opportunities and more efficiently manage customer databases. Time saving thanks to the automation of recurring and simple tasks, optimisation of collaboration between the different departments of the company and improvement of agility, it is part of the good practices of outsourcing.

Relieve your business by outsourcing your overflow management service!

For a company, managing customer calls can be a real burden for a few days or weeks, that is, during peak periods. This is especially true at certain times of the year or during the holidays. Outsourcing is without a doubt the most relevant solution, especially if you lack internal resources or when it is the peak season for your company. Entrust your overflow management service to our call centre to manage these flows and satisfy your customers while offering them quick and relevant answers and above all by controlling your costs.

Quick and easy implementation

By choosing to outsource your overflow management service to ProContact, you will benefit from an easy and fast set-up. As a result, your business will offer customer service and support that is available even outside of its regular hours. Whether you choose this solution for operational or strategic reasons, this outsourcing is the guarantee that your customers will always have an interlocutor at the end of the line.

In a competitive business environment, your company must be present for its customers, even when internal resources are not available. The goal is to retain your customers for the benefit of your brand and your product or service. ProContact offers a customer service that is indistinguishable from your internal team and provides first-class customer support.

Glossary of important terms

Overflow Management: a team too busy to answer the phone within three ringtones or within a certain time (specified by you) can rely on the agents of our call centre.

Rush hour management: with a reduced number of employees during holiday periods or on weekends, it is highly advisable to outsource the overflow to relieve the pressure on your employees during peak periods.

Call logging integration: our overflow service can integrate with your own system quite easily. Thus, you will be able to consult the notes taken by our agents during calls made on behalf of your company. In the event of an unresolved or urgent call, our operators may also transfer your customer in accordance with your guidelines and procedures.

The many benefits of outsourcing your overflow management

A clear improvement in call quality: it is essential for your company to offer a high quality and uninterrupted customer service. Through outsourcing, customer wait times and frustration levels are reduced even during peak calls. Our qualified agents are trained to handle overflows, which increases the level of service and quality of exchanges with your customers.

Business continuity and disaster recovery: if your business is unavailable, for example, during an epidemic, bad weather, a long power outage or IT glitch, consider outsourcing! With ProContact, your business is finally able to deliver a transparent and seamless customer service. By accessing your database, our agents will be able to track calls and queries from your customers until your business resumes.

A clear reduction in the call dropout rate: today, customers do not like to wait, especially when it comes to getting in touch with a customer service ! However, it is quite impossible to meet this expectation during peak periods, which makes it impossible to respect your processes and standards. Unfortunately, a frustrated customer can simply turn to the competition. Thanks to our overflow management offer, you will be able to retain your customers and especially reduce your call abandonment rates.

An improvement in the level of customer satisfaction: outsourcing your overflow management will allow your employees to focus on their core business. In return, your company will always be able to provide a qualitative customer service, including during peak periods. There is no more need to manage large volumes of calls. Positive experience for your customers and interaction with your company: these are the essential factors that make up the complex equation of customer satisfaction.

Savings for your business: outsourcing will allow you to reduce training costs and all the expenses involved in hiring new employees while continuing to increase your sales which implies higher call volumes. This also applies to the hiring of part-time employees or temporary workers.

By outsourcing, you will attract prospects, and significantly increase the following:

  • Sales conversion rate,
  • Advertising channel- ROI analysis,
  • Requests for information entered,
  • Customer orders processed on a 24/7 basis,
  • Customer profiling, database creation and management

Outsourcing overflow management can be the perfect solution if your company launches a service or a product in promotional periods, or simply when you lack internal resources. Faced with the amount of calls received, it can happen that your teams can no longer cope, which may lead to many inconveniences. This negative for your image and figures. Avoid long waiting times, lines which are always busy, lost communications and most importantly, stop having to deal with the frustration and dissatisfaction of your customers and prospects.

At ProContact, our overflow service allows you to maintain and increase your customer satisfaction rate. Your emails and calls will always be answered, regardless of your schedules and procedures. Moreover, to this effect, our call centre has only qualified and flexible operators.

