Our core business: teleprospecting and telemarketing

Before becoming the reference for outsourcing in the Indian Ocean, ProContact started its activity based on its initial expertise, namely making appointments and selling tax exemption products. We then diversified our activity by offering all the services of a general contact centre. ProContact employees, however, retain this useful “seller” culture on all other types of campaigns. We can ensure all phases of commercial solicitation, since file qualification, remote sensing of interest, making appointments, and very often, directly selling by telephone, both in BtoB and BtoC.

What are the differences between teleprospecting and telemarketing?


In both cases, the ultimate goal is the same, sell, but the levers and tools can vary depending on the needs of your business and both fit into a global business development process for greater efficiency.

Teleprospecting is a solicitation by phone that can find customers to sell your products and / or services. Phone prospecting is a particularly interesting tool to generate many contacts without having to bear the costs associated with physical canvassing (door-to-door, billboards, participation in trade shows …). In addition, telemarketing can create a quality link and a close relationship with your prospects through our team of teleoperators specially trained for this type of service.

Telemarketing is a direct marketing tool that uses the telephone as a channel to deploy a communication action and to elicit a reaction from the intended audience.

It helps improve the customer experience and increase your sales through loyalty and conquest actions. There are two main types of campaigns: those based on outgoing calls and those based on incoming calls.

Our skills at your service for successful campaigns



Our campaigns are led by our team of experienced tele-operators and trained in sales and communication techniques.

Operations are mainly in French and English, but can also be conducted in five other languages.

These tools are easily adaptable to your needs, they also allow to reach a large number of people while maintaining a qualitative approach.

Our telemarketing campaigns are conducted from our call centre and rely on customer files provided by your sales department. Our teleactors use telemarketing software and develop their arguments according to your needs and your market. They are trained to adapt to the different dams that can be presented to them and have a solid commercial training to argue effectively and carry out their actions with relevance and combativeness. Telemarketing campaigns are used to qualify prospects and then relaunch them with other marketing actions that can combine several channels. Thanks to file qualification, you can enrich your database and improve customer relationship management.

The so-called outgoing telemarketing campaigns are based on the issuing of calls, they make it possible to carry out:   

  • Market studies     
  • The detection of interest (surveys, surveys)    
  •  Lead generation     
  • Making appointments     
  • Telesales in B to B     
  • Telesales in B to C    
  • Reporting

In order to carry out these campaigns, our teleoperators master their arguments thanks to a commercial speech adapted to your market and have a capacity to convince without being aggressive.

Incoming call campaigns make it possible to achieve:   

  • Telephone hotline: hotline actions to advise and inform customers, technical assistance     
  • Relays of email campaigns or other direct marketing actions (direct mail, SMS / MMS campaigns, campaigns in social networks …)    
  •  Actions supporting actions for product launches

These types of campaigns require specific qualities from our sales force, such as the ability to adapt to more open issues than for outbound campaigns for which the discourse is more closed.