Outsourcing: how to do it properly in 2022

How to outsource properly this year, when the world is gradually recovering from the pandemic, when some economies are showing unexpected growth (France, USA), when remote work has naturally found its place in companies? Let’s add to this the pressing need for digitalisation; the rapid evolution of technology. It’s time to make your business processes efficient. Outsourcing is one of these solutions that are easy to set up, but also, and most importantly, allows you to save time and money. Let’s take advantage of the beginning of the year to put everything into perspective.

What exactly is outsourcing?

Investopedia defines outsourcing as follows: “Outsourcing is a business practice that involves hiring a party outside a company to provide services or create goods that were traditionally provided internally by the company’s employees and staff. Outsourcing is a practice generally adopted by companies to reduce costs. As such, it can affect a wide range of jobs, from customer support to manufacturing or the back office.

Outsourcing was first recognised as a business strategy in 1989 and became an integral part of the business economy in the 1990s. The practice of outsourcing is the subject of considerable controversy in many countries. Opponents say it has led to the loss of domestic jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. Proponents argue that it incentivises companies and corporations to allocate resources where they are most effective, and that outsourcing helps to maintain the nature of free market economies on a global scale”.

ProContact is one of these providers recognised for the quality of their outsourcing service. Our range of offers is wide enough to allow companies to outsource all tasks that are essential but are recognised to be time-consuming:

  • Telephone reception
  • Remote secretary services
  • Researches, studies, satisfaction surveys
  • Remote marketing and remote prospecting (making appointments, prospecting …)
  • File qualification
  • Database management and enrichment
  • Customer loyalty
  • Technical assistance (hotline, webhelp, technical assistance)
  • After-sales service, customer service
  • B2B/ B2C Prospecting;
  • Remote secretary services;
  • Customer relations;
  • CRM tool and CRM software;
  • Satisfaction surveys;
  • Human resources;

With regard to our human resources, here again we rely on an unprecedented quality:

  • A highly qualified and positive team able to ensure a tailor-made follow-up of each operation;
  • A demanding recruitment;
  • A dense and continuous training on incoming calls, outgoing calls, marketing, webmarketing etc;
  • A motivating and human managerial management, supervisors who listen to employees and listen to you;
  • An independent quality department with a single goal: customer satisfaction

How to choose “the” provider who will become your partner?

Several criteria come into play when choosing your outsourcing provider. He must:

  • Be an expert in the field;
  • Have a solid reputation;
  • Present a clear budget, without hidden costs;
  • Guarantee the protection of your data and those of your customers;
  • He knows how to be flexible.

The advantages of outsourcing in the current context

Each company has its own reasons for deciding to outsource. Each contract has its own advantages defining specific needs and objectives:

  • Outsourcing is a way to break free from market competition by hiring a service provider, but above all a partner, with the expertise and capabilities necessary to quickly commercialise innovations;
  • The intervention of an experienced service provider encourages companies to quickly enter new markets;
  • By no longer having to invest non-critical services funds, companies can grow with a reduced financial burden and, as a result, respond opportunistically to new markets
  • Finally, outsourcing allows companies to focus on key skills and create skills that directly add value to customers.

Let’s add to that:

  • Significant time and cost savings;
  • A quality service;
  • A better focus on your core business ;
  • Immediate access to state-of-the-art services and technology;
  • Flexible management of your resources;
  • New opportunities in various fields.

Outsource efficiently!

Outsourcing is something that needs to be prepared and this preparation has several stages, which implemented diligently, allows the company to pass this milestone quickly and with serenity:

  • A constant involvement of the management team or the board of directors in decision-making;
  • A good overall communication among both management and employees about the benefits of outsourcing (achievement of the company’s vision and objectives, increased productivity at a reduced cost, etc.);
  • An involvement of all employees through appropriate documentation, but also an increase in the levels of responsibility;
  • A clear definition of your long-term business and financial objectives for personalised outsourcing;
  • The search for a quality service provider by taking the time to properly compare the different companies solicited;
  • Taking into account costs, one of the main advantages of outsourcing is their reduction. However, in reality, the actual savings very rarely correspond to the estimated ones. Anyway, by finding the right provider, after a few months of partnership, you will see a positive development in the company’s finances.

Contact us!

Outsourcing is our business! At ProContact, we closely accompany you in the inclusion of this solution in your business strategy. We offer you without delay an unprecedented adaptation of your way of working thanks to the arrival of resources located elsewhere, without wasting time, money and quality.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers regardless of the situation and in complete transparency.

Outsourcing has become a tangible and concrete business strategy for the development of the company. To find out more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us at (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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