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Why outsource? This is a good question and at ProContact, we have the answers. This business strategy allows you to gain speed, reduce costs and in many cases allows you to increase the amount of resources and gain skills and experience for one or more tasks in particular. The result has been seen by many companies: outsourcing makes it possible, in practice, to focus on growth and development.

The company has a real personality

Today’s business has several aspects that need to be polished, cared for and evolved. For this, it is important to focus on the reason for its creation, which is called the core business. By being able to focus on your core business, resources work more efficiently, and therefore, cost-effectively.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing has definitely gained momentum in recent years, so much so that many companies have truly understood the processes and the importance of customer support, marketing, etc. Nevertheless, there is still a sense of hesitation among some, even if the competition has had success with outsourcing. Here are some good reasons to take the leap when it comes to outsourcing:

Tangible reduction in operating costs
The reduction of operating costs is undoubtedly the main reason why companies are turning to outsourcing. There are many reasons to try to make savings. For instance, in order to optimise the use of suppliers, to cope with increased material costs, to remain competitive, or even because of the need to downsize due to a merger or acquisition.

Savings on training costs

Thanks to cost reductions resulting from outsourcing, the company also manages to save on salaries, benefits, but also, above all, on training expenses. By choosing ProContact, the client company eliminates the training period usually provided for new employees through the intervention of trained and qualified agents for an immediate position, as from the start of the outsourcing contract.

Feeing up of resources
Your company is working on a project that requires specific expertise, but is not available internally. Such a situation may arise, for example, in the context of an evolution of the company, prompting the addition of additional tasks. Optimise the use of your resources by delegating the least critical processes to ProContact! According to the specialised site Business.com, many companies consider outsourcing as a concrete tool to free up capital, which can then be invested in urgent and essential tasks.

Restructuring of the company

Sometimes a company may have to restructure its business model. As a result, the tasks supported by the present resources change and evolve. What can be done when these resources do not have the necessary skills to carry out their missions? Hiring talent certainly does not fit with the restructuring period, so outsourcing is an effective and quick method to implement in order to fill the gaps. Outsourcing opens the way for companies to look for skills that are missing from their workforce, without allocating substantial sums for recruitment.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Which company does not want to improve its efficiency? Here is an overview of the range of outsourced services handled by ProContact, specialist in B2B/B2C prospecting, remote secretary, customer relations, CRM tools and CRM software, satisfaction surveys, human resources, etc.:


  • Outgoing calls, remote prospecting, potential customer searches
  • Call handling
  • Traffic creation
  • After-Sales Outsourcing


  • Incoming calls,
  • Optimised qualification of the customer database thanks to our CRM,
  • Data entry,
  • Email routing,
  • Commercial and administrative management,


  • KPIs management, dashboards and performance analysis, customer engagement analysis,
  • Satisfaction survey, customer satisfaction analysis,
  • Web Moderation (sites, social networks)

Order taking

Remote secretary:

  • Calendar management,
  • Appointment confirmation,
  • Mailings

Reduced business risks

The company can fully delegate certain specific functions, which are certainly essential, but which have a cost both in financial and human resources. Outsourcing has been proven time and again to reduce financial risk. This is especially true when a company turns to a particularly experienced outsourcing provider, as is the case at ProContact.

Perfect response to compliance requirements

The company having to adhere to compliance requirements, such as payroll, may outsource the compliance team instead of overexploiting internal employees.

Lower wages

ProContact offers you existing services in your country of location, but at much more competitive costs! Indeed, our geographical situations are not subject to the same pressures in terms of employee and employer contributions, which is good news for the company’s finances.

A modernisation of the company’s systems

The modern enterprise must have and use up-to-date tools. As an outsourcing specialist, ProContact has the duty to implement state-of-the-art hardware and software, capable of meeting the exact needs of its customers.

Contact us!

Today’s business faces several challenges that it must be able to overcome while remaining competitive. If you find that your business is losing efficiency lately, that your customers are expressing a start of discontent, do not wait until it is too late. In this time of pandemic and economic uncertainty, be agile by signing a strong and transparent partnership with one of the leaders in outsourcing in the Indian Ocean zone.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to maintain their credibility, continue to develop and above all to satisfy their customers. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click

There are many reasons why a company may consider outsourcing. Outsourcing remains a choice for companies that need cost-effective labour solutions.

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