Want to outsource? 8 reasons to get started!

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution to intelligently lighten the workload of your employees and allow your business to grow, but it serves many other purposes. Indeed, in many sectors, cost reduction is also a vital pillar, leading to profitability and rapid growth. Here are 8 good reasons to turn to outsourcing.

When your business needs to innovate

Given the number of tasks you need to take care of on a daily basis, your teams are running out of time to meet their main mission: innovate. Many companies face this problem. Now, to grow, your brand needs to advance; to offer new products and new services to its customers. If the lack of time prevents you from devoting yourself to innovation, it is probably time to rethink the way it operates in its entirety. Today, it is difficult to maintain a company which unable to innovate, as this gap has a direct impact on growth. Therefore, to stop wasting time with routine tasks without added value, to free up your human resources and to allow them to express all their creativity, outsourcing takes over and at particularly attractive costs.

When your human resources have reached their maximum capacity

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution when one of your key teams seems to be at their best and projects are stagnating. While demonstrating strategy and psychology, you will manage to present this solution as it is: a way to unload your human resources, which will be able to focus on their core business. In concrete terms, it will be necessary to audit the specific needs of the said team in order for it to achieve its objectives on time.

When you internal resources do not possess the skills to handle specialised tasks

The lack of expertise for a particularly specialized task results in two behaviours: the team in charge takes too much time to complete it and even more time when this task is repetitive. To avoid demotivation, in addition to time wastage, outsourcing is the most relevant solution. ProContact agents have continuous training to carry out specialised tasks related to human resources, satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of your services, remote secretary, tele-prospecting and telemarketing.

When certain tasks performed in-house have no added value for the company

It is difficult to decide whether to keep in-house or outsource certain tasks, as both options have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the best decision, it is necessary to analyse the competitive advantages of outsourcing over purely internal support. If in the second case, the advantages are absent, then it is time to outsource the tasks involved! Take the example of an e-commerce business that needs to manage its website. In this period of containment, orders explode and it is vital for the company to be able to present its products to consumers. However, because of the confinement, it is complicated to hire a web management specialist, not to mention the costs generated by such hiring.

ProContact is not just a call centre, we cover many trades, especially thanks to our digital service. The advantages are many: saving time, saving money or a web page that is always accessible and up-to-date.

When your business grows too fast

If you are a young entrepreneur or your company has just entered the market, there are many fears. Among them, there is that of a too quick evolution, which could prevent the company to satisfy its customers, to have delays in deliveries, etc. If that is your case, the outsourcing of certain tasks or processes will allow your company to gain in human resources, but also technological facilities in order to support such an expansion.

When skills and needs do not match

If you have specific needs, but you or your existing team do not have the tools to meet them, it is best to outsource. No need to force your hand if you are not equipped to take over a task for which you will waste time, resources and energy.

When you want to reduce costs

The wastage of resources comes faster than we think, which automatically leads to an increase in the prices of your products and wages. Perform an audit of your production process and you will notice that some tasks can be handled internally, while others can be delegated.

When you display too much delay

If your company accumulates delays in the delivery of its products / services, outsourcing can help. This collaboration can be done without you having to give up the essential elements of your marketing strategy. This will give you more time to focus on your priorities and meet your deadline.

In conclusion

Human resources, satisfaction survey to assess the quality of your services, remote secretary, tele-prospection, telemarketing; how to determine the services and functions to be outsourced? To what extent should this outsourcing take place? ProContact, your partner, is your go-to firm in the Contact Centre sector. Today we use advanced techniques in the field of outsourcing and offshore call centres!

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