5 reasons why you should outsource your telephone answering service

A well-run telephone answering service is one of the key factors in a company’s success. However, most companies are unable to manage it properly due to a lack of resources or skills that adversely affect the customer’s phone experience. To avoid these situations, outsourcing your call management is the smart choice, since it guarantees the quality and availability of your call answering service. Here are 5 good reasons to switch to outsourced telephone answering services.

What is an outsourced telephone answering service?

The outsourcing of call answering services involves entrusting the management of your inbound calls to an external service provider, like ProContact. The aim is to maintain the quality of the call answering service and optimise customer satisfaction.

Suitable for all business sectors, this solution ensures that your telephone lines are always available, whether you’re a company, a liberal profession or a craftsman.

ProContact provides you with high-performance technological tools and qualified teleoperators to handle your incoming calls. Our staff use a vocabulary adapted to your field of activity and your clientele.

We follow your specific instructions and can transfer calls to your in-house team depending on their importance. What’s more, as a telephone answering service provider, we also manage your business agendas and guarantee quality services thanks to our qualified and well-trained agents.

5 good reasons to outsource your telephone answering service

Outsourcing your inbound calls can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, credibility and productivity, provided you choose a reliable partner like ProContact.

1. Optimised telephone answering service

Outsourcing your call management provides you with round-the-clock access to a skilled team, reducing wait times for your customers. With a qualified team handling your calls, your outsourcer can grasp your customers’ needs and offer suitable solutions. This ensures a high-quality customer experience, boosting satisfaction and enhancing your brand’s reputation, ultimately fostering lasting loyalty and driving growth.

2. Cost control

Outsourcing your call answering service gives you full control over your customer relationship management costs. By having a predetermined budget, unforeseen costs are eliminated, ensuring stable financial management. Additionally, this cost-effective solution eradicates the expenses linked with in-house management of your telephone answering service, including operator training, equipment purchase and maintenance, and mobile operator fees.

3. Focus on your core business

Outsourcing your telephone answering service not only frees up valuable time by removing the need for in-house management of incoming calls but also provides access to additional time-saving services of the service provider. At ProContact, our extensive range of services includes:

  • Personalised telephone answering: handling complaints, taking messages, screening or transferring calls
  • Agenda management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Management of invoices, quotes and orders
  • Organising meetings and videoconferences.

Thanks to our agents handling your incoming calls, you’ll have more free time to concentrate on your core business.

4. Greater agility and flexibility

Opting for outsourced call handling services gives you greater agility and flexibility. The third-party provider offers adaptable solutions, enabling you to choose the option that best meets your changing needs. For example, you can opt for a 24-hour telephone answering service, or one that’s programmed to suit your own closing times, call peaks, weekends, vacations or public holidays.

5. Incorporating the latest technological innovations

Telephone answering service providers like ProContact are consistently at the forefront of the latest technological advancements to enhance your customer relations. We employ innovative call flow management tools designed to decrease waiting times, accurately identify callers’ needs, deliver personalised responses, and provide comprehensive activity reports. By entrusting your inbound call management to us, you leverage these technological breakthroughs, ensuring top-notch customer service and seamless follow-up.

The challenges of outsourcing call answering services

There are many challenges associated with outsourcing telephone answering services. These include:

  • Lack of outsourcing experience: the challenge may lie in choosing best practices, adopting common concepts and managing the workflow between the two entities
  • Lack of knowledge of outsourced services: this can lead to an inability to measure the results of the work performed
  • Poor choice of external service provider
  • Poor evaluation of outsourced tasks
  • Poor knowledge transfer
  • Lack of communication

To meet these various challenges, the wisest choice is to call on an experienced service provider like ProContact. We’ll work with you from the outset of your inbound call management outsourcing project, and guarantee you a high-quality, reliable partnership.

How do you choose your telephone answering service provider?

There are a number of points to bear in mind when choosing a call handling service provider.

A service provider who can meet your needs

The choice of a third-party service provider depends on an assessment of your company’s needs. Outsourced telephone answering services vary from provider to provider: some specialise in receiving incoming calls, while others offer complete outsourced telesecretarial services. At ProContact, we offer tailor-made solutions to perfectly meet your needs.

The performance and efficiency of the service provider’s team

The quality of your call answering service depends mainly on your teleoperators’ performance. They must be qualified, well-trained and experienced, while mastering good customer relations practices. In addition, the service provider must employ high-level technical resources to ensure that all incoming calls are handled correctly.

At ProContact, we invest in a qualified, competent and experienced team, as well as in the best tools and software to ensure the performance and efficiency of our call management service.

Choosing an à la carte telephone answering service

When selecting a service provider, consider a trial period to assess the quality of their services. You can also opt for an à la carte call management contract, allowing you to customise the content of the contract and evaluate costs before committing yourself.

Procontact, the pros’ choice for outsourced telephone answering services

Choose ProContact for your outsourced telephone answering service. We offer tailor-made solutions including call management and telesecretarial services. Thanks to our skills and advanced technological tools, we guarantee your customers’ satisfaction and provide you with a quality service.

Our telephone answering service is designed to meet your needs, regardless of your profession or sector of activity: legal, medical and paramedical, self-employed, VSEs and SMEs, craftsmen or others.

Contact us today for your tailor-made offer or you can call us on +(33)1 77 75 04 50.

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