How to succeed in your outsourcing project?

During the last two years, we have witnessed a scene of an extraordinary upheaval in corporate world, sparing no country on the planet. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that it is possible for a company to continue producing, progressing, innovating while its human resources work remotely. To put it simply, it is not necessary to be in a traditional environment, the sanctuary office, to show creativity, ambition or even team spirit. This is to say that if remote work is as, or even more, effective than being present in the office, it makes perfect sense to look even further, with outsourcing.

ProContact handles a wide range of tasks

At ProContact, we offer a wide range of services, to be adopted and customised according to the needs of your company and your development project:

  • Telephone reception
  • Remote secretary
  • Studies, research, satisfaction surveys
  • Remote marketing and prospecting (making appointments, prospecting…)
  • File management
  • Database management and enrichment
  • Customer loyalty
  • Technical assistance (hotline, web-help, technical support)
  • After-sales service/ customer service
  • B2B / B2C Prospecting
  • Customer relationship
  • CRM tool and CRM software
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Human resources
  • Digital outsourcing

Our Digital Service is aimed at web agencies, e-commerce sites, digital marketers, start-ups, pure players and others, with digital needs such as:

  • Website maintenance/ redesign
  • E-commerce or social media management
  • File processing
  • Design & graphics
  • Or content creation.

Clearly and thoroughly determine the tasks to be delegated

For a successful outsourcing both for the company, its internal employees, and for the provider, the client must take all the necessary time in order to clearly determine which essential and non-essential tasks need to be completed on a daily basis.

An article published on the official website of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, lists the main ones that allow the company to survive:

  • The Accounting and Finance function
  • The Research and Development function
  • The Human Resources function
  • The Production function
  • The Marketing and Sales function
  • The Purchases function
  •  Some accounting concepts
  • The Management and General Administrative function
  • The Logistics function.

By taking into consideration these different functions individually, you will manage to make a list of the tasks that are specific to them and to finally organize them in order of priority.

Clear and complete documentation of the outsourcing process

Our article titled “Outsourcing: the importance of the product requirements document” explains that “The product requirements document is an essential part of the first stage of the outsourcing process. It is going to ensure an optimal and satisfactory result thanks to precise and complete information. It is a real tool designed to clearly define the problem, identify the needs and determine the expected results while establishing the rules of conduct between the client and its provider”

Moreover, according to this article, the specifications must include the 3 main axes on which an outsourcing project is based

Background and presentation of the project: 

  • What type of project is it?
  • What is its purpose?
  • Forecasts of earnings and expenses, if possible
  • Situation of the product or service in relation to other similar elements within the company,
  • Studies carried out and to be carried out

Functional expression of need:

This part is in regards to an analysis of the functional needs in order to describe the solution proposed by your company, but also the technical constraints as well as the inevitable elements that are an integral part of the project.

Expected results:

For this part, you will have to propose avenues to explore in order to succeed in the project.

Regarding the actual drafting of the specifications, the company that wishes to outsource one of its services can take over this part or contact a specialized service provider. This option may turn out to be convenient, since it will allow the client to get an external, experienced, perhaps even innovative vision.

Why outsource?

Offshore outsourcing makes it possible to significantly reduce costs related to recruitment, training, equipment. Today the company has all to gain by investing its money and time intelligently. Otherwise, it hardly becomes able to compete with those who have already crossed this stage.

The importance of performance metrics

What can be measured can be improved! But what are the elements to be measured? ProContact helps you to determine the appropriate performance indicators according to your sector of activity, your target audience, your evolution.

The Monster website explains that “The key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable measure that is used to evaluate the progress or success of a company, a team or a project, based on specific performance objectives. This acronym is the translation of KPI, which stands for Key Performance Indicator”

He also reminds us that there are four categories of performance indicators:

  • Productivity performance indicators;
  • Quality performance indicators;
  • Capacity performance indicators;
  • Strategic performance indicators.

Contact us!

Want to know more? Outsourcing is our business! At ProContact, we support you closely in the implementation of this solution in your business strategy. We offer you, without delay, an unprecedented adaptation of your way of working thanks to the arrival of resources located elsewhere, without wasting time, money and quality.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers regardless of the situation and in complete transparency.

Outsourcing has become a tangible and concrete business strategy for the development of the enterprise. To find out more about our services, for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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