L’externalisation est la solution pour un déroulement fluide, pour fidéliser les clients, les encourager à revenir vers vous.

9 good reasons for outsourcing your order taking service

If your company has a telephone ordering service, this is undoubtedly one of the pillars of its maintenance and development. This service is, in many cases, the first contact for a potential customer with your brand. Therefore, it is essential to streamline the process to ensure maximum satisfaction to every potential customer. Outsourcing is the solution for a smooth process, to retain customers and to encourage them to come back to you.

ProContact is today one of the leaders in the contact centre industry in the area. Our call centre is recognised for its efficiency and offers to take control of your order taking service.

Status of your order processing service: the right questions

At the start of your business, the processing of orders came down to a few emails, delivery confirmations and a few packages. As you grow, accumulations end up siphoning off the time and energy of your teams. Thus, it becomes urgent to put in place a reliable procedure in order to satisfy every customer without exception, while caring for the image of your company at the same time.

Outsourcing your order taking service will allow your human resources to focus fully on improving the quality of their services and products. It ensures your company achieve its goals faster than relying purely on internal support.

ProContact’s call centre is able to provide you with a reliable procedure in accordance to your needs.

The major benefits of outsourcing your order taking service

Improving your results

A company capable of processing orders quickly will also be able to free up time and energy to focus on its evolution and, especially, on innovation. These two points lead to one and the same outcome: a significant improvement in results.


Indeed, the implementation of an order-taking process requires a financial investment that can be significant. These include, for example, hiring a recruitment agent, training employees, payroll, salaries, etc. Let’s not forget to add to this the costs associated with infrastructure, hardware and software. Outsourcing is the most sensible and cost-effective response for your business, whether it is in its early stages of development or already well-established in the face of competition.

Error-free orders

When a customer places an order, it must provide essential information for the proper processing of the said order, on the condition that he/she is being received by a person capable of carrying out such a task. Any inaccuracy in the input of this information, however minimal, can lead to a disruption of the usual process. The impact can damage the image of the company.

At ProContact, our agents are trained in the art of conversation, thus guaranteeing error-free listening and input-capability in our CRM software.

Fast and smooth order-taking

Some periods of the year are synonymous with an increase in order volume. As a result, your company is forced to find additional resources that can process orders quickly and transparently for your customers.

Outsourcing caters for faster processing, in a flexible framework, according to your real needs. The agents in our Contact Centre are trained to adapt quickly to any situation. This is an essential detail that will maintain the positive image of your company.

A climate of trust

By providing your customers with quick and efficient ordering, you will create a strong impression of trust in them. They will understand that they can rely on your company to meet their needs and want on time and in a professional atmosphere.

A more agile organisation

Today, small businesses need to be effective and relevant in their organisation process. This means that they must be able to remove all unnecessary tasks, positions and infrastructure.

Outsourcing your order taking service means a gain in agility, especially financial. Your company will no longer have to worry about the payment of sick leaves, leaves, equipment and training. These will be taken care of by the provider.

Year-round availability

It is difficult at certain times of the year to have a full team to take orders from the company. Outsourcing is the guarantee for your brand to be always available to its customers. Our agents are available on a 24/7 basis, depending on your needs.

No language barrier!

ProContact offers a multilingual service, thus expanding the scope of your company. If in-house your employees speak only French, our agents can also take your orders in English.

Permanent customer satisfaction

When a customer calls your company to place an order, they expect a clear, fast and efficient exchange. Any miscommunication can cause a sense of disappointment in the caller. As a result, he may no longer want to turn to your company for another order. Outsourcing allows you to overcome these fears since the agents are specially trained for a professional quality dialogue and above all an error-free order taking.

When it’s time to outsource your order taking service

If you are in the process of thinking about outsourcing your order processing service, here are three essential questions to answer in detail:

  • Does your order taking service respond effectively to your needs and to that of your customers ?
  • Is it cost effective ?
  • Does it allow your company to focus on its core business ?

Successful outsourcing results from millimetre preparation, in which each actor of the company has a role to play. The ProContact Customer Relationship Centre is with you throughout all the steps, helps you to flatten your needs and offers you a calibrated partnership.

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