Outsourcing your customer service management: let’s not forget these benefits

Customer service management is an important task within a company. The stakes of the job are high since it implies responding to customers’ expectations and questions. It is necessary always have all the company’s communication media accessible (e-mail, telephone, social networks…) and to take care of the requests within the shortest possible time. When the customer service is well done, it helps a company to satisfy its customers, but also to increase its customer loyalty. This function is crucial for a company: it is essential for its proper functioning and its growth. Outsourcing your customer service has many advantages that are too often forgotten.

Save time and money to develop your business

Outsourcing as a whole allows companies to save time and money. This considerable advantage is one of the first reasons why they resort to outsourcing. Customer service management is a time-consuming task. The more customers there are, the more requests it needs to attend to and therefore the more time a company needs to respond to and meet customer expectations. Therefore, for a company, delegating its customer service to an external service provider is the ideal way to get quality work for an affordable price. An expert will take care of everything: taking calls, managing social networks or handling emails. This mode of operation offers a company the possibility to free up time and to refocus on its core business at the same time.

Optimize your business’s success with quality resources

Outsourcing gives you access to unprecedented resources. First of all, it allows you to benefit from the expertise of the service provider responsible for the mission. The latter is endowed with skills and knowledge in the field, which guarantees a quality customer relationship, a way to gain customer loyalty. Additionally, thanks to outsourcing, a company will benefit from advanced technologies and high-quality tools. These resources are generally expensive and therefore difficult to access internally for a company. “We are well equipped when it comes to customer service management. We work with powerful tools like Hermes.Net or Vocalcom. They are interesting because they provide statistics on the work done. This allows us to have a good follow-up of the mission that has been entrusted to us, to make comparisons and to improve ourselves in order to be always more productive and efficient”, advances Bénédicte Bathurst, the General Manager of ProContact.

Have a wider range of hours for more competitiveness in the market

Being available to respond to customer demand is essential for a company. It contributes to customer loyalty, which is essential to the sustainability of its business. It is estimated that retaining a customer costs four times less than trying to find new ones. Thus, for a company, having an efficient customer service is necessary. This means being available for your customers as much as possible, over a wide range of hours. The ideal situation would be being available to answer requests 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This goal is difficult to achieve internally, because it requires time, money and resources. Often, companies cannot afford it. Nevertheless, this obstacle is not unconquerable and can be overcome through outsourcing. “The average company responds to 1 in 2 calls because they have fixed hours of 9-5. When companies call on us, our goal is to meet all of their demands. To do this, we will adapt to the company’s needs. For example, they may ask us to have a customer service that is always available or, on the contrary, to work only during certain time slots”, says the General Manager of ProContact.

It should be noted that for a company working with international customers, outsourcing is a good way to have a customer service team covering all time zones.

Increase your target audience and customer base by relying on a multilingual customer service

A multilingual customer service is a real asset for a company. Indeed, being able to respond to a customer in several languages is useful to reach a wider base of people and/or to develop its international activity. However, recruiting multilingual people internally can be complicated. External service providers often have multilingual experts. They are able to answer a chat in Spanish, take a call in English and then reply to an email from a Portuguese customer: The customer service of a company’s dreams! Thanks to outsourcing, this can dream can become true. “At ProContact, our agents speak very good French. Most of them also speak English very well, especially those on our site in Mauritius since it is the official language of the country. But that’s not all. You can also hear them conversing in Malagasy, Spanish or Italian”, says Bénédicte Bathurst.

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At ProContact, we work in close collaboration with you to include this solution in your business strategy. We can offer an unprecedented adaptation of your way of working thanks to the arrival of resources located elsewhere, without losing time, money or quality.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, hand-picked and multilingual agents, we enable the companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers, regardless of the situation and in complete transparency.

Outsourcing has become a concrete and tangible business strategy for a company’s development. To find out more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 84 76 24 03.

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