5 reasons to outsource your company’s administrative tasks

How much is your time worth? This factor is one of the most valuable elements for you as a business leader, but also for your employees. By using your time in a relevant and optimised way, you will be able expand your business. Outsourcing is undoubtedly the best tool to manage your time in a relevant way, more specifically by delegating the administrative tasks of your company.

If you are considering to outsource the administrative tasks of your company, here are 5 good reasons to start partnering with a leading call centre in the Indian Ocean. With 18 years of experience in all types of operations, ProContact’s contact centre provides you with qualified and trained agents to take care of your human resources management or remote secretary services.

An investment to effectively save time … and money

It is a very common scenario: an entrepreneur whose company is in trouble will waste his time finding ways to save money. As for the one whose business thrives, he will prefer to spend money to save time. While this distinction may seem to be reductive at first, one must bear in mind that it is always possible to earn money unlike time, which is flying at a rapid rate.

Having a full-time employee requires you to find money for many expenditures such as salary, equipment or training. With the outsourcing of your administrative tasks, your company will only spend on the services it needs, which represents a substantial saving at the end of each year.

To sum up, it is essential that you and your human resources are able to devote your time to the core business of your company. Our contact centre is with you in this crucial stage of your business development. Rely on an experienced Customer Relationship Centre, which has proven itself for several years in the Indian Ocean.

What services to outsource and when to do it?

Before making a final decision as to what and when to outsource, the first question to ask is ‘what is the purpose of this approach?’. Here it is a question of entrusting certain essential but time-consuming administrative tasks to a specialised company. Our contact Centre helps you set up a process that is sufficiently personalised and calibrated to enable your business to grow and satisfy its entire customer base.

Whether your business is going through a busy or slower period, we adapt our strengths to effectively meet your needs. Together, we will delineate the process of each service concerned (remote secretary, human resources, payroll, etc.) and then decide on the procedures to be followed by our agents as well as the number of people needed, depending on the periods, with the possibility of changing this number.

Application and analysis of forces

On what criteria will the outsourcing of administrative tasks of your company be based? Everything will depend on the skills of your human resources. By assessing the skills of your human resources, you will become able to correct all points of vulnerability.

Administrative tasks require time and special attention to detail to avoid any mistakes. As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable resource and by removing administrative tasks from the to-do list, each actor will be able to focus on important decisions and actions.

If your company specialises in marketing, or offers web design services to other companies, the pure administrative part can heavily impact your financial performance and on the operational efficiency of your forces. The idea of hiring temporary staff to deal with your human resources or remote secretary service is valid, but not effective in the long term.

Our call centre covers different trades, which can be a significant advantage for your company: a single provider to take care of different administrative services of your company.

An unparalleled efficiency gain

Some times of the year are known to overwork the human resources of companies, which opens the door to mistakes. These same periods can coincide with the arrival of new employees, who must be trained and integrated into the company. By calculating the time lost for each small action, one becomes aware that the overall efficiency is far too interspersed for an efficient and unifying work.

By outsourcing your administrative tasks to a call centre such as ProContact, you will benefit from real expertise. Our agents are trained to identify all the information that may change your internal management. This support will allow you to clear time while having a perfectly run-in process.

The evolution of your business at your fingertips through outsourcing

Start today to let your business evolve, to gain efficiency and above all to save time. To do this, you must understand the ins and outs of outsourcing to put in place a functional and tangible plan that can help your brand to position itself sustainably among the competition. Give your human resources the opportunity to fully express their skills without having to stop to deal with tasks that are not part of their roadmap.

Outsource your administrative tasks to a leader!

ProContact will take care of your needs to allow you to focus on your business and to excel, without wasting time. Whatever your project, we have an adapted and sized answer!

Our agents are the subject of an extremely selective recruitment process based on language proficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm. We put at your disposal a “virtual ambassador” entirely dedicated to your operations and the image that you want to convey!

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