Why will outsourcing benefit your business?

The business world does not do anyone any favour, therefore, as a company, an entrepreneur, you must always be careful and alert. To optimise your organization, your resources or your finances, there is a solution that can be accessed by all types of companies. This is outsourcing, also referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

In general, outsourcing consists of procuring the services of a specialized person or company, located in the customer’s country or abroad (offshore), in order for the latter to take over a service or an offer. Outsourcing has become a common business practice that allows companies to acquire services and skills that they would generally struggle to develop, due to financial or human restrictions, or even a combination of both. Concretely, this solution allows a company to focus on its core business and its development, without having to make major investments. It also saves the firm from having to deal with all the administrative hassles that are involved in hiring employees.

To summarise, outsourcing adapts to the vision and objectives of the companies that use it. Faced with the quality offered today by offshore outsourcing specialists, this solution has become a central element of business strategies, including when companies are going through a complex period. Convenient to save money, it also helps to preserve the quality of its customers’ services, their image and the satisfaction of their customers.

Why does outsourcing cater to your business?

There are many reasons for taking a very close interest in outsourcing, which could be defined as “the strategic use of external resources entrusted with activities traditionally managed by employees and internal resources”. Thus, by entrusting one or more services to outsourcing, the consequences are many:

  • Reduction and control of operating costs (the largest driver),
  • Improved business orientation,
  • Access to technology and quality knowledge,
  • Release of internal resources for other purposes,
  • Streamlining or increasing the efficiency of time-consuming functions,
  • Maximising the use of external resources,
  • Share risks with a partner company.

The financial factor: according to a survey conducted by the London School of Economics (LSE), almost 70% of companies opt for outsourcing in order to reduce their costs. As a business, profitability is the most important factor in your balance sheet. To achieve this, you need to offer a quality product or service, but at a lower cost.

New skills: outsourcing eliminates the various factors that plague training and recruitment. By carefully choosing your provider, the feedback of its current and previous customers, the quality of the projects it conducts, you will find a partner capable of providing you with a qualified workforce at a very low cost.

Time saving: Since they have more experience, companies specialising in outsourcing are able to offer balanced services in terms of costs and deadlines. More clearly, your provider will be able to deliver its services according to your deadlines without compromising quality. In addition, it will offer flexible schedules, making your business accessible outside of its usual hours of operation.

Faster and better services: with the advent of IT and digital technology, outsourcing providers are now able to quickly deliver the best services.

Increased efficiency and flexibility: in order for your business to grow, it needs to work twice as much during business hours. Increase your productivity thanks to a service provider that is able to assist you on your projects.

Your core business: outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core business. The time saved allows each department to focus on its main mission. Outsourcing reduces operational workload!

Business continuity and risk management: high turnover can lead to uncertainty and inconsistency. Outsourcing offers the company the guarantee of business continuity.

The essential factors to consider in order to succeed in your outsourcing project

Outsourcing can be effective, provided that you have concrete solutions for the issues that this solution could bring within your company. To effectively manage each stage of your project, the following points need to be clarified:

  • Negative feelings or lack of consideration on the part of existing staff,
  • Retention of existing staff,
  • Improving the quality of products / services that may be problematic,
  • Improved communication with outsourcing provider teams (language, time zones),
  • Procedure for maintaining control over policies and procedures,
  • Improved data security

Containment and outsourcing: internet, a winning tool for your business

If outsourcing is not new, this solution demonstrates its increased efficiency with the advent of the internet. Indeed, thanks to the web and dematerialization, outsourcing takes on an even more interesting dimension, since it allows businesses to continue its activity, including, during this period of containment.

Providers are sufficiently equipped to allow their human resources to continue their activities in a transparent manner. As for the costs, they remain the same since this type of service falls within the framework of business continuity in times of health disasters.

Offshore outsourcing is a solution for all companies that want to continue to satisfy their customers while focusing on their core business. Economical and practical, it is able to adapt to any situation, including if your company must continue to operate in complex situations, as is currently the case with the Covid-19.

