Externalisation de la gestion des emails : un atout stratégique pour la relation client

Outsourcing email management to optimise customer relations

In a rapidly changing business climate, companies are constantly looking to optimise their customer relationship management (CRM) strategies in order to stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty. Outsourcing email management is a strategic asset for meeting these challenges. By entrusting the management of their emails to a specialist external service provider, companies can improve the quality of their services, reduce their costs and concentrate on their core activities. How can email outsourcing optimise your customer relations? Find out more from ProContact.

What is meant by outsourcing email management?

Email management outsourcing is a practice whereby a company entrusts the management of its email communications to an external service provider. This strategy allows companies to concentrate on their core business while delegating the day-to-day management of emails to customer relations experts.

Outsourcing email management includes several services:

  • Responding to customer requests
  • Complaints management
  • Providing information on products and services
  • Carrying out email marketing campaigns.

Email outsourcing providers possess expertise in customer relations and use advanced technologies to ensure operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. Email outsourcing also enables innovation in customer relations through the use of new technologies and management methods. If you manage inbound calls, here are the 10 key rules to follow for successful outsourcing.

The benefits of outsourcing email management

Outsourcing email management can be a strategic solution for companies wishing to optimise their customer relations.

Reduced customer service costs

One of the main benefits of outsourcing email management is the reduction in customer service costs. By outsourcing this task to specialist service providers, companies avoid the costs associated with recruiting, training and managing a dedicated in-house team. What’s more, email management outsourcing providers often offer services at competitive rates thanks to their economies of scale.

Increased customer satisfaction

Outsourcing email management also helps to increase customer satisfaction. Specialist service providers have the skills and expertise to respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries, improving the quality of customer service by email. An optimised customer relationship thanks to a responsive and personalised service is a key factor in building customer loyalty.

Customer service productivity

By outsourcing email management, businesses can focus on their core activities, thus increasing overall productivity. Internal teams can focus on higher value-added tasks, such as developing new products or improving internal processes.


Email management outsourcing providers can tailor their services to the specific needs of the business. This ensures flexible management of volumes of communication.

How can outsourcing optimise a company’s customer relations?

Outsourcing email management can optimise a company’s customer relations in several ways:

  • Improved customer communication: outsourcing enables companies to respond more quickly and effectively to customer emails, which can improve communication and customer satisfaction
  • Personalised interactions: outsourcing providers use tools and technologies to personalise interactions with customers, improve the customer experience and boost loyalty
  • Customer complaint management: outsourcing specialists handle customer complaints efficiently and professionally, thus enhancing the company’s reputation
  • Customer data analysis: outsourcers collect and analyse data on customer interactions, which can help companies better understand their customers and improve their products and services
  • Peak activity management: outsourcing providers can manage peaks in activity, enabling companies to maintain a high level of customer service, even during periods of high demand.

What steps should you take to outsource your email management?

To outsource your email management, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Assess your company’s needs

Before outsourcing email management, it’s crucial to assess your company’s specific needs. This assessment should include:

  • The volume of emails to be processed
  • The most frequent types of request
  • Expectations in terms of quality and speed of response
  • The customer relations objectives to be achieved.

Step 2: Choosing an email outsourcing provider

The choice of service provider is a crucial stage in the success of outsourcing. It’s important to select a service provider with solid experience in customer relations and a good knowledge of your business sector. Criteria to consider include

  • The provider’s reputation
  • The technologies used for email management
  • Quality of services offered
  • Associated costs.

Step 3: Define the process and performance indicators

Once the service provider has been chosen, it is essential to clearly define the email management processes and performance indicators. This will ensure that the services provided meet the company’s expectations. Performance indicators can include

  • Average response time
  • First contact resolution rate
  • Customer satisfaction.

Step 4: Integrate the service provider into the customer relations strategy

For email outsourcing to be effective, it is crucial to integrate the service provider into the company’s overall customer relations strategy. This includes regular communication of objectives, updates on products and services, and feedback on performance.

Step 5: Monitor and evaluate performance

Finally, it is important to regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of the email outsourcing provider. Companies should organise follow-up meetings, analyse performance reports and adjust processes where necessary to ensure continuous improvement in customer relations.

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