Outsourcing or how to increase your human resources at a lower cost?

As a business, you need to have a strong, proactive business strategy that can respond quickly to customer needs and above all designed to streamline costs. If internal resources give the impression from the outside that they are perfectly capable of taking all the tasks in hand, often the reality is different. Indeed, between the core business of the company and the small ancillary tasks, time often runs out, concentration is biased and general motivation runs out. Outsourcing is the most suitable solution to win on all levels. Between risk sharing and cost reduction, outsourcing is also an opportunity to intelligently increase your workforce.

What is staff augmentation?

The company increases its workforce when it finds a lack of skills within its organisation. However, in France, for example, hiring staff requires considerable resources, with regards to time and especially finances. Let’s add to this a glaring lack of local skills…the market is getting poorer!

In the numbers, to recruit in France, it is necessary to invest between 5000 and 8000 euros, because it is necessary to provide:

  • Internal costs: recruiters’ salaries, structural costs, operational costs;
  • External costs: tools, recruitment firms, service providers, etc.

For the training of a new employee, it will be necessary to count between 1000€ / day and 2500€ / day!

As part of the outsourcing of your human resources, these aspects are the responsibility of the provider!

Increase human capital through outsourcing

Outsourcing allows you to increase your human resources by hiring a trained and skilled workforce, with the skills required for important but time-consuming tasks. ProContact’s offer covers a wide range of needs on a sustainable or temporary basis, depending on the needs of the company. We offer in particular:


  • Outbound calls, remote prospecting, potential customer searches;
  • Call handling;
  • Traffic creation;
  • After-Sales Outsourcing.


  • Incoming calls;
  • Optimised customer database qualification through our CRM ;
  • Data entry;
  • Routing emailing

Commercial and administrative management          

  • Webmarketing: KPIs management, scoreboard establishments and performance analysis, customer engagement analysis;
  • Satisfaction survey, customer satisfaction analysis;
  • Web Moderation (websites, social networks) ;
  • Taking orders

Remote secretary

  • Calendar management;
  • Appointment confirmation;
  • Sending mail.

Outsourcing, a key solution

Outsourcing is now to be included in any business strategy. It allows the company to delegate certain tasks to a specialised company, often located outside borders. One can use a service provider in outsourcing durably, for a period or a particular project.

By adopting this strategy, the company has an additional workforce that is perfectly qualified to take on the tasks required while being based remotely. Let’s add to this:

An advantageous reduction in operating and labour costs: the offshore outsourcing provider systematically offers prices which are much more advantageous than those practiced nearshore or onshore.

Better focus on the core business of the company: freeing up the internal workforce allows it to focus, more effectively, on the internal processes of the company.

Mitigation of risk factors: offshore outsourcing allows the company to reduce risks which are shared with the provider. Of course, it is important to mention the risks covered by each party.

A global expansion of the company: by moving closer to an offshore outsourcing provider, the company enters new markets.

A pool of skills always available: by entrusting certain tasks to an outsourcing provider, the company benefits from a pool of different skills. To help build a strong team, the same provider will help the company accurately determine its needs, assess existing skills and then choose the amount of manpower to put in place.

When to use outsourcing to increase your staff?

It is not uncommon these days for a company to go through outsourcing to strengthen its internal teams. If you are still hesitant to go through this, here are the cases in which outsourcing can turn into a paid strategy:

  • In-house staff work overtime and new projects need to be delivered quickly;
  • A new project requires specific skills unavailable internally;
  • An employee with knowledge / skills is in prolonged absence. So you need a temporary resource to fill the gap in skills;
  • The company wants to streamline its recruitment expenses without losing quality;
  • The company must meet strict deadlines;
  • The firm wants to gain flexibility to grow.

The benefits of outsourcing to increase your workforce

Companies that went through outsourcing to hire additional resources quickly realised that they are winning on several levels!

Wage expenses: The absence of a traditional hiring process saves companies production time and money.

Reduced workload: Small tasks can quickly amount to hundreds or even thousands of production hours. By outsourcing these tasks, teams can finally focus on the essentials, without having to do, for example, overtime.

Flexibility: outsourcing allows the company to increase and decrease the volume of its teams according to its projects and especially without financial consequences.

ProContact, your offshore outsourcing partner!

Present in Mauritius for more than 18 years, ProContact has become a reference in the contact centre world. Today, the company uses state-of-the-art techniques in the field of outsourcing and offshore call centres (telephone call centres). Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to maintain their credibility and above all to satisfy their customers. To learn more about our services, for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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