Why outsource your studies and surveys service?

It is essential, as a company, to have an adequate knowledge of your customers and prospects. Conducting surveys is an essential tool today. However, if you do not have the skills or resources to set up such a service, outsourcing with ProContact is “the” solution you need. Here are the reasons why outsourcing your studies and surveys department is a good idea for the development and sustainability of your business.

What is a survey?

The outgoing survey is a statistical method which has for goal to study the behaviour of a specific population from a sample. Survey results are the results of a study. As a company, you will need to determine a margin of error, also expressed as a percentage, with your outsourcing provider.

Why conduct surveys?

Conducting surveys is an exercise commonly practiced by companies, for example, when they are creating a new product/service and one wishes to obtain the opinion of the targeted public on already existing products/services.

Do you have the right tools to successfully complete studies and surveys?

Does your company have all the necessary tools to conduct surveys and surveys? Does it have the resources required to exploit the data collected after delivery? To conduct a study, you need the right software so that you can gather the information that your business will need to draw effective and tangible conclusions.

Let’s add to this relevant questions, to which the targets will gladly answer, and operators trained for this task. For example, if your studies and surveys are conducted over the phone, it is important for the agent to master conversational codes, not only to hold the attention of the respondent, but also to subtly convince him to “play the game”.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your studies and surveys service?

Benefit from professional management: your company needs professionals for all its departments, including when it comes to taking charge of the studies and surveys part. Thanks to outsourcing, your company will be able to offer surveys conducted by professionals who master the best practices in terms of studies, collection, data management, etc.

Benefit from rational time management: studies and surveys require time, but also attention. Outsourcing these tasks will save you time, which you can spend on your core business.

Benefit from a tailor-made and complete team: It is difficult and useless to free up the budget necessary to hire several people dedicated to studies and surveys when you are a company. Thanks to outsourcing, your company always has a trained team which is able to conduct your studies and surveys at any time according to your needs.

Setting up a survey campaign

Several parameters are to be taken into consideration when setting up a survey:

The context: why does your company need a study or survey? What exactly do you want to know? Is it a question of knowing the satisfaction level of one or more clients? Is it about launching a new product or service? Depending on your answers to these questions, your outsourcing provider will be able to set up a custom survey or study, which fully corresponds to the needs of your company. While the basic method may remain the same, it is essential to calibrate the questions, which vary according to different situations.

The target population: which sample of the population will have to be interviewed? By answering this question, your provider will be able to choose the most appropriate method to produce results that reflects the reality, thus reducing the margin of error, even if it exists.

The channel: whether by e-mail or telephone, the mode of administration of your study or survey will have to be adapted to your needs and your goal. Once the questionnaire is in place, it will need to be communicated in the most effective way to the defined population sample.

Choose the right time to launch the survey: rely on the experience of your outsourcing provider to agree on the perfect time frame to launch your survey. For example, if your company intends to launch a new service, the survey will need to be done before the production process of the new service in order to measure the interest of your customers.

Telephone survey through outsourcing

As part of the development of your products or services, consider entrusting the completion of your studies and surveys to a specialist. Outsourcing will allow you to quickly know the behaviour and needs of your customers. Thanks to the information collected by the agents of our call center, your company will be able to adapt its work and resources.

If your company does not have the necessary human and technical resources and the essential skills to conduct a study or survey, outsourcing is the perfect solution to assist you, even if your deadlines are tight. ProContact conducts studies and surveys that will allow you to better understand the behaviour of your customers in order to implement the appropriate strategies.

Objectivity, speed of execution, advanced technologies, rational and improved use of resources, increased accuracy; thanks to these outsourcing will provide you with better visibility on your next moves. Our call center does not lack assets: location, experience, human resources, flexibility, we take in hand your studies and surveys and customise the service to provide you with relevant results.

12 good reasons to outsource your consumer service

Your business wants to grow and to achieve this, it is essential to offer impeccable consumer service to your customers. This feature obviously involves large companies, but for quite some time small businesses and entrepreneurs have tended to follow suit. This affects their image, their reputation, which is sometimes impossible to maintain by relying on an internal team.

