Outsourcing: let’s focus on seat leasing

While outsourcing is a term now sufficiently widespread and understood, you might never heard of rental space? This is one of Outsourcing of the services offered by ProContact, if you are looking for a business solution to develop your company and maximise its profitability.

Seat leasing: maintain control over your outsourcing project!

Your experience may be as follows: In the past, you have trusted an outsourcing provider. However, over time, you gradually lost control over your operations or your provider did not meet your transparency requirements.

At ProContact, with seat leasing, we give you the opportunity to transform the outsourcing experience according to your business needs while enjoying the benefits offered by offshore services and maintaining full control over your operations.

What is seat leasing?

If outsourcing involves delegating one or more services to a specialist provider, seat leasing goes further than that by granting all power to the company in demand. Thus, the latter has a solution abroad that allows it to “rent work positions”, as it would rent computer equipment, servers, etc.

The 3 main advantages of seat leasing:

Save money and time because you will have the resources of an already 100% operational call centre;

Start your B to B2B or B2C operations without delay;

Have resources that can instantly work.

Two types of seat leasing

There are currently two forms of seat leasing: warm (staffed) or cold (non-staffed).

Warm seat leasing

By using ProContact’s seat leasing services, we will provide you with fully equipped offices that have been adapted to suit your operations. Thus, you can relocate, without further delay, the services of your company. This will help it improve its performance and allow you to make savings, without losing quality! Internet connection, computer equipment and other infrastructure: we provide everything you need.

Warm seat leasing is the right answer if you want to start outsourcing your operations directly without worrying about recruiting labour or purchasing furniture and equipment.

The advantages of this business solution:

  • Benefit from the physical infrastructure of our call centre (telephone lines, headsets, computers, human resources) ;
  • The client company has direct control of human resources (hires, working conditions, schedules, etc.) ;
  • Workforce compensation management is done in partnership with our company.

Cold seat leasing

Unlike warm seat leasing, cold seat leasing is renting empty premises in terms of human capital, but equipped with all the necessary equipment for you to operate. The sponsoring company chooses its employees and manages its operations itself, independently of ProContact.

The advantages of this business solution:

  • It is relevant if you want to take advantage of infrastructural and material resources;
  • It is useful if you want to establish your own offshore strategies or structures;
  • It involves lower costs than in many Western countries.

How to set up seat leasing?

What are your needs, the resources available and your expectations? This question is crucial, because it will allow you to write a specification sheet. This document should clearly indicate:

  • The number of positions you will need;
  • The desired equipment for these positions;
  • Additional needs;
  • The number of human capital required;
  • The title of each employee;
  • The role of each employee;
  • The remuneration of each employee

ProContact assists you in the drafting of a balanced specification sheet. Our experience has allowed us to set up competitive and rational tariffs.

Why choose ProContact for seat leasing?

The presentation of our contact centre tells you everything: “At ProContact, we have the best tools and a team of specially trained advisors to guarantee a quality partnership with real results!

Indeed, by bringing together all the services on a single platform, a contact centre allows you to benefit from a global and sharp expertise on all the trades essential to the development of your company and which are not part of your “core business”. Our contact centre increases your opportunities for development and expansion tenfold’

If you are looking for a strategic and perfect destination for seat leasing, we meet your needs: modern infrastructure, qualified, educated, trained and multilingual agents, fast internet connection and advantageous taxation, among other factors.

Give your company an international scale thanks to seat leasing with ProContact and have equipped premises before your arrival.

Seat leasing with ProContact!

Whether you need to rent equipped premises and a workforce ready to work or you want to have equipped premises only, seat leasing is undoubtedly the most economical business solution in this time of uncertainty. Be agile by turning to an experienced contact centre, known for its strength and transparency.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we enable companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us at (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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