Let’s focus on outsourcing teleprospecting

Teleprospecting, also called phoning or telephone prospecting, is a profession in its own right. In this sense, the operator must possess skills acquired through serious, continuous and reliable training. He must also be able to naturally make verbal exchanges and inspire enough confidence in his interlocutor to convince him. Thanks to ProContact outsourcing, you can offer your company a professional remote prospection service that is able to establish a first quality contact with your future customers.

ProContact: the teleprospecting specialist

Teleprospecting is not something improvised and most importantly, it is effective for most sectors of activity (real estate, personal services, etc.). Every campaign that we carry out on behalf of our customers is carefully prepared in order to obtain concrete, quality results that will allow the company to accurately meet the needs of its targets.

At ProContact, our campaigns are led by our team of professional tele-actors, who are trained in sales and communication techniques. Operations are mainly in French and English, but can also be conducted in five other languages.

The marketing tools that we have are easily adaptable to your needs. They allow you to reach a large number of people while maintaining a qualitative approach.

Let’s explore a teleprospecting campaign in detail

Conducted from our call centre, the telemarketing campaign relies on customer files provided by your company. Our tele-operators use tele-survey software and develop their pitch according to your needs and your market.

They are trained to adapt to the different obstacles that may suddenly crop up and they have a solid commercial training to argue effectively and to carry out their actions in a relevant and combative way.

Teleprospecting campaigns allow you to qualify leads and then relaunch them with other marketing actions that can combine several channels. With file qualification, you can enrich your database and improve customer relationship management.

We scrupulously follow the various steps that make up a successful campaign:

  • Agent presentation phase;
  • Proposal Phase to explain the product or service;
  • Listening Phase in order to audit the real prospects, explain the objective of the call, make an appointment, qualify or probe (proposal phase);
  • Argumentation Phase in order to explain the advantages for the customer if he adopts the service or product in question. The operator takes advantage of this phase to explain the terms of acquisition, help the customer in his purchase, send a proposal or validate the payment;
  • Lead tracking Phase: this is undoubtedly the most important element of a telephone campaign

As you might have understood, teleprospecting is not only about calling people, both from the general public (B2C) and professionals (B2B). It is a full-fledged sales technique, which will help the company to diversify and strengthen its targets and to increase consumer confidence. It is therefore essential to entrust this task to a person trained to do this. It is time for your internal resources to focus on their core business!

Why outsource your teleprospecting service?

As a company, you need to achieve several goals, without which you will simply no longer be able to exist:

Accelerate your sales: a prospect who has needs will take the time to respond and listen to the arguments presented by a company. At the other side of the call, he must be able to converse with a person who knows the product or service, who is able to explain about them in detail and to talk about them easily. Teleprospecting is undoubtedly the most relevant technique for establishing trust-based communication.

Reduce your costs: how much does your commercial land currently cost? With outsourcing, reduce and optimise this expense while increasing the number of human resources available to sell your product or service!

Measuring your ROI: by effectively measuring your ROI, you’ll be able to make better decisions and create accurate marketing strategies. Our TV viewers will allow you to quickly analyse and measure your return on investment, thanks to the number of calls or the total number of prospects contacted.

Increase your prospects database: if some prospects are not interested in your product or service, others will have a more positive behaviour! These will feed your prospects database, through which you will create and maintain a link.

How is your marketing strategy?

Right now, your business has everything to gain from growing its lead base. This is related to its development in a complicated economic context. If you are looking for an inexpensive and, most importantly, effective solution to support prospecting, outsourcing is one of the most formidable tools to win on several levels.

Take stock of the ability of your internal resources to carry out your commercial telemarketing campaigns and ProContact will be the backup! Whether you need to build an entire team or want to expand the existing one within your company, our agents will convince your leads of the merits of your service or product.

Efficiency, optimised time management, honed speeches and, above all, adapted to your needs, we transform teleprospecting into a precise exercise.

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents having a great sense of persuasion, we allow companies that choose us to turn their leads into prospects and quickly expand their client portfolio. Do not invest too large sums in an internal recruitment for your teleprospecting: click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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