Let’s look back at the fundamentals of outsourcing

Why does a company choose to outsource some of its processes? There is a long list of answers! Outsourcing is more than just a method of obtaining tax benefits; it has become, over time, a business strategy in its own right, but it is not just that. Let’s have a look at the arguments that summarise why this solution allows a company to modernise, grow and surpass the competition.

Why choose business process outsourcing?

Outsourcing is not a decision that must be taken lightly. It should be based on real needs, which can be optimised once taken in hand by a specialist. Thus, at ProContact, we offer a wide range of services:

  • B2B/B2C Prospecting;
  • Remote secretary services;
  • Customer relations;
  • CRM tool and CRM software;
  • Satisfaction surveys;
  • Human resources;
  • Digital outsourcing.

To achieve the best result, we have a unique approach in the offshore sector:

  • A highly qualified and positive team capable of ensuring a tailor-made follow-up of each operation;
  • Demanding recruitment processes;
  • Dense and continuous training on incoming calls, outgoing calls, marketing, web marketing, etc.;
  • A motivating and humane management strategy, supervisors listening to employees and listening to you;
  • An independent quality department with a single goal: customer satisfaction

We work daily on the market, use the most relevant measures and practice continuous training in the areas in which we offer our services. Unlike the internal resources of companies, we remain competitive.

Outsourcing so that the company can focus on its key functions and core business

Outsourcing allows the company to redirect its efforts towards the major functions that constitute its core business. For example, instead of devoting time and resources to payroll management, they will use these same factors to innovate and effectively increase their profits. Thus, it can more easily strengthen its competitive advantage as well as its interaction with the value chain. As a result, customer satisfaction and profits will both surge exponentially.

To optimise the results of features that are not key to the business

Outsourcing is mainly oriented towards the support of non-essential functions of companies, while offering increased quality. Let’s take the case of ProContact. As a market leader in the Indian Ocean, we have specialised processes and use innovative technologies that our customers may not have. As explained in our description, our infrastructures are based on the latest generation Dialogic-Vocalcom platforms, which offer a high level of flexibility and reliability. The solutions used also allow advanced call/processing management.

Therefore, they offer all the functionalities necessary for the activity of a general contact centre. Finally, Vocalcom is secured by a Vicidial solution running permanently in “cloud” and able to resume operations instantly. The whole operation is, therefore, totally secure.

In addition, choosing ProContact is choosing:

  • More than 20 years of experience on all types of operations;
  • 400 tele-operators spread over 3 multi-skill, complementary and highly secure sites;
  • A management team fully focused on customer satisfaction;
  • Multilingual, qualified and versatile employees who are motivated by the tasks entrusted to them.

If you are, for example, a company specialising in the development and design of mobile games, what is the point of investing in payroll software, when we can quickly and concretely take over this part of the operation of your company?

At ProContact, we have the best tools and a team of specially trained advisors to guarantee you quality support with real results!

Indeed, by bringing together all the services on the same platform, a contact centre offers global and sharp expertise on all the professions essential to the development of your company and which are not part of your “core business”.

To reduce costs

Business process outsourcing is a perfect solution to reduce the company’s labour costs. Thanks to this strategy, the company no longer needs to find the budget for recruitment, training or workspace equipment.

Let’s add to this that with outsourcing, the client company only pays for the services that are rented to it thanks to tariffs adapted to the real needs of the customer.

To compete on a global scale

At ProContact, our agents are multilingual and intervene in real time, giving your company a greater opportunity and opening to the world!

Fast and efficient services

Outsourcing providers take on tasks that are considered low value added, but by doing so, they optimise these tasks, save time, increase capacity and improve accuracy.

The customer company thus manages to save time and resources, but also money, because it becomes able to improve its operation.

Jumping in the digital era

It’s a fact, companies that opted for outsourcing before the pandemic are now able to act quickly thanks to digitalisation! Indeed, in just a few months, they have re-entered the digital age thanks to their provider. At ProContact, we offer services designed to reduce security issues and social media and network access restrictions. We have all the technologies your business needs to work in a highly secure environment, with waterproof communications systems.

Contact us!

Outsourcing is our business! At ProContact, we support you closely in the inclusion of this solution in your business strategy. We offer, without delay, an unprecedented adaptation to your way of working thanks to the arrival of resources located elsewhere, without wasting time, money and quality.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers regardless of the situation and in complete transparency. Outsourcing has become a tangible and concrete business strategy for the development of the company. To find out more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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