6 great reasons to outsource your telemarketing service

Many companies prefer to rely on their own employees to support their telemarketing service. While this approach may seem cost-effective, you must bear in mind that B2B telemarketing requires specific skills. At ProContact, our agents are trained as soon as they are hired, and then continuously, in order to deliver a service that meets your expectations. Our contact centre will allow you to generate leads while saving your financial and human resources. The experience of our agents will become the best asset to preserve and improve the brand image and the credibility of your company.

The various advantages of outsourcing your telemarketing service

ProContact is equipped with a long-term experience based on proven and results-oriented techniques. Our agents are trained to develop specialised skills, deliver efficient Account Management, a structured and consistent approach to your brand values which are essential factors to boost your return on investment.

Outsourcing to benefit from specific skills

B2B telemarketing requires in-depth knowledge that only a qualified and experienced telemarketer has. The issuance of high volume calls as well as constant quality require know-how and tenacity in order to generate qualitative results.

However, within a company, employees are generally not trained, or not sufficiently trained, to master the process of creating relationships. For his part, a contact centre agent knows how to go beyond his/her comfort zone and generate a positive influence on the decision-maker.

Performance indicators that are always in the green

For any company, telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting must be subject to strict measures based on a set of key performance indicators. Through outsourcing, you will benefit from the strong support of a multi-role account manager. Most importantly, he/she will adapt its scenario for each campaign ordered by your company by:

  • Managing resource deployment,
  • Setting up call times, talk time and texts,
  • Calculating conversion rates,
  • Calculating costs per lead,
  • Implementing early campaign reviews to gather customer feedback,
  • Delegating tasks to competent officials, and
  • Targeting resources to groups that cause more reactions

Benefit from a structured approach

The strength of telemarketing is its ability to collect all the necessary data in order to determine the best time to be the most effective. Add to this the proper prioritisation of resources in order to benefit from maximum impact.

By outsourcing your marketing department, you will benefit from efficient data management specific for your needs. Our mission at ProContact is to put at your disposal trained agents able to handle scheduled reminders while managing other channels in order to develop short and long term opportunities.

Offers your company a consistent representation of its brand

If one thinks that in-house employees are the best ambassadors for a company, this idea usually has some misgivings. ProContact’s telemarketing service provides you with a structured approach that will help determine your brand perception through an organized and consistent framework, clear procedures, follow-ups and an in-depth understanding of your brand and your business. Thanks to outsourcing, you will finally rest assured about the representation of your brand.

Increase the profitability of your business

By outsourcing your telemarketing service, your company will increase its profitability while becoming able to save time. It will also be able to focus on its core business and address, in a more relevant way, the quality prospects brought by your outsourcing provider.

Is your business in full development?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your telemarketing service, but you’re having a hard time deciding, here are some good reasons to get started:

Low costs for high efficiency

As a developing company, you need to focus on the commercial aspect. However, this item can quickly increase your expenses and force you to distribute your human resources inefficiently. While hiring specialised employees may seem like a good idea, salary charges may overwhelm your budge. You should not forget about the legal aspects as well. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core business, without mandatory salary or material expenses.

Qualified and trained agents

Telemarketing requires a certain know-how that your own human resource team do not necessarily possess. Outsourcing will allow you to benefit from trained, flexible and experienced agents in many areas, including telemarketing. At ProContact, our expertise is broad enough to meet all your needs.

We train each agent since their arrival, and then continuously, so that they know exactly how to represent your company to your customers and prospects.

Quality customer service

If you have an in-house customer service in place and it does not meet your expectations, it can compromise the development of your business. With outsourcing, you no longer have to worry about training your existing employees in order to offer them a new direction which may disrupt their own expertise.

Focus on outsourcing so that you don’t have to worry about these aspects anymore and, above all, quickly benefit from customer service at the cutting edge of the latest best practices. Our Contact Centre has experienced agents and all the necessary infrastructure to carry out your mission.

To conclude

Outsourcing your telemarketing service is an advantage in itself. By entrusting this service to a company specialized in this type of service, you will be able to redistribute your resources in a relevant way and continue to deliver your know-how without having to worry about aspects that may become problematic over time.

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