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The ProContact Team

ProContact equals to 15 years of experience on all types of operations

ProContact is also 400 Positions spread over 2 multi-skill sites, complementary and highly secure. Above all a management team at your service. Employees who are totally versatile, highly qualified and motivated by your success.

An ultra selective recruitment based on the control of the language, the professionalism and enthusiasm! A Call Center which is operational without delay. Initial and continuous training, low staff turnover, therefore an average seniority of four and a half year. The provision of “virtual ambassadors”  ie totally dedicated to your operations and mainly concerned with the image you want to convey. Unparalleled expertise in the outsourcing of your services and for these reasons, daily assistance in your projects.

In short, the guarantee of irreproachable quality!

ProContact is therefore: Your future partner in the Indian Ocean!

Management Team

Infrastructure – Security

The infrastructures are primarily based on Dialogic-Vocalcom’s latest generation platforms offering high level of flexibility and reliability. The solutions used also allow advanced call / processing management. They consequently offer all the functionalities necessary for the activity of a general contact center. Finally, Vocalcom is secured by a Vicidial solution that runs continuously in the “cloud”, able to instantly resume operations. The whole being so, totally secure.

Furthermore, ProContact’s two sites benefit from ultra modern and strategically located premises (Access – Fiber – Basin of employment). In other words, they offer in the two respective countries, the best conditions of accommodation and security.

ProContact has its own bay at Tele-House-Paris and doubles all links by operators using different technologies especially for telecom. The equipment, up to the air conditioner of the server rooms, is therefore redundant and housed in a highly secure environment. To sum up, the totality of the sites is guarded, under telemonitoring and fire alarm 24H7.

Two dedicated sites: Mauritius and Madagascar