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To quote Peter Drucker, professor, Austro-American business management consultant, author and theorist: “The purpose of the company is to create and retain a customer “. With this in mind, whether it is regarding prospecting, conquest, reactivation or customer loyalty, the ProContact team has developed the necessary expertise to offer you the best global solution after actively listening to your needs and expectations. Being a true multi-channel platform, we can support all marketing or remote marketing operations useful for the development of your business. CRM: what does this abbreviation hide?

CRM in summary

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software that allows companies to establish a strong relationship with their customers, thus significantly improving their sales as well as their customer loyalty through quality conversations not only with customers, but also prospects.

Who is CRM for?

Start-up, small companies, large companies… CRM is aimed at all structures looking for a method to improve their customer relationship!

The customer, the cornerstone of the company

It’s no secret: the customer is the cornerstone of the company. Without it, the company can only function and develop. Thus, in order to convince the customer that he has made the right choice, the company must create, consolidate and nurture a special relationship, based on loyalty and trust. This is where CRM comes in!

CRM software: definition

According to Wikipedia: “CRM brings together all marketing or support devices or operations aimed at optimising the quality of the customer relationship, building loyalty and maximising turnover or margin per customer”.

In summary, CRM is like an agenda, but more evolved, digitised and capable of containing a very large amount of functionalities and above all allowing collaboration between several people.

Its goal is to allow the company to keep all prospects, customers, interactions and transactions in one place. It also allows you to generate reports, automate a wide range of actions, and be searchable and usable on all devices connected to the network.

What is the CRM software for?

When sales and marketing managers are able to flow leads smoothly through the business pattern of the company, they naturally go through the various stages of the buying process. So, behind the scenes and without knowing it, they are in contact with the various departments of the company.

In return, they issue various categories of information, used by the departments in question in the following way:

  • Through the call software, which contains call logs;
  • Through marketing tools, which track development paths and campaign performance;
  • Spreadsheets, which list pipeline information;
  • Interactions with prospects and customers;
  • Notes added as interactions occur

Specifically, CRM software aligns the information that, for example, the marketing team and the sales team have. Without having to go to multiple sources, the first team as well as the second team only have to consult the CRM software in order to get all the information they need. In summary, CRM allows you to have a complete image of the customer, therefore, to grant him a seamless experience, without interruption. As a result, the company can align its business strategy in order to satisfy its customers.

At the heart of CRM

A CRM software agglomerates all the information inherent to customers in the form of a coherent schema. We can thus consult the complete history of existing customers within the company, but also a list of offers, emails, activities on the website, appointments, etc.

The CRM software allows you to receive real-time notifications when the customer shows an important activity, for example, when they visit the company’s website to check prices or when they click on a link included in a commercial email sent by the company.

A one-stop shop, CRM allows sales and marketing teams to view a plethora of information in one place.

By serving as a channel for the company, it allows to establish lasting relationships with each client!

The benefits of CRM software


A better customer experience

CRM is designed to capture every customer’s entire journey, from lead to conversion. Thus, the company manages to personalise the proposals, thus solidifying their engagement through campaigns and targeted messages.

Faster conversions

CRM software is a single source of real-world data, becoming a consistent voice for the business to the customer.

Less data entry

CRM automates the simplest tasks (creating contacts from registration forms, sending welcome emails to new prospects, data entry, etc).

Better measure marketing impact

CRM is sharp enough to allow the company to analyse the efficiency of its marketing campaigns. It provides detailed reports, vital in decision-making.

Increased collaboration within the company

CRM is the heart of customer data, so it allows sales and marketing teams to program their strategy and provide seamless experiences to customers: an indisputable bonus for the company’s image.

More revenue

By having a complete view of its customers, the company can cross-sell and upsell at the most convenient time, with higher success rates.

Contact us!

Outsourcing with Procontact is the guarantee for your company to properly handle all aspects of the customer journey (prospecting, capture, processing, analysis and loyalty). So, contact us without further delay. By optimizing your customer relationship, your company will benefit from a tremendous growth lever.

Today, outsourcing is the answer that must be added to your customer relationship strategy. To learn more about our business and our expertise or for a tailor-made partnership, call us on 01 77 75 04 50 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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