Outsourcing consumer service: a trend which is more and more widespread!

When we talk about the outsourcing of consumer service, the image that immediately crop ups is that of a crowded, noisy call centre located in a foreign country; a centre in which the staff is being made to work 24/7. To prove that this reputation is not deserved, more and more companies are turning to this solution to outsource the problems faced by their own customers. Over time, this trend has led to the emergence of many offshore companies specialised in outsourcing consumer services. The result is worth it because customers see it as a simple, fast and convenient solution which avoids having to face a multitude of complex menus, waiting a long time on the phone or having to explain its problem to several interlocutors to find a solution.

Outsourcing your consumer service to reduce costs

Outsourcing beliefs are many and have a hard life. Among them, there is the one which would like to advance that a call centre is more expensive. Why? Because the provider must amortize their infrastructure and their employees. The reality is far from so gloomy: outsourcing specialists represent an economical solution which will allow your company to save on wages, benefits and employee training.

Time saving

In the case of entrepreneurs, many want to take charge of their consumer service or, if they are a team, to distribute this task among the collaborators. However, as the company grows, it will also have to devote more and more time to this position. Outsourcing your consumer service will allow you to redistribute your time and expertise on your core business, allowing you, at the same time, to focus on the main missions of your company!

Benefit from the know-how of qualified professionals

Like all areas, consumer service requires skills. It is essential to apply good practices and techniques that only a trained person can apply on a daily basis. By entrusting this service to a team that has not been trained for this purpose, the consequences can be negative and harmful to your business. Outsourcing is the guarantee of having an impeccable consumer service.

Increased versatility

By entrusting your consumer service to an external and offshore call centre, your business will be able to benefit from additional services, flexible schedules and other skills that go beyond what your customer service will be able to handle internally. One example would be the cases where you need a consumer service that is available 24/7 or if you need several representatives for busy periods. Outsourcing is the most relevant answer because your provider has all the resources necessary to adapt to your needs in a framework designed to be naturally flexible.

Develop your business

Consumer service is far from being reduced to teams of operators who spend their time answering phone calls or emails. If your company needs an outgoing call service to support its development, outsourcing is able to set up reception, conquest and cross-sales campaigns. Indeed, outsourcing can quite serve as a lever for the development of your business!

Increase the overall efficiency of your business

The expression “time is money” has never been truer in our context of merciless competition, strategic positioning and, of course, globalization. Faced with this, the result of your business will greatly depend on how you manage “its” time. Here again, outsourcing your consumer service will come to your rescue by taking care of your customers’ complaints. As a result, you will be able to direct your time and attention to the main business and to forget about administrative or salary aspects.

Increase your business revenue

With customers being more demanding than ever, it is important to have an impeccable, efficient and easily accessible consumer service. By succeeding in this bet, you will offer a sense of security and of availability to customers who want to be the centre of attention of your entire company so to speak. To meet the expectations of your customers and to dissuade them from turning to the competition, rely on outsourcing. Your service provider already has the expertise and the necessary experience required to take care of your customers on a daily basis. The result is clear: your business will retain and increase revenue!

Ease the workload

The management of such a service can be complex, whether you are a new company or a fast-growing company. Outsourcing your consumer service will allow your company to reduce the workload of your employees while benefiting from a reliable service which is able to listen to and understand your customers.

Flexible customer service

Another important aspect of outsourcing your consumer service: flexibility of schedules! Thus, your customers can reach your company even outside its opening hours or during public holidays.

Rely on dedicated agents

Rely on your provider’s agents to focus on your customers and only on your customers, simply because it’s their job! Upstream, the process is a clear and supervised one for a smooth transition between your employees and the teams of your outsourcing specialist.

Benefit from modern technical means

Technology is everywhere and even more so in call centres! If your business isn’t up to date, don’t worry about it thanks to outsourcing. Teams, including offshore ones, benefit from the latest hardware and software with the aim of always offering the best in consumer service.

