L’outsourcing permet de façonner un service des RH plus spécialisé, capable de participer à l’avancement et au développement de l’entreprise.

Outsourcing: the solution to optimise your company’s human resources during the economic recession!

Human resources remain a pivotal service. However, outsourcing them is arguably the best decision a company can make. Why? Outsourcing makes it possible to shape a more specialised HR department that is able to actively participate in the advancement and development of the company without being burdened by time-consuming tasks.

Outsourcing Human Resources: what is it about?

Outsourcing is the use of delegating one or more services to a third party company that is specialised in this type of mission. When it comes to human resources, this can include recruitment, training, legal expertise and payroll administration and other services. This solution is perfect for reducing the salary costs of the company that uses it.

When to outsource your human resources?

More than ever, it is high time for companies to focus on their business, on their development and on the competitition. To achieve this, it is therefore essential to delegate tasks that are important but require time and energy.

Human resources management is one of these necessary functions, but it is far too polluted by actions that slow them down. Just take the example of payroll management. At ProContact, an outsourcing specialist, it is with the utmost rigour and in compliance with labour law that our experts accompany you in monitoring the remuneration of your employees for a fair Social Policy that is adapted to the needs of your company. We support the following missions:

  • Payroll management (with Payroll tool) & settlements;
  • Social statements;
  • Support for compensation management.

Some examples of the benefits of outsourcing the management of your human resource services

The testimonials are enough to allow us to place importance on the advantageous aspect of outsourcing; this solution is increasingly attractive to companies. There are many reasons to consider this option the current economy which has been hit by an unfortunately unprecedented recession and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Allow your company to get out of this turbulent period and trust ProContact, an outsourcing specialist established in the market for 19 years now!

To reduce costs

We can say, without any doubt, that outsourcing is the best solution to allow your company to save money. In what way?

By spending less on salaries: let’s take the salary of an HRD, who earns several thousand of euros per month, excluding social benefits.

Reducing hiring and training costs:

Recruiting may cost between 5000 and 8000 euros, because you have to plan for:

  • Internal costs: recruiters’ salaries, structural costs, operational time;
  • External costs: tools, recruitment firms, providers, etc.

For the training of a new employee, it will be necessary to count between 1000 € and 2500 € per day!

If you outsource your human resource services, these aspects will be the responsibility of the service provider!

To increase the company’s income

How can outsourcing human resources save the company time? Take the example of a small business, in which the boss himself manages this aspect. The consequences are usually not unexpected and they have to be dealt with without any delay. Thus, he will have to reduce the time spent on his business functions. This lost time is therefore synonymous with loss of money for the company.

Outsourcing is the most appropriate solution for a return on investment that far exceeds the bill for this service.

For human resources that respect labour laws and regulations

Human resources management requires a thorough knowledge of labour laws and regulations. Any shortcoming or mistake can lead to significant losses for the company: in terms of money, time and sometimes employees. With ProContact, delegate from now on the essential aspects, but which tend to waste the time of your employees and distract them from their original mission and help your company grow and evolve with the right people!

For a sharp recruitment that is in line with the needs of your company

How can your HR department focus on finding the best talent if it is constantly interrupted by secondary, but essential tasks? Outsourcing will allow your company to streamline the recruitment process by finally having the time to focus on an efficient hiring process, in which every aspect will be thought of to attract the best profiles, from the initial job description to the interview process.

Start preparing for the outsourcing of your human resources

How will outsourcing help your business achieve its goals?

Conduct an audit of your human resources to determine the tasks that will help your company achieve its objectives. Tasks which have certain gaps caused by your employees must be outsourced to finally be streamlined.

Audit your employees

Employees are undoubtedly in daily contact with the company’s HR, so they will be able to say what is working properly and what needs improvement. Do not hesitate to launch an anonymous survey on salary benefits, quality of training and employee integration. Be precise in your questions to accurately identify gaps.

Contact us!

Outsourcing human resources can be an intimidating project, but entrusted to a reliable provider that is recognised for the quality of its services, your company can only emerge a winner!

ProContact is more than a contact centre; we are the partners of our customers! Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents we allow companies that choose us to gain flexibility and reduce their operating costs which is currently important in the midst of economic recession. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an email or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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