BPO: for better management of legal formalities

Throughout the year, a company various legal obligations and demands. These formalities are known to be complex and to be a real challenge to tackle internally. Indeed, rigorous effort is needed to limit the risk of errors or omissions that can have a more or less significant impact on the company. In order to optimise its legal department and tasks, it may be interesting for a company to outsource this function. In this case, BPO provides real added value in terms of financial, strategic and operational aspects. Read more about this.

What are the challenges related to the legal functions of a company?

The legal rules concerning companies are more than ever numerous and demanding. Respecting the conditions of employment, updating letterheads, the personal e-mail addresses of the directors and their identity documents, checking that the obligatory mentions in the legal announcements are compliant with existing regulations, making sure that the proofs of the premises are in order (they must be less than 3 months old), making sure everything is up-to-date with regard to the contracts with a supplier or a new distributor, signing papers, drawing up a commercial contract, bringing the documents into compliance with the standards in force… These are just some of the things that need attended to. The person in charge of the legal formalities in a company deals with multiple and varied tasks every day. The stakes are high: everything has to be done properly, within the given deadlines, so that the company is compliant with and respects the legal framework in which it operates. In the event of non-compliance with the laws in force, the company may be subject to potentially severe sanctions (a fine, closure of the premises, even dissolution of the company, etc.).

Legal formalities: what can be outsourced?

A company can choose to outsource some or all of its legal formalities. Certain situations may be conducive to outsourcing. For example, in a context where the company overloaded with work whereby it is impossible to handle everything internally, outsourcing is a good way to relieve the teams and ensure that the work can be done. Similarly, in the event of the recruitment or departure of a person within the company, the assistance of an external service provider will enable the company’s managers to ensure the best possible transition while avoiding legal risks. A dispute may also be a reason for a manager to call upon an external expert.

More generally, with regard to the legal function, a company can choose to outsource two types of roles: those with high added value (litigation, for example) and those with low added value (commercial leases, repetitive tasks, legal secretarial work, debt collection, etc.).

It should be noted that even if a company does not wish to outsource its legal formalities, calling on an external service provider is still recommended so that it can benefit from a legal perspective on its activity. This is very useful for becoming aware of the points to be improved in order to make the right choices today for a better future.

Outsourcing the legal function: the advantages

Regular and customised legal support

When a company decides to outsource its legal formalities to an external service provider, it will benefit from support tailored to its needs and objectives. From a financial point of view, for example, it will be able to choose the budgetary offer that best suits it. This will enable it to optimise its expenditure. Similarly, the company will be able to discuss with the external service provider to define the work that needs be done in concrete terms. The idea is to find the ideal strategy so that outsourcing brings the most benefits to the company.

Increased security

Outsourcing the legal function is not a trivial matter. For a company, the stakes are high: the data and security of the entire organisation will be entrusted to an external service provider. At first glance, this may seem frightening. In reality, however, outsourcing legal formalities means making your business more secure. In fact, when a company turns to an external service provider, it is a dedicated lawyer who will take charge of the file. The latter has specialist knowledge in the field of business and company law, but also in public and social law. He also has an evolving knowledge of the law and of errors in detail. Therefore, respect of the company’s confidentiality and deontology are guaranteed.

Develop your business

Outsourcing your legal formalities means asserting your desire to offer better working conditions and to ensure the development and improvement of your overall performance. Indeed, for a company, the advantage of entrusting its legal function to experts is that it can, at the same time, benefit from a new perspective on its activity, its problems and its operating mode. This insight is an opportunity to become aware of the changes to be made and to anticipate how to improve and develop. Similarly, by outsourcing its legal formalities, a company is freed from a huge workload, but also from a mental burden. It therefore has more time to devote to other tasks with greater added value and thus develop its business.

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