Outsourcing: how to make it an asset for your customer relationship despite the Covid-19?

Customer relationship clearly represents a major and strategic feature, especially in this economically unstable period. As a company, you have maintain your position in face of the competition and demonstrate quality performance and for this, your customer service must be flawless. At the moment, your mission is to ensure that your customers keep coming back, to encourage them, indirectly, to promote your brand and for this, you have to make sure that they are satisfied. Thanks to outsourcing with ProContact, you can turn customer relationship into the engine of your business development, even if Covid-19 has destabilised your organisation over the past few months.

Customer Relationship: a few numbers

Customer relationship has gradually become a strategic feature for a company. Here are figures (2019) that testify to this trend:


  • For 67% of French companies, customer relationship is strategic/ important,
  • More than 90% of these companies consider that customer relationship remains as important, or even more important, for their organisation than in 2018

Customer relationship management channels

  • 100 % of surveyed companies use email and / or online forms,
  • 93 % of them operate via phone calls,
  • 71% via Facebook.

Measurement of customer satisfaction

  • 70 % of companies surveyed measure customer satisfaction,
  • For 69 %, it is after contact,
  • For 67 %, the satisfaction of advisors is measured.

Outsourcing the customer relationship service: the advantages

A business strategy in its own right

Outsourcing is no longer just a matter of reducing costs by delegating some or all of the company’s interactions with its customers to a Customer Relationship Centre. This commercial practice is part of the world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and consists in the outsourcing of business processes.

With ProContact, your customer relationship service will meet the new standards that have made this service a business strategy in its own right. The customer relationship service exists today to offer an optimal experience to a company’s customers in order to maintain a long-lasting competitive advantage and to retain and maintain its profitability.

A true key element of any business strategy, ProContact’s Customer Relationship Management service is also the guarantee of having the latest technologies and trained, qualified and multilingual agents.

A complete and efficient customer service

ProContact agents are handpicked and continuously trained. They have all the necessary technologies to take care of your customer service in a complete and efficient way. Some examples are digital channels, prospecting, after-sales service, file qualification, etc.

Beyond purely budgetary criteria, outsourcing through our Contact Centre will allow your company to respond to a sharp, thoughtful strategic logic and to be, above all, in line with the current context of need.

Get a better understanding of your customers

Outsourcing the customer relationship service is also the perfect opportunity to have a better knowledge of clients’ needs and expectations. In fact, ProContact’s experience in this sector translates into a constant and efficient support of your customers and prospects through a well-established process that is constantly improved according to new standards. Your company will be able to anticipate its needs in order to innovate in a relevant way.

By listening to customers wherever they are, by putting your company at their service without downtime through digital channels, by offering them quality support, we allow you to engage with your customers and to create a lasting connection. For a clear understanding and transparent exchanges, our agents are multilingual, thus eliminating any fear of language barriers.

Finally optimize the loyalty of your customers!

To exist as a company, your main mission is to win and keep customers. This is all the more true today, as social distancing has added an additional barrier between individuals. In the name of performance and profitability, it is essential to retain those people and / or companies who have chosen to trust your product or service. However, how to nurture that confidence to ensure that people keep returning to your brand? Without detour, it is necessary to offer them quality customer relationship management which is capable of triggering, maintaining and increasing their satisfaction.

To achieve this, you must rely on a partner who is also concerned about the quality of his or her own services and above all is respectful of your contract. ProContact is a Customer Relationship Centre specialised in outsourcing and its mission is to achieve your goals.

To ensure optimal customer loyalty, we will set up an open dialogue, aimed at understanding your company’s vision, in order to put in place the skills, tools and procedures needed to achieve a single goal: a quality customer experience.

Contact us!

Outsourcing is a powerful tool, able to make your business “unforgettable”, allowing it to occupy an important place in the lifestyle of your customers. The condition is simple: offer these same customers a treatment that will make them feel that they are essential, that will make them understand that you care about their well-being during their experience with your brand.

As business partners of each of our clients, we offer them a welcome flexibility that may not be possible to implement internally. To achieve positive results, we have the necessary technological means and trained, qualified and multilingual agents. Today, companies that choose to trust ProContact’s call centre to take charge of their customer relationship will be able to emerge from the crisis with an untarnished reputation, if not one that is stronger than before the global crisis of Covid – 19. To learn more about our services; for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an email or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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