Let’s zoom on the outsourcing of remote secretary services

As a company, you can’t or no longer find the time needed to manage some important tasks, that take far too much time and don’t make money, but are essential to the proper functioning of your firm. As a result, you have decided to delegate this task to a third party, specialised in remote secretary services. Do you need an additional solution to increase productivity and reduce costs? ProContact offers a professional quality remote secretary service thanks to handpicked and constantly trained agents!

Your remote secretary service by ProContact

By outsourcing your remote secretary service to ProContact, our trained agents will take care of the various administrative aspects of your company remotely. These ca be telephone reception, data entry, filing of professional electronic documents, making appointments, management of telephone calls, transcription of various documents, drafting of quotations, updating of the calendar, informing customers by e-mail, telephone or text messages, etc.

The benefits of outsourcing your remote secretary service

Thanks to digitalisation, the boundaries between companies are virtually erased to such an extent that it is now easier to delegate certain tasks to specialised companies. Let’s add to this the quality of internet networks, sharing software and instant chat and communication takes on a whole new dimension.

If your company is experiencing difficulties in managing daily administrative tasks, but it has an urgent need to hire someone to take care of them, if it has tried remote secretary, but is not satisfied with it, ProContact is the best solution for you!

Win on all levels thanks to the outsourcing of your remote secretary

Time and money

ProContact provides you with trained and competent agents, and most importantly, at competitive prices. If wage costs were a problem for your company, our call centre allows you to optimise this aspect. This also applies to the training and equipment that we provide!

Sustained and increased productivity

As a boss, you have a sufficiently full agenda so that you no longer have the time needed, for example, to check and manage the quality of work. Thus, your secretary must be productive and bring concrete value to your business. While his work is often, and unfairly, described as “low-value-added,” in reality, his support is vital to the smooth running of your organisation as a whole.

Great flexibility

If a working day lasts 8 hours, in reality, employees do not spend their 8 hours producing. But as a boss or head of department, you work well more than 8 hours a day. If you work overtime or if you are an executive, you need support available at the same times as you are working. At ProContact, we take care of your remote secretary service according to your needs!

Choose ProContact, a trusted remote secretary outsourcing partner

ProContact has been supporting companies for over 18 years: we know what works and what doesn’t!

As BPO specialists, we represent every customer with the same care and deliver professional and quality services.

We take the security of your information to heart, so all confidential data is treated with the utmost care. Your trust is our engine!

We offer services at flexible hours, with the possibility of increasing the hours of availability according to your needs. End of month, financial year, marketing campaign, transaction conclusion, your outsourced remote secretary service will be present during load peaks.

Our agents can be trained if you need specialised skills. Remote secretary is a vast profession and not all companies have the same needs. Need additional services? Proofreading/revision of documents or translations, you can request a personalised service!

When it’s time to outsource your remote secretary sevices

If in addition to your work, you also need to manage customers’ requests, answer phone calls, e – mails, take orders, your business is in danger! Your time must be used to innovate, promote your service or product, create marketing and business strategies so that your firm evolves and gains market positioning. Outsourcing your remote secretary service is without a doubt the most relevant solution to save time and money while focusing on your core business!

ProContact is a contact centre specialised in several professions. More than just phone secretaries, our agents are trained to handle a wide range of support services and create an atmosphere of trust with your customers and internal resources.

Our services are customisable, so you have the opportunity to welcome your callers with a specific message through a script that you will provide.

Do you want to transform your remote secretary service into an added value task for the company?

Right now, your company has everything to gain from outsourcing its remote secretary service. This will allow it to maintain its efficiency and gain from it. Add to that the savings on salary costs, which can be exorbitant if you want to hire someone on the spot. For an inexpensive and above all effective solution, outsourcing with ProContact is the answer!

Evaluate your secretarial needs and ProContact will be here to back you up! Whether you need a temporary or permanent resource, we will help you win on every level.

ProContact is more than just a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents who, above all, have a great sense of hospitality, we allow companies that choose us to transform their remote secretary service into a tool in itself. Do not invest too large sums in an internal recruitment for your remote secretary service: click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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