Manage your staff leave and absences efficiently with digital tech!

Managing leaves and absences is a task that should not be taken lightly. Indeed, it is essential that this task is done properly so that the company can manage the payroll and schedules of each employee. This time-consuming work can quickly become a source of tension between employees and managers. This is why many companies have decided to digitalise the management of leave and absences. This has become even more prevalent during the COVID-19 crisis, when companies became even more aware of the challenges and advantages of digitalisation.

In simple terms, what are its advantages? Why should we, as a company, use digital tools for the management of staff leave and absences? Learn more!

Save time and increase productivity

Long or short waiting times, errors in planning or in data entry and transfers… Manual leave management done on paper – in the form of “leave forms” – has its limitations.

You are a company and you are asking yourself what is the main advantage of digitising the management of leave and absences? The answer is clear: it saves time and increases productivity. In concrete terms, everything becomes simpler. There is no longer any need to go to the HR department to check the number of leave left or the availability of leaves days and to apply for leave or absence. This can be done in a few clicks from a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

From the HR department’s point of view, nothing could be simpler: managers receive notification of the particular request and can approve or refuse it via a screen. Similarly, they have clear and immediate visibility of the schedules, which considerably speeds up the processing of requests and reduces the risk of management errors (for example, authorising an absence for an employee when his balance is zero). Thus, by eliminating all these complicated procedures, employees and managers save time while planning. They can therefore progress more quickly in their work and/or concentrate on other tasks that have greater added value.

Good to know: according to the Tissot Edition barometer, in 2019, 70% of HR staff felt that the use of digital tools was necessary for the efficient management of their employees’ leave and absences. Moreover, 55% of them said they had digitalised this activity.

Enhancing your brand

By deciding to digitise the management of your leave and absences, you will, at the same time, enhance your brand. In fact, from an environmental point of view, digitising this activity will greatly reduce the use of paper. This is a point to enhance your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. In a similar vein, internally, digitalization will facilitate and considerably improve communication and interaction between company members. It will also make it possible to respond to the new forms of work that have emerged since the health crisis, such as remote work or part-time work. More generally, it will optimise the overall well-being and quality of life within the company.

Ensuring compliance with legislation

The management of leave and absences is an activity governed by French law. Indeed, there are many rules to follow in order to comply with the legislation: the 5 weeks of paid leave, RTT, special leave, split days, parental leave, bereavement leave, sabbatical leave, or leave authorised by collective agreements or branch agreements, etc. It is not always easy to find your way around. In fact, according to a study by ANDRH, in 2020, 71% of HR staff had difficulty keeping up with regulatory changes. Digitalisation is also a good way to remedy this problem. Indeed, automation will enable a company to ensure full compliance with regulations. It will bring more transparency and limit the risk of errors, particularly thanks to the traceability of requests. In short, the data is collected, stored and can be consulted immediately, which is essential for accurate pay slips.

Optimising management

The use of a digital platform helps to optimise the HR department. Indeed, this tool offers managers a complete view of the planning of all the company’s personnel, which enables them to effectively manage the organisation of their teams. With just one click, they can have a global view of the company: employee attendance rates, periods available for approving leave and absence requests, planning of activity projects, absenteeism rates, etc. Similarly, automation helps HR to better secure the company’s data (regular automatic backups, for example). Finally, management is strengthened thanks to digital technology, which allows members of the company to communicate instantly. Thus, digital tech is the ideal tool to improve the general organisation of the company.

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