How to use LinkedIn for a successful digital strategy?

LinkedIn is one of the most effective communication tools. This social networking site, with more than 900 million members, is now the leader for the corporate market globally. The platform’s simple and intuitive interface allows a company to easily promote its content while gaining significant visibility. However, a successful digital strategy on LinkedIn cannot be improvised. Here are the four essential steps to follow to succeed.

1. Define your marketing objectives

The step when building a content marketing strategy on LinkedIn is to determine the objectives that the company wants to achieve through the platform. These can be recruiting future employees, increasing visibility among customers and prospects, increasing brand awareness, generating more leads, promoting products or services… The objectives can be diverse and varied. It is important that they are well-defined since they will be the main thread of the digital strategy.

Good to know: Advertising is a key element for a successful strategy on LinkedIn. You should not hesitate to invest in it.

2. Determine your audience and the content that might appeal to them

The second step to orientate your digital strategy on LinkedIn is to determine the target audience you want to attract to your company page. The users we want to target will be defined according our objectives. Once we know who we want to address, we can start to focus on the content we will produce. The idea is to find topics and themes that are likely to be of interest to your future LinkedIn visitors and to create valuable content that meets the demand. To do this, you can either analyze current trends, look at the topics covered by your competitors or identify the topics that generate the most interaction. You can also survey your future audience through the platform’s polls to ask them about their preferences and expectations. As a general rule, effective content on LinkedIn is adapted to the audience and generates conversions and interactions.

It is recommended to address several themes and topics on your company page. Indeed, allows you to create dynamic content that will engage your visitors. One tip to achieve this is to vary the formats of your posts (texts, photos, videos, etc.) and the style in which this information transmitted (advice, tutorials, knowledge sharing or events, etc.). Also, to boost the rate of engagement (and therefore visibility) of posts, it is recommended to involve your community by asking them questions along your posts for example.

3. Create an attractive company page

Optimizing your audience also means creating an attractive LinkedIn page. For this, it is mandatory to have a personal account. Indeed, from this personal profile, you just have to click on the “Products” icon in the toolbar and go to the “Create a page” tab. You then have to fill in all the basic information: the name of the company, the name of the manager, the location of the company’s premises, the URL of your company page, the logo or the cover photo. It is necessary to keep in mind that, just like a personal profile, the company page must be complete and, above all, must reflect the image of the company. You should not hesitate to briefly describe your company’s activity (what you do, your objectives, what you are looking for through the social network…). The company’s slogan can also be added.

4. Organize how you publish content

Once you have a well-constructed corporate LinkedIn account, the digital strategy will be to feed and maintain it. Like all other social networking sites, LinkedIn works under an algorithm. The publications put forward are not the result of chance. On the contrary: it is the result of a well-founded marketing strategy. Thus, to be valued by the algorithm, it is essential to post content on a regular and strategic basis. In concrete terms, you have to publish at strategic times to target the most users: either early in the morning (between 7:30 and 8:30 am), or at lunchtime (12 pm – 2 pm) or at the end of the day (between 5 pm and 6 pm). Similarly, when it comes to posts, it is recommended to maintain a ratio of 10-20% for promotional content and 80-90% for high quality content. It is also advisable to update your profile and profile/page often so that visitors get the latest information from the company. Finally, using hashtags under your posts can be relevant: thanks to the algorithm, these posts will be suggested to users likely to be interested in the topics addressed.

Good to know: An editorial calendar is the ideal tool for a successful organization.

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