Multilingual support

Many call centres are able to provide service in several languages. This is obviously an important advantage which allows you to better communicate with several of your customers!

Why outsource your order-taking service?

For the smooth running of your company, for its evolution and so that your different teams can focus on their core business, it is essential to know how to delegate certain tasks/ certain services. By outsourcing your “order taking” department, you will be winning on many levels. Use the time saved to focus on consolidating your position in a sufficiently competitive market and gain skills. Discover an external partner who will help improve your company thanks to this major project that is outsourcing, even if it is to turn to a foreign country!

Being at the head of one company, it is important to know how to delegate certain tasks and to learn to trust another company. This is what outsourcing offers, a concept perfectly applicable to the order-taking service.

Outsourcing your order-processing service: how it works

Order-taking is now an integral part of the services offered by any good outsourcing specialist. Throughout the past few years, this type of service has enabled many companies to become more efficient.

In the outsourcing context, the order taking is processed by phone, more specifically by taking incoming calls during which agents will accompany your customers during their purchase journey. Trained in customer relations and having a huge knowledge of your company’s offerings, operators will help customers choose the products that will most accurately meet their needs.

How can they do so with such accuracy at a distance? The agents selected for your mission are constantly trained and always up to date on the products, services, rates, means of delivery, promotions, etc. that your brand offers. Even better, these agents are able to redirect and help customers in case of difficulties, thereby preserving the image of your company and leaving no room for the competition to make a move.

All of this takes place in a timely, synchronized, organized and efficient space that is rid of waiting times that are too long. Added to this is a tracking service to ensure that requests, demands and orders have been delivered on time.

The importance of an error-free order-taking service

There should be special mention to the importance of error-free ordering. When turning to your company, the customer will provide information essential to the proper processing of his order. Any lack of attention on the part of his interlocutor will lead to an error in the overall process. If this type of failure occurs repeatedly, it can permanently damage the image of your company.

Outsourcing providers take meticulous care to train agents in conversational techniques. Listening, entering information and even using specialised software, you must put all the chances on your side to build customer loyalty and especially so that they are happy to go through your company!

The benefits of outsourcing your order-taking service

Outsourcing order-taking service involves many advantages:

  • Lower shipping rates,
  • Reduced operating costs
  • A wider reach to help your business grow in new markets,
  • A better focus on other aspects of your business, so you can grow serenely.

Reducing your shipping costs

Many suppliers have facilities locally, but also abroad, which provides a strong enough basis for lowering shipping prices. According to specialists, companies that have chosen to outsource their order-taking service save an average of 15-35% on shipping rates.

Reducing your operating costs

Exit extra costs! It is well known, delivery services charge a fixed storage fee on the products that they store for their customers, regardless of the quantity of orders.

Growing in other markets

Thanks to outsourcing, your company will finally be able to cross its borders by accepting orders from abroad.

Significant improvement of your customer service

An essential part of running a successful business is reliable customer service. Outsourcing will allow you to take orders 24/7 not only by phone but also by e-mail. Let’s add to this, the after-sales service which will take care of returns, exchanges and refund requests.

A state-of-the-art outsourcing provider

By choosing the outsourcing of your order-taking, your service provider will benefit from the latest technologies in the processing and shipping of your products. It will integrate a system which will allow your e-commerce business to streamline orders through:

  • Better inventory management,
  • Better item tracking,
  • Increased security,
  • Better shipping and handling costs,
  • The ability to select the operator
  • Better payment processing

A more efficient business

Outsourcing your order-taking will allow your company to gain efficiency. This is especially true for developing companies. Faced with the increasing number of orders coming from the various existing channels, your company may find itself wasting working hours. By entrusting this task to an offshore provider, your teams will finally be able to focus on their core business, create new products and services, improve and market existing ones and propose new ideas.

What to remember…

Outsourcing is not just about cutting costs and saving on your business expenses. It improves and increases the efficiency of your employees while helping you gain positioning in the competitive market. It also allows you to gain flexibility thanks to a reliable and trained workforce which available outside your company’s hours.

