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Telesecretariat, a flexible solution that adapts to all your needs

In your day-to-day business, you do not necessarily have the time or the skills to effectively manage everyday business. In addition, your needs may vary depending on the period and your type of activity, which is why many companies are increasingly using outsourced telesecretariat. By entrusting a certain number of tasks to an external service provider (call management, email processing, agenda management …), you can refocus on your core business and control your costs by modulating your request according to your needs.

Why use the telesecretariat?

Telesecretariat consists of remotely performing all the tasks related to the secretariat (administrative and commercial tasks). They can be done by telecommuting or in a call centre. This remote secretarial service can be performed on an ad hoc or permanent basis and has many advantages for you and your clients.

You save time

By entrusting us with the outsourcing of all or part of your secretariat, you are guaranteed a quality work done by professionals specially trained in these trades.

By avoiding administrative procedures related to hiring, you gain flexibility and can focus on your core business with confidence.

You reduce your management costs

Our services are divisible on time or on call, no work contract offers such flexibility. Our pricing is very flexible, so you can control your costs and optimize your expenses according to the evolution of your business.

Managing multiple campaigns if the flows are low, you will not have to pay a full-time person but on call. In addition, you avoid the extra costs of hiring (payroll taxes, etc.).

You do not have to provide the necessary equipment to carry out our services (PC, supplies, telephones etc.), our call centre is equipped with the best tools and software to answer all requests.

To modulate your request according to your needs

Your needs are not the same depending on the periods of activity of your company. At ProContact, we adapt depending on whether you need our services in the long term or on an ad hoc basis (holidays, sick leave, holidays, closing of premises for work ..).

Whether you have a workload or a decrease in activity, we adapt to your pace by providing tailor-made solutions without you having to hire. At any time, you can change the time range, increase or decrease the number of services.

To offer your customers a quality service

An employee can be reached 24 hours a day for you and for your company in a completely personalized way. Our telewriters are perfectly qualified and competent to adapt to your sector of activity and bring a real value. added to your company by conveying an image of seriousness and professionalism to your customers, and this, in all confidentiality (confidentiality charter).

Our services: tailor-made services, from the simplest to the most specific

From the medical and paramedical sector (medical practices, nursing practices, clinics …), to the legal sector (lawyers, lawyers …), through the liberal professions, craftsmen, micro-businesses and major accounts SMEs, our tele-secretaries are able to to take care of all secretarial services you may need. Trained in the latest technological developments in computer and communication, they have the best tools and software to ensure an efficient secretarial service.

Our field of intervention is very broad, we can establish with you an à la carte service with solutions adapted to your needs and that you can adjust at any time.

Here is an overview of our main services in telesecretariat:

  • Personalized telephone answering (taking messages, managing requests and complaints, filtering, transferring calls …)
  • Organization of videoconferences
  •  Connecting with suppliers and different providers
  • Document Strike
  • Layout, corrections, bindings, photocopies …
  • archiving
  •  Calendar Management
  •  Making appointments
  • Processing of faxes, mails and letters
  • Management of quotes, invoices, orders
  • Recovery of unpaid bills
  • Enrichment of the customer and prospect database
  • Audio transcription (dictations, interviews)
  • Report writing