Relieve your business by outsourcing your overflow management service!

For a company, managing customer calls can be a real burden for a few days or weeks, that is, during peak periods. This is especially true at certain times of the year or during the holidays. Outsourcing is without a doubt the most relevant solution, especially if you lack internal resources or when it is the peak season for your company. Entrust your overflow management service to our call centre to manage these flows and satisfy your customers while offering them quick and relevant answers and above all by controlling your costs.

Quick and easy implementation

By choosing to outsource your overflow management service to ProContact, you will benefit from an easy and fast set-up. As a result, your business will offer customer service and support that is available even outside of its regular hours. Whether you choose this solution for operational or strategic reasons, this outsourcing is the guarantee that your customers will always have an interlocutor at the end of the line.

In a competitive business environment, your company must be present for its customers, even when internal resources are not available. The goal is to retain your customers for the benefit of your brand and your product or service. ProContact offers a customer service that is indistinguishable from your internal team and provides first-class customer support.

Glossary of important terms

Overflow Management: a team too busy to answer the phone within three ringtones or within a certain time (specified by you) can rely on the agents of our call centre.

Rush hour management: with a reduced number of employees during holiday periods or on weekends, it is highly advisable to outsource the overflow to relieve the pressure on your employees during peak periods.

Call logging integration: our overflow service can integrate with your own system quite easily. Thus, you will be able to consult the notes taken by our agents during calls made on behalf of your company. In the event of an unresolved or urgent call, our operators may also transfer your customer in accordance with your guidelines and procedures.

The many benefits of outsourcing your overflow management

A clear improvement in call quality: it is essential for your company to offer a high quality and uninterrupted customer service. Through outsourcing, customer wait times and frustration levels are reduced even during peak calls. Our qualified agents are trained to handle overflows, which increases the level of service and quality of exchanges with your customers.

Business continuity and disaster recovery: if your business is unavailable, for example, during an epidemic, bad weather, a long power outage or IT glitch, consider outsourcing! With ProContact, your business is finally able to deliver a transparent and seamless customer service. By accessing your database, our agents will be able to track calls and queries from your customers until your business resumes.

A clear reduction in the call dropout rate: today, customers do not like to wait, especially when it comes to getting in touch with a customer service ! However, it is quite impossible to meet this expectation during peak periods, which makes it impossible to respect your processes and standards. Unfortunately, a frustrated customer can simply turn to the competition. Thanks to our overflow management offer, you will be able to retain your customers and especially reduce your call abandonment rates.

An improvement in the level of customer satisfaction: outsourcing your overflow management will allow your employees to focus on their core business. In return, your company will always be able to provide a qualitative customer service, including during peak periods. There is no more need to manage large volumes of calls. Positive experience for your customers and interaction with your company: these are the essential factors that make up the complex equation of customer satisfaction.

Savings for your business: outsourcing will allow you to reduce training costs and all the expenses involved in hiring new employees while continuing to increase your sales which implies higher call volumes. This also applies to the hiring of part-time employees or temporary workers.

By outsourcing, you will attract prospects, and significantly increase the following:

  • Sales conversion rate,
  • Advertising channel- ROI analysis,
  • Requests for information entered,
  • Customer orders processed on a 24/7 basis,
  • Customer profiling, database creation and management

Outsourcing overflow management can be the perfect solution if your company launches a service or a product in promotional periods, or simply when you lack internal resources. Faced with the amount of calls received, it can happen that your teams can no longer cope, which may lead to many inconveniences. This negative for your image and figures. Avoid long waiting times, lines which are always busy, lost communications and most importantly, stop having to deal with the frustration and dissatisfaction of your customers and prospects.

At ProContact, our overflow service allows you to maintain and increase your customer satisfaction rate. Your emails and calls will always be answered, regardless of your schedules and procedures. Moreover, to this effect, our call centre has only qualified and flexible operators.

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