6 good reasons to outsource telemarketing services

For many companies, telemarketing campaigns are carried out in-house and calmly. If you feel that you are not making full use of your employees’ potential and you are thinking of giving them the mission of carrying out telemarketing services, there is a key question to ask: Are these people trained to answer the phone calls? Of course, we are all able to converse, ask or answer questions over the telephone, but even if your employees know the brand, the values, the products, the offers or even your customers, will they be able to sell your company as you want? So here are 6 good reasons to outsource your telemarketing.

Trained people with specialised skills

The ability to converse naturally over the telephone does not make a person a qualified or competent telemarketer. Telemarketing is a profession that requires many skills and competencies, as it involves the volume of calls, which must be high enough to achieve concrete and high-quality results. An outsourcing provider, including offshore, has all the tools and contacts to recruit the right profiles and to build teams trained to the specific needs of each campaign: bilingual, French, English and others.

While some skills can be developed through training, telemarketing requires people who naturally possess self-confidence, a form of human warmth, empathy, a great ability to concentrate and, above all, a strong positivity, despite the many rejections that they may face.

Proactive account management

In reality, telemarketing is a set of activities, such as lead generation, scheduling meetings, transactional telemarketing, processing incoming calls and, in some cases, telephone follow-up before and after sales. In order to apply the best practices, to learn from the lessons and good actions of previous campaigns and to adapt them without replicating them in the same way as any new campaign, it is necessary to have an experienced Account Manager.

For this:

  • He will select agents whose skills and experience match the needs of your campaign,
  • Understand the key criteria that define your values by producing a detailed document that includes your proposal, the promises of your product / service, the key messages and the desired results using a model such as BANT’s (Budget, Authority, Need, Schedule),
  • Implement an upstream campaign review to capture feedback from clients and agents to find solutions to barriers quickly,
  • Listen to recordings to identify effective agents and approaches for the best practices to share with the rest of the team,
  • Identify the most dynamic sectors and data for better use of resources,
  • Produce regular reports, review data and communicate regularly with client and agents.

A tailored telemarketing platform

Thanks to the data that he will generate through reports, the account manager will be able to create a custom platform which:

  • Is productive, because the agents will be working in a fluid environment, where all the information is registered in a specific tool, developed for this purpose
  • Is able to generate reports and metrics for greater visibility. This involves optimising the performance of the campaign and agents,
  • Which will facilitate data management and identify data gaps. These generate more results, etc.
  • Will help with transparency and visibility because of the recorded calls. It also involves performance monitoring.

 Better resource management

In a competitive environment, where results are essential, in which tasks are repetitive, it is essential for agents to be able to concentrate and to benefit from the best possible training in order to achieve their objectives in complete peace of mind.

Outsourcing knows the problems involved and allows your company to “live” its telemarketing in a controlled environment, with staff trained and monitored continuously, not to mention material resources. In addition, it allows for the use of a large number of agents who divide their duties. This number of agents can be adapted according to your needs. Let us not forget the linguistic aspect and the flexibility of the schedules offered by the offshore providers. There is also a greater flexibility of the same resources, depending, for instance, on the needs at a given moment.

A better image of your brand

With a concrete approach and a frame set to the millimetre, this will impact on the reputation of your brand. With a constructed discourse, present, meticulous and regular supervision, respondents will quickly understand the message you wish to convey to him. This is how outsourcing is a relevant tool to gain in positioning.

By keeping your telemarketing in-house, led by employees who know your company by the fingertips, as part of outsourcing, professional telemarketers are trained to master tailored questioning, with questions conducive to receiving feedback and ideas. Moreover, these same operators are virtually programmed to achieve a clear and predetermined objective.

Outsourcing means return on investment

If the outsourcing of telemarketing services requires an upstream investment, the results are definitely worth it.

Given the carefully constructed framework between your company and that of the provider, with the financial resources deployed, your company will benefit from a real know-how.

With trained telemarketers in sufficient numbers who are flexible, bilingual at least, able to work staggered hours, but also with a supervision team able to collect, analyse and transmit the right information, your company will quickly recover its expenses, to take up the popular expression.

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