7 benefits of outsourcing your payroll management service

Why outsource a company’s payroll management? What are the benefits? Whether you are an employee of human resources or at the head of a company specialised in human resources, discover 9 advantages to entrust this task to ProContact!

Save time and productivity

Managing payroll within a company takes time. You have to scrupulously monitor the withholding of employer and salary contributions, new hires, dismissals, paid leave and new regulations. Frustration can quickly take over the serenity and core business of a human resources or accounting department.

Every year, several hundred hours are spent on payroll management while this time could be used to help the business develop.

With payroll outsourcing, your resources can focus on their core business and strategic tasks to improve business profits. Regardless of the number of employees in your company, payroll management requires a great deal of time and attention to detail.

Payroll management is not a task that starts at one time and stops at another time. For example, once the pay period has passed, you have to enter large amounts of data and check for input errors. These repetitive tasks reduce the time spent on work.

Reduce your costs

How much are your direct payroll processing costs? With outsourcing, you can significantly reduce this number without your management losing quality

Not sure about the direct costs for payroll management for your business? Let’s us do the math:

  • Determine the number of hours worked per employee for payroll (calculation of payroll in each period, printing of documents, transfers, maintenance of software and computer programs, training and support, monitoring of tax changes, etc.) rates/laws, preparation and payment of payroll taxes and returns, reports on new hires, etc.
  • Calculate the hourly rate spent for each employee for these tasks
  • Compare the amount obtained to the rate proposed by ProContact

Do not be surprised by the result! Internally, between the salaries of your employees and the benefits, the total amount can go up very quickly.

With payroll outsourcing, our agents are managed internally and seamlessly for your business.

Greater privacy

It may happen that within the company an HR employee shares the amount of a salary with another employee. In some cases, such a situation can quickly become problematic and a source of stress. When outsourcing payroll management, you can remove any possibility of leakage!

Avoid tax penalties and mistakes

The payment of wage and employer contributions requires a great deal of attention and greater rigour. Penalties for errors, omissions or late declarations can be very costly to a company.

Thanks to outsourcing, tax audits gain transparency and reduce the risks of recovery. At ProContact, our agents are trained and kept up to date on any tax changes that may occur. With the utmost rigour and in compliance with labour laws, our experts accompany you in the monitoring of the remuneration of your employees for a fair social policy adapted to the needs of your company. We can outsource the following missions:

  • Payroll management (with Payroll tool), transfers,
  • Social statements,
  • Support in the management of compensation.

Add a team of experts to your existing resources

Difficult to find time needed to research and study the constantly changing tax amendments? By outsourcing your company’s payroll management to ProContact, you can add previously unavailable expertise within your own resources.

Greater security

Payroll management requires utmost discretion and a high level of data security. Even if your business has trusted resources, there are always risks of data theft, identity theft, forgery, and more.

Take your internal payroll software for example: how secure is the payroll data on the company’s server or network?

At ProContact, we have the latest data security technologies!

Save on technology expenses

What budget to spend to update your payroll software? Outdated software can lead to serious errors in the calculation of contributions and other taxes, which can be serious for the company and its employees. Maintaining and updating your software has a cost that can be removed through outsourcing.

Contact us!

Many payroll management tasks take time and require experience and skills that you may not have in-house. In this Covid-19 period, be agile by signing a strong and transparent partnership with one of the outsourcing leaders in the Indian Ocean area.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we enable the companies that choose us to maintain their efficiency. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50

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