Why should you outsource your marketing service in today’s era?

ProContact is the provider to go to if you want to outsource your marketing services. Located in the Indian Ocean and a leader in its field, our Contact Center has been established in the outsourcing landscape for several years now. Give a new dimension to your company and delegate tasks so that you can focus your resources on the core business of your company!

10 good reasons to turn to outsourcing

Overall, as a company, established or under development, you have several vital goals:

  • Keeping your place in your market,
  • Progressing and exceeding competition,
  • Allowing your human resources to evolve,
  • Increasing your income,
  • Satisfying your customers,
  • Innovating by offering products and services that will help enrich your brand image

However, it may happen that one or more services slow down and pollute your path to these goals. Let us take the example of the marketing department. If your company specializes in engineering, it will have to clear the time, find the competent human as well as technological resources necessary to carry out the tasks inherent to this department. Add to this the generally substantial financial investments and a loss of concentration internally. Considering these factors, how are you going to carry out your engineering tasks while keeping customers interested, attracting prospects and being up to date on sales strategies?

Outsourcing your marketing department can help your business progress without losing quality, time and money

Today, in an era shaken by the Covid-19 epidemic, it is more necessary than ever for companies to find solutions to ensure a sustainable and reliable future for their customers and employees. Outsourcing of the marketing department is one of the tactics which are easy to implement thanks to the know-how of our Contact Center. As an outsourcing specialist, ProContact will become your partner by offering you several advantages.

An external and innovative vision

As a Customer Relationship Center, we have a 360-degree vision that is free of the complexities that can prevent companies from evolving. This freedom combined with our expertise naturally prevents us from being content with the same, and potentially repetitive, strategies or tactics, forcing us to explore other options. ProContact is the ideal partner to integrate new perspectives within your company, to propose new ideas to expand and to advance your marketing strategy.

Resources customised according to your needs

Marketing needs vary across time. There are moments during which the timing is strict, requiring the intervention of trained people, who master their subject. Our Customer Relationship Center is able to set up teams according to the specific dimensions of your marketing needs.

No more human resources management

Another advantage of outsourcing: your company no longer needs to worry about the leave or sick leave of employees in charge of the marketing needs. If some of your employees wear several caps, including those related to your company’s marketing, you will no longer need to worry about the continuity of their role in case of absences or vacation leaves. Outsourcing with ProContact is the best solution for a serene and stress-free workload for other team members.


Outsourcing means reducing wage costs. Marketing is a constantly changing sector, requiring the addition of new skills. Paradoxically, internal needs are not always enough to justify hiring a person working full-time or even half-time. Outsourcing provides you with the necessary skills and human resources based on your needs for a financial investment well below wage costs.

Increased knowledge of marketing channels

Today, innovation is key when dealing with marketing channels. As such, you need to be able to stay up to date and quickly master those new channels. Our call center agents are trained to help your business expand its presence on a new or existing marketing channel which increases your chances of reaching your target audience as well as prospects.

The “why” and the “what”

It is not uncommon for internal marketing teams to lose sight of their mission in favour of the means they will implement. Outsourcing tasks related to your marketing services to our Customer Relationship Center will allow your internal team to focus on developing a more impactful strategy.

Access up-to-date technologies without having to invest

If marketing is important for any business, perhaps this service is also not the very heart of yours. ProContact has the latest technologies to carry out your campaigns. You can, thus, benefit from these technologies. Our agents are trained to make the most of these technologies for your marketing needs.

Gain efficiency

Marketing is a complex service, requiring time and concentration. If your human resources feel that the to-do list for this part is endless and that it encroaches on their real job, outsourcing is the most appropriate answer for you. At ProContact, marketing is one of the professions supported by our Contact Center!

Effective reduction of internal workload

A workload that is too big can lead to burnout, which leads to demotivation. Outsourcing one or more time-consuming services allows a company’s human resources to focus on the essential: the core business of the company that employs them.

Positive results and return on investment

Outsourcing is a solution that is easy to implement and it allows every company that uses it to find a reliable partner. ProContact has trained, flexible and multilingual teams that are able to take control of your marketing service in full transparency for your customers and prospects.

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