Réussir son externalisation, c'est construire un partenariat qui repose sur la transparence et la communication, mais surtout la confiance.

Outsourcing: Trust is an essential pillar of a successful partnership!

Outsourcing is a tool designed to help companies grow. To achieve this, it is essential to build a partnership based on transparency and communication, but above all trust.

ProContact: your trusted partner for an effective recovery!

Outsourcing is actually a relatively simple process to implement, provided that the work done upstream is relevant. ProContact offers optimised solutions and innovative services that meet your expectations. By entrusting us with certain services inherent to your human resources, your satisfaction survey service to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary solutions, teleprospecting and telemarketing operations, you entrust us with your image in exchange for quality and productivity at an optimised cost.

To go further, ProContact has developed a Digital Service dedicated to the digital outsourcing of professionals: web agencies, e-commerce sites, digital marketers, start-up, pure players, etc; all trades are concerned. You will find everything you need, including maintenance/ redesign of websites, e-commerce management or social networks, file processing, design & graphics, or even content creation.

Why is trust important in outsourcing?

It’s no secret to anyone, trust is the foundation of any healthy and long-lasting relationship. In the business world, and even more so in the context of outsourcing, it is essential for a company to be able to trust its partners, who will receive, manipulate and feed sensitive internal information. A Russian proverb wisely reminds that you can “trust, but verify”.

Building a relationship of trust

Trust is not acquired from the very beginning of a collaboration, even in the world of outsourcing. Nevertheless, there are some essential steps to start this process and to get on a healthy footing with your provider:

  • Conduct a thorough background check of your provider,
  • Communicate with other companies that have successfully outsourced their services and ask for advice on how to avoid pitfalls,
  • Establish a trial period and short-term performance markers.

Your outsourcing provider can, undoubtedly, become a trusted advisor

Over time, working methods have changed dramatically, as technology has interfered with the equation. With telework, mobility is the current trend but it is also much more agile, so much so that today, many functions and services can be outsourced in order to benefit from better resources and skills.

How to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your outsourcing provider?

Communication is the key!

In short, every player in your outsourcing project needs to take the time to get to know the members of the team across the street. The goal is to include the outsourced team; to turn it into a partner who clearly knows what is expected of it.

As a company, you know from the outset that communication is of paramount importance in any professional relationship. In the context of outsourcing, this feature must be able to reach an exceptional level, knowing that communication takes place mainly by e-mail, voice, video or instant messaging. These methods may contain certain nuances that it is important to take into account so that you can maintain a high level of trust.

From the very beginning of the outsourcing process, it is important to meet the team members involved, either in person or via video. This is about creating a live interaction, the basis of strong communication that will follow.

In order to establish effective and two-way reporting and dialogue, the second step is to plan regular calls or team meetings.

Objectives and measures to be implemented

To be successful in outsourcing, it is essential to be clear about the objectives and the measures implemented to achieve the expected results. Thus, each actor, both internal and made available by the provider, must be on the same page. The lack of common objectives and parameters will feed the risk of errors and the feeling of frustration.

This will require key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). These tools provide a roadmap to measure the success of an outsourced Project. Let us add to this the expression of desired commercial results to assess satisfaction related to an outsourced project.

Successful outsourcing in an environment of trust: it is possible!

Successful outsourcing of one or more services begins with a collaboration between the internal team and the outsourced team. The lack of communication, objectives and measures that are understandable and enforceable by all can adversely affect the project.

By finding concrete ways to open and maintain communication with your provider, the climate will be conducive to a sustainable and productive collaboration. The whole thing can go down simply and efficiently, without being lost in complex processes. It is important to choose tools and set up collaborative processes that speak to all.

For example, all feedback, both positive and negative, can and should be shared with the outsourced team. By proceeding in full transparency, your provider will be able to calibrate its offer and adjust its teams in order to achieve your goals.

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