Why outsource your lead generation service?

Lead generation is a critical component of any content marketing strategy. However, it can be a complex and time-consuming task. Let us add to this one of the main problems faced by companies: the availability of resources. This is to say that a good generation cannot happen if the right people is not reached at the right time in order to gather the right contacts and the relevant data. If you are the head of a company or of your company’s marketing department, why not outsource generation efforts?

Lead generation: definition

The definitions-marketing website is very clear about the ins and outs of lead generation:

Lead generation refers to the set of actions to create more or less qualified business contacts. These leads may or may not turn out to be prospects. Most of the B2B marketing leads are referred to as lead generation. In this context, the English-language shortcut LeadGen is generally used.

A lead goes beyond a mere advertising or marketing contact in that there is normally a more or less advanced identification and qualification of the commercial contact.

The main techniques of lead generation are:

  • Content marketing and inbound marketing devices,
  • Participating at trade fairs or professional exhibitions,
  • Telephone canvassing and project detection,
  • Business link campaigns + forms,
  • Putting forward white paper + form,
  • Email recruitment campaign + form,
  • Mailing and
  • Bus mailing.

Outsourcing lead generation: the benefits

First thing to remember: in the vast majority of cases, the benefits of outsourcing lead generation are greater than the investment you are going to make when implementing this solution. Why?

The management of in-house lead generation will require your company to hire, train and pay at least one employee who is going to be responsible for this. Not to mention, of course, the employer contributions that result from any recruitment. As for the training of this same person, to obtain concrete results, you must count up to one year and it is still necessary to take into account the overheads.

So, if your company wants to invest its money in its own development, or if your salesmen are in the middle of learning the “strings” of their business on the ground, outsourcing is the right solution to work on your lead generation. In this way, this task will be taken care of by a service provider who knows his trade and who has all the skills and resources needed to meet your need.

In concrete terms, outsourcing does not consist of relocating a service or task. On the contrary, it is about implementing specific criteria that will allow your company to keep control over its lead generation while people located in a foreign country, such as Mauritius, look after the generation.

It is also an opportunity for your company to step back and ask the right question: How can you better educate your potential buyers? In order for your efforts to pay off, and for your company to achieve results, it is essential to take the time necessary to get to know all the aspects of your audience while talking to them about your company!

Outsourcing is the best way to save time on prospecting which will allow your internal resources to focus on exploiting waiting opportunities and increasing the number of customers.

Finally, it allows you to expand your marketing horizons thanks to a service provider that is able to understand the unique parameters of each individual profile and to take advantage of all the channels available to maximize the number of leads.

Good to know:

Your sales people need equipment: telephones, computers and, above all, specific software that will allow them to track calls and leads. If you manage to finance such a purchase, then train your sales people to use it, they will be able to create scripts and gather feedback on the results.

By choosing outsourcing, this part will no longer have to be taken into account, as the provider is perfectly equipped to carry out its mission from end to end.

When is the right time to outsource your lead generation?

Your internal resources

This is the first pillar to consider if you are thinking of outsourcing your lead generation. Does your current team have the skills and capacity to complete this task? Outsourcing will be the most effective option, for example, if:

  • You don’t have the resources needed to build a complete internal service and your lead generation has to focus on cold calls and appointment booking,
  • You have a strong lead qualification process and are confident that you can create a new lead generation process if you involve an outside supplier.

To conclude

To sum up, most companies want to save money even if they have to take on certain time-consuming tasks in-house. While this is necessary for some services, others deserved to be outsourced without affecting the organisation’s budget. By entrusting this part of your marketing strategy to a third party company, you will save time on prospecting, will quickly and easily identify the most qualified leads and manage to set up meetings between these leads and your best salesmen.

By amalgamating your outsourced lead generation and in-house sales teams, your company can quickly achieve commendable lead generation efficiency, making it easier to achieve growth goals!

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