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Survey: a must to improve your customer relationship

When selling a product or service, it is essential to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers to improve the quality of your business. It is by listening to your customers that you will be able to identify areas for improvement and put in place a genuine process of continuous improvement.

For this, surveys represent an excellent barometer of customer satisfaction and make it possible to link the desired quality of a product or service by the supplier (according to market expectations) and the quality perceived by the customer. the customer.

What are the objectives of a survey?

The survey (questionnaires, surveys, etc.) is a marketing tool that aims to gather the opinion of your customers to measure their level of satisfaction. This allows your business to improve to retain and win customers.

“You may need to conduct a survey when, for example, you notice a decrease in your sales, a loss of customers or a deterioration of your brand image, so as to avoid attrition (loss of customers or subscribers) and remain competitive in your market, it is sometimes necessary to rethink your strategy to improve customer satisfaction. “

To understand its expectations, surveys is a good tool for evaluating the customer experience. They allow :

    • Ask your customers about their perception of one of your products or services
    • Collect enough elements to establish a barometer of their level of satisfaction
    • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products and / or services
    • Identify the reasons for dissatisfaction
    • Identify the expectations of your customers to improve their satisfactions
    • To estimate the additional sales opportunities to be offered to customers during a purchase
    • To implement an action plan to reinforce the quality of your services, improve the customer experience and develop your sales

The steps of a survey

Even if we are sometimes  dealing with complex sales or appointments, our employees have the commercial incisivity necessary to carry out this type of call campaign and convince the respondents to accept the survey. Whether you wish to carry out a specific study or recurrently, Procontact accompanies you at every stage of its realization:

Preparation of the survey

  • Definition of the objectives of the survey: what is it supposed to serve?
  • Definition of the target: age groups, socio-professional categories, individuals, professionals …
  • Estimation of the sample size and selection of clients to interview
  • Definition of the products and / or services on which the survey will measure the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction


Elaboration of the questionnaire

The quality of the questionnaire will depend on the quality of the results. The more questions that will be relevant and able to attract the attention of those interviewed, the higher the response rate and the better the information collected.

Remember that this type of operation helps strengthen the customer relationship. Well done, it helps improve the image of your company.

Administration of the questionnaire

The question is which channel the survey is administered: telephone, online survey or face-to-face. The questionnaire is systematically tested internally before starting the operation with the chosen sample.

Restitution of the results

  • Recovery of answers and examination of the questionnaire
  • Sample control
  • Integration of results
  • Writing a report presenting the main indicators identified, analyzing the results as well as our recommendations in view of the initial objectives

Our expertise in data restitution and results

Over the years, ProContact has gained a great deal of experience in data recovery. We act as a true marketing agency to provide you with a detailed report of the results and analysis of your survey.

This report allows you to identify priorities for action and set goals for progress. You can then implement an action plan adapted to your new strategy and follow its evolution through new surveys and other marketing tools.