What is a call centre ?

More than a simple sales platform, the call centre  places customer relationship management at the heart of its activity. It includes all the services allowing to put a company in contact with its customers and prospects, in B2B or B2C, in order to have a fine vision of its market and to apply the right strategies to ensure an optimal customer experience. Its services can be carried out internally (a service is then dedicated to this function within the company) or through outsourcing. In this case, the company decides to outsource by calling on a contact centre specialized in this type of activity, whether inshore or offshore.

What are the missions of a call centre ?


The objective of a call centre is to assist the company in the deployment of its direct marketing and telemarketing actions which can take the form of two types of intervention: making calls and receiving calls . In addition to these services, the platform also acts as an omnichannel contact centre, that is to say that uses all of the communication channels to manage customer relations (emailing, written messages, Social media networks, chats, web, call back, etc.).

Marketing inbound

This involves being responsible for receiving calls from customers wanting to get in touch

  • The request for information (toll free number for example)
  • Customer service (voice server, customer advisor, etc.)
  • After-sales service (webhelp, technical support, deskhelp, etc.)
  • The information service (hotline)
  • Account processing
  • Making an appointment
  • Taking orders

Marketing outbound

Outgoing calls are made by our advisers (representing the company) to better understand customers, win them over and retain them. Essentially, it will involve:

  • Satisfaction surveys, surveys and studies
  • Prospecting new customers
  • Telephone sales (telesales)
  • Customer loyalty

Other back office operations

  • Preparation of invoices
  • Remote secretary services
  • Data update (datacentre)
  • File qualification
  • Sending emails, letters, fax
  • Sending orders


15 years of experience in outsourcing


ProContact is a general contact centre established in Mauritius since 2001. It operates in many sectors, particularly on the French-speaking market.

In 2011, the company merged with Execom, a subsidiary of the CIEL group, and established itself among the market leaders by offering solutions that adapted to constantly changing demands.

In 2015, ProContact moved into new premises and invested in a cutting-edge CRM software allowing all types of processing (emails, chats, sms, EDM). It is also continuing its development by opening a new site in Madagascar.

The company is now structured, equipped with the best tools and equipped with experienced collaborators to respond to all types of operations and support its customers to make their projects successful.


The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows the business to:

  • Be guaranteed quality service by specialists. By taking advantage of the expertise of an external service provider, the company increases its chances of obtaining convincing results.
  • Focus on its core business rather than dealing with these time-consuming tasks internally. Employees can therefore devote themselves entirely to their main missions and provide more added value and therefore better productivity.
  • To benefit from the best technological tools and communication techniques that are perfectly mastered by call centre teams.
  • To adjust its requests according to its needs. It can, at any time, reduce or increase the volume of services, a particularly advantageous flexibility.

The advantages of an offshore contact centre

  • ProContact offers the same quality of service as in inshore but with much more attractive prices.
  • Our locations in Mauritius and Madagascar (little time difference with France) is particularly suited to the French market.
  • Mauritius and Madagascar benefit from an available and qualified workforce to provide all types of services, internationally oriented, in several languages ​​(the majority of the Mauritian population is bilingual French / English).

A quality customer relationship and controlled costs

ProContact assesses the skills necessary to offer its customers the solution that best suits their needs and at the best cost. Our goal is to meet the challenges of each operation with optimal service and controlled costs for the client.

An excellent team

ProContact has a highly qualified team entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our recruitment is very selective:

  • Our call centre operators are multilingual, versatile and motivated to do their work.
  • They benefit from continuous and sustained initial training.

Our management, which is focused on motivation and kindness, provides a stimulating and  constantly evolving work environment.