For an agile business, rely on an effective partnership with your outsourcing provider!

Over time and with great perseverance, the outsourcing sector has become a major player in the development of many companies. These, by gaining agility and flexibility, have managed to grow, remain competitive, while going through the most complex economic crisis. ProContact is your supplier if you wish to make a qualitative difference both internally and on relation to your customers.

What is an agile business?

The Definitions-Marketing website explains what an agile company is: “The concept of an agile company generally refers to a company that is able to adapt very quickly to its environment both in terms of its strategy and its operational practices”.

The concept of agile business was first developed in relation to internet start-ups and other companies linked to new technologies, because on one hand, this constantly-evolving environment requires strong adaptability, and on the other hand, the “virtual” or “immaterial” presence of the Internet makes it easier “to change or even to reorient strategies. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Internet enterprises to completely review their business model quickly after time after their creation.

While the concept of an agile business has been mainly established at the core of the digital environment, it is now also claimed by large “traditional” companies, especially through their “global digitalisation” approaches. The notion of agile business is partly related to that of agile marketing.

Why choose the concept of agility?

Yes, outsourcing is a factor of agility! By taking this approach, your business can win on various fronts:

  • Lead creation;
  • Customer service and support;
  • Account management;
  • HR support;
  • Faster overall response time, and others.

Outsourcing: a sector at the forefront of innovation

Today, it is essential to innovate. In an era during which trends change every day and when customers want novelty at a rapid pace, companies need to be agile and constantly listening.

In recent years, the outsourcing industry has realized that it is time to abandon an expensive and redundant model for an innovative approach. Whether it is in relation to technologies, business expectations or operational models, outsourcing can, today, say that it is a strategic partnership for its customers.

In addition to reducing costs and improving back-office services, outsourcing offers a collaborative framework led by trained agents who are able to integrate new value-added products or services in a company that requires it. Your partnership with ProContact will allow you to accelerate your growth and ensure you are one step ahead of your competitors, including those most firmly established in the market!

The benefits of a strategic partnership with ProContact

Given the current pandemic and economic context, we can afford to predict that the outsourcing market will help companies become more collaborative and competitive. For example, at ProContact, we focus on results while sharing risks.

Gain agility and therefore choose a strategic partnership with our Customer Relationship Centre. To help you stay competitive and flexible, we put at your disposal cutting-edge technology, trained agents and teams excited to help your business go further and surpass the competition. We give you access to tools and skills that are vital today to adapt to market developments!

A personalised strategy thanks to our expertise

Even a few years ago, companies turned to outsourcing only to, at a lower cost, outsource jobs that were considered of low-value-added and too time-consuming to allow teams to fully express their talents. Now this is only half-truth, because these criteria have evolved.

For example, at ProContact, we offer customised contracts, adapted to the duration of your needs: short, medium or long term. Adapt your business to macroeconomic; local and internal conditions. We support you closely if you want to make changes to our partnership as your business develops!

Let’s turn flexibility into the engine of your evolution strategy, so you can seamlessly adapt to the peaks and dips of the business cycle. In addition to delivering key performance indicators, we offer you agility that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

ProContact: an outsourcing partner more than a supplier

For every client who rents our services, we make it a point of honour to develop a relationship based on trust and transparency. ProContact has built its reputation on its ability to share all the aspects that make up the company in demand: from design, to innovation, to collaboration and even engineering. Our agents are motivated and trained to ensure that they deliver a service of better quality than that offered by the competition.

Contact us!

Skills, quality, efficiency, control, competitiveness, availability, flexibility and strategy… Yes, at first glance, outsourcing can feel like an intimidating project, but it will allow your company to improve its scalability. Entrusted to a reliable provider that is recognised for the quality of its services, your company will gain a partner that it can count on to develop and thrive in a pandemic and a strong competitive context.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to gain agility and to reduce their operating costs (this is currently important) in the midst of economic recession. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an email or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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