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Outsourced switchboard services: which KPIs to monitor?

In a constantly changing world, companies need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. The adoption of outsourced switchboard services, i.e. outsourced telephone answering services, has become a key strategy for many organisations. But how do you effectively measure the success of these outsourced switchboard services? This article offers you a practical guide to assessing the impact and effectiveness of outsourcing your switchboard services.

What is an outsourced switchboard service?

The outsourced switchboard service involves outsourcing a company’s telephone call reception services. Instead of managing these calls internally, a company entrusts this task to an external team or service provider, such as ProContact.

This practice allows companies to benefit from professional call management, reduce infrastructure costs and focus on their core activities. The outsourced switchboard service also offers greater flexibility, allowing companies to adapt to fluctuating call volumes without the need to recruit and train additional in-house staff. What’s more, it guarantees continuous availability, even outside normal office hours. You haven’t adopted this approach yet? Here are 8 signs that it’s time to switch to an outsourced switchboard service.

Why is it important to measure the effectiveness of your outsourced switchboard service?

Measuring the effectiveness of an outsourced call management service is crucial for several reasons.

To verify quality objectives

Firstly, it ensures that service quality objectives are met. Indicators such as average response time, first call resolution rate and customer satisfaction are essential for assessing performance. By monitoring these metrics, a company can identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions.

To check the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing

Regular assessment of efficiency enables us to check the profitability of outsourcing. By comparing the costs of the outsourced service with the gains obtained, a company can determine whether this solution is economically viable. These include reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

To measure the effectiveness of the solution

Measuring the effectiveness of the remote switchboard helps to maintain a high level of customer service. By collecting performance data, the company can adapt and personalise its services to better meet its customers’ needs. This can lead to a better customer experience, thus enhancing the company’s reputation.

To optimise decision-making

Measuring efficiency is essential for strategic decision-making. With accurate and relevant data, managers can make informed decisions about improving processes, investing in new technologies, or even choosing more efficient service providers. This contributes to the company’s continuous improvement and competitiveness in the marketplace.

The essential KPIs for measuring the effectiveness of an outsourced switchboard

To ensure that the outsourced telephone answering is truly effective, it is important to monitor various key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can be grouped into four main categories: adoption and usage, technical performance, user satisfaction, and business impact.

1. Adoption and usage

Discover the KPIs that measure the effectiveness of the outsourced telephone answering system.

Response rate

The response rate measures the percentage of incoming calls that are answered. A high rate indicates that the outsourced telephone answering service is able to handle calls effectively.

Call volume

Call volume tracks the total number of incoming calls over a given period. This KPI can be used to assess the workload and plan the necessary resources.

Average response time (ART)

The ATR measures the average time taken by agents to answer a call. This KPI is crucial for understanding the responsiveness of the switchboard.

2. Technical performance

The KPIs for measuring technical performance are :

Availability rate

The availability rate measures the time during which the outsourced switchboard agents are available and able to receive calls. A high availability rate is essential to ensure that customers can always reach your company.

Resolution time for technical problems

This KPI measures the time taken to resolve technical problems affecting the switchboard. Rapid resolution of technical problems is essential to minimise service interruptions.

Call quality

Call quality measures the clarity and stability of telephone communications. Quality problems may indicate technical problems requiring immediate attention.

3. User satisfaction

To measure customer satisfaction, monitor the following KPIs:

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

CSAT measures customer satisfaction after their interaction with the switchboard. This KPI is generally collected via post-call surveys and gives a direct indication of service quality.

First Call Resolution Rate (FCR)

FCR measures the percentage of calls resolved on first contact. A high FCR indicates that agents are competent and processes are efficient, reducing the need for follow-ups.

Call waiting time

This KPI measures the average length of time customers wait before an agent takes their call. Short waiting times are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction.

4. Business impact

The KPIs for measuring business impact are :

Cost per call

The cost per call measures the expenses associated with managing each call. This KPI helps to understand the cost-effectiveness of the outsourced switchboard.

Conversion rate

For switchboards involved in sales or lead generation, the conversion rate measures the percentage of calls resulting in a sale or a qualified lead. This KPI is crucial for assessing the direct impact on company revenues.

Return on investment (ROI)

ROI measures the financial return on investment in the outsourced telephone answering service. It takes into account the operational costs and profits generated, providing an overview of the profitability of the solution.

By monitoring these KPIs, a company can obtain a complete and accurate view of the effectiveness of outsourcing its telephone answering service, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimise its performance and impact on the business.

Data collection and analysis to measure the effectiveness of outsourcing your telephone answering service

To effectively measure the success of an outsourced switchboard, data collection and analysis are essential. Several tools and methods can be used to collect relevant data. Call management systems, CRM software and performance analysis tools provide valuable information on key performance indicators (KPIs). Satisfaction surveys, user feedback and usage reports also provide detailed insights into the user experience and the effectiveness of the switchboard.

Setting up a dashboard to monitor KPIs is crucial for centralising and visualising this data in a clear and accessible way. A well-designed dashboard makes it possible to monitor the performance of the outsourced switchboard in real time, displaying key metrics such as response time, service availability and user satisfaction. It also enables the rapid detection of faults or drops in performance, making it easier to take proactive decisions.

Once the data has been collected and organised in the dashboard, data analysis becomes the next crucial stage. This analysis enables the identification of trends and patterns that can reveal strengths and areas for improvement.

For example, an in-depth analysis of response times can reveal periods of high demand that require resources to be optimised. Similarly, examining user feedback can highlight recurring problems or unmet needs. By identifying these trends, a company can adjust its strategies and processes to continually improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction of the outsourced switchboard.

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