Outsourcing social media management: the ideal solution for a company’s business

Establishing a social media strategy is nowadays a must in this Web 2.0 era. Indeed, in France, the digital world has 58 million Internet users, including 39 million social media users, and 82% of the latter use mobile medium. The figures speak for themselves: these new digital spaces hold an important place in our society.

The role of a Community Manager

Needless to say, the use of social media has become essential for a company to promote itself and its identity. In short, social network sites represent the showcase of the company’s products, marketing strategy and image!

Social media management is carried out by a Community Manager and like any job, it should not be taken lightly! It is necessary to have the specific expertise and skills for this role. Being passionate about human interaction, statistics and a sense of detail are considerable assets for a Community Manager. His daily tasks are mainly:

  • Being regular in the posts uploaded on social networking sites
  • Posting quality content
  • Conveying messages that reflect the image of your company
  • Implementing a communication strategy aimed at a specific target audience
  • Adapting posts to the platform used
  • Determining the ideal time to relay information

But the work does not end here. The Community Manager must also successfully build community loyalty, prepare reports, monitor the competition, etc. Community management is a full-fledged job that requires a significant investment of time and energy. What are the advantages for a company to outsource its social media management? More details below:

Target a wider audience

As a real exchange platform, social media is an important lever for the visibility of a company. It is estimated that 74% of Internet users use Facebook for professional purposes. Also, social networking sites are an important source of traffic for your company’s website. Indeed, sharing links via social media helps with search engine optimisation (SEO), prompting more visits on the website. And this, whether at the launch of your site or during its optimisation. Thus, a company that outsources its social media management will have the opportunity, thanks to the expertise of a Community Manager, to benefit from a better link building and SEO, thus reaching more Internet users.

Expertise in the area that optimizes social media management

To be successful on social media, a well-established strategy is necessary. Outsourcing this skill to an expert allows a company to be on the cutting edge of technology. The Internet is in constant evolution. Versatile and constantly on the lookout, the Community Manager is always up to date. He will know how to adapt to changes and new trends while maintaining the brand identity of the company on social networking sites. This web expert will take care of the management of digital platforms in real time and guarantee constant animation and updates. He will be able to show creativity according to the field and the target audience and to find the right tone to adopt in order to make the company’s identity shine through. Thus, from the creation of qualitative content to the follow-up of the editorial calendar, the CM takes care of everything. Outsourcing social media management is also a good way for a company to open up to and access new perspectives. With hindsight, the CM will be able to be innovative.

Word of caution: outsourcing the mission does not mean that the company does not intervene in the process. The external CM is in charge of managing the different platforms by creating content from the information transmitted by the company. This means that the company must provide several elements as raw material such as photos, news, the calendar of upcoming promotions, etc.

Time to focus on the core business

The more a company is present on many digital platforms, the more time it has to spend managing them. Creating posts, sharing them, but also answering private messages and comments under publications are tasks that take up a lot of space in the agenda. Moreover, to create a solid social media influence, it has to be managed full time. This is made possible by outsourcing, which at the same time frees up time for companies to focus on their core business and to invest more seriously in other areas.

To increase profits

The goal of being present and active on social media is of course to increase profit. Outsourcing allows a company to benefit from an increased flexibility and to control its costs by calling upon a Community Manager only when needed. This way of working avoids the need for the company to dedicate a full-time position to this role internally. Goodbye salary and employer’s charges! Secondly, outsourcing social media management will allow a company to increase its turnover indirectly. Better social media management implies a greater impact on a wider audience. And the more the audience feels close to the company, the more it wants to consume its products! This simple logic shows that a company can easily attract a larger number of buyers thanks to the influence of social media.

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