Thanks to outsourcing, your company will no longer have to worry about the administrative aspects related to hiring employees for your order taking service or to invest in specific hardware or software.

Why outsource your lead generation service?

Lead generation is a critical component of any content marketing strategy. However, it can be a complex and time-consuming task. Let us add to this one of the main problems faced by companies: the availability of resources. This is to say that a good generation cannot happen if the right people is not reached at the right time in order to gather the right contacts and the relevant data. If you are the head of a company or of your company’s marketing department, why not outsource generation efforts?

Lead generation: definition

The definitions-marketing website is very clear about the ins and outs of lead generation:

Lead generation refers to the set of actions to create more or less qualified business contacts. These leads may or may not turn out to be prospects. Most of the B2B marketing leads are referred to as lead generation. In this context, the English-language shortcut LeadGen is generally used.

A lead goes beyond a mere advertising or marketing contact in that there is normally a more or less advanced identification and qualification of the commercial contact.

The main techniques of lead generation are:

  • Content marketing and inbound marketing devices,
  • Participating at trade fairs or professional exhibitions,
  • Telephone canvassing and project detection,
  • Business link campaigns + forms,
  • Putting forward white paper + form,
  • Email recruitment campaign + form,
  • Mailing and
  • Bus mailing.

Outsourcing lead generation: the benefits

First thing to remember: in the vast majority of cases, the benefits of outsourcing lead generation are greater than the investment you are going to make when implementing this solution. Why?

The management of in-house lead generation will require your company to hire, train and pay at least one employee who is going to be responsible for this. Not to mention, of course, the employer contributions that result from any recruitment. As for the training of this same person, to obtain concrete results, you must count up to one year and it is still necessary to take into account the overheads.

So, if your company wants to invest its money in its own development, or if your salesmen are in the middle of learning the “strings” of their business on the ground, outsourcing is the right solution to work on your lead generation. In this way, this task will be taken care of by a service provider who knows his trade and who has all the skills and resources needed to meet your need.

In concrete terms, outsourcing does not consist of relocating a service or task. On the contrary, it is about implementing specific criteria that will allow your company to keep control over its lead generation while people located in a foreign country, such as Mauritius, look after the generation.

It is also an opportunity for your company to step back and ask the right question: How can you better educate your potential buyers? In order for your efforts to pay off, and for your company to achieve results, it is essential to take the time necessary to get to know all the aspects of your audience while talking to them about your company!

Outsourcing is the best way to save time on prospecting which will allow your internal resources to focus on exploiting waiting opportunities and increasing the number of customers.

Finally, it allows you to expand your marketing horizons thanks to a service provider that is able to understand the unique parameters of each individual profile and to take advantage of all the channels available to maximize the number of leads.

Good to know:

Your sales people need equipment: telephones, computers and, above all, specific software that will allow them to track calls and leads. If you manage to finance such a purchase, then train your sales people to use it, they will be able to create scripts and gather feedback on the results.

By choosing outsourcing, this part will no longer have to be taken into account, as the provider is perfectly equipped to carry out its mission from end to end.

When is the right time to outsource your lead generation?

Your internal resources

This is the first pillar to consider if you are thinking of outsourcing your lead generation. Does your current team have the skills and capacity to complete this task? Outsourcing will be the most effective option, for example, if:

  • You don’t have the resources needed to build a complete internal service and your lead generation has to focus on cold calls and appointment booking,
  • You have a strong lead qualification process and are confident that you can create a new lead generation process if you involve an outside supplier.

To conclude

To sum up, most companies want to save money even if they have to take on certain time-consuming tasks in-house. While this is necessary for some services, others deserved to be outsourced without affecting the organisation’s budget. By entrusting this part of your marketing strategy to a third party company, you will save time on prospecting, will quickly and easily identify the most qualified leads and manage to set up meetings between these leads and your best salesmen.

By amalgamating your outsourced lead generation and in-house sales teams, your company can quickly achieve commendable lead generation efficiency, making it easier to achieve growth goals!