Voir au-delà de la crise sanitaire du Covid-19 et permettre à votre entreprise de surpasser la concurrence, grâce à l'externalisation

Outsourcing: protect your business from the health crisis

It is difficult to act as if nothing has happened: the health crisis is affecting the whole planet and we are already beginning to feel the economic effects. In any case, you still have the opportunity to preserve the working state of your company, even better, continue to develop it and to ensure its positioning in the market. Why not see beyond and surpass the competition?

Outsourcing to stay afloat and thrive until the end of the Covid crisis-19

Do you have a feeling that you will have to fight for the survival of your business when it normally runs very smoothly? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the solution, provided that you clearly determine how this solution can help you stay afloat and thrive until the end of the Covid-19 crisis.

Outsourcing of business processes is not something that emerged yesterday. This past decade has seen more and more companies adopt this strategy for several valid reasons:

  • Reduce costs,
  • Increase efficiency,
  • Improve the quality of business processes, from collection to survey and survey services to remote inspection to name but a few

Today, it is estimated that about 40% of companies classified in the Famous “Fortune 500” outsource at least some of their business processes abroad.

Demonstrate economic intelligence and be strategic

For most companies that have turned to outsourcing, decision-making, choice and negotiation with their provider are the result of a mature and thoughtful process. Given that we are in the midst of a health crisis, that more than half of the world’s population is in confinement, this is probably the best time to turn to BPO.

Why do we do it now? Your company must reduce its costs while increasing the quality of its offers or services and, of course, its revenues. Outsourcing is now a matter of survival and sustainability and above all a solution that will avoid aggressive restructuring. Regarding this last solution, it is more likely to slow down the economic growth of your business once everything goes back to normal! Add to that all the administrative hassles that result and the loss of talent that a restructuring can generate.

If correctly implemented, outsourcing is a quick and simple tool that will help your business survive the general slowdown. Thanks to its economic intelligence, it will be able to continue to prosper, health crisis or not.

How is outsourcing able to turn fixed costs into variables?

We are once again experiencing a period of economic uncertainty and it is your duty as a company to survive. In your current scheme, you have to take into account fixed costs while the volume of labour has drastically decreased. Outsourcing has the advantage of being able to adapt to your needs in real time, with a prorated rate. In the world of outsourcing, contracts display unit prices.

By choosing the right provider, you will get a complete, quality service, while making significant savings.

A significant improvement in your customer service, even during the health crisis

The world of BPO aims to improve customer service, but not only that. Today, more than ever, you can’t rely on intuition to maintain customer loyalty or make business decisions. Through outsourcing, you have the opportunity to create a new market through a well-established business behaviour. Thanks to experienced operators, trained in loyalty, respectful of the image of your company, you will be able to provide vital information to your sales teams.

Take advantage of outsourcing right now!

For maximum impact and to reduce costs including during the health crisis, you need to be able to positively answer the following questions:

  • Will outsourcing significantly and quickly reduce my costs? Indeed, outsourcing must reduce your operating expenses by at least 25%.
  • Will outsourcing maintain or improve customer experience?

In the current economic climate, it is essential to structure your business to meet today’s challenges. You also need to be able to adopt a long-term growth model. The biggest challenge is outsourcing, but the time is right to change your operating model in the name of your business’s survival.

With the help of a realistic deployment plan, you will win on all levels: cost, transparency, personalised delivery and streamlining. Put your teams, present or confined, to work to create clear documentation which is derived from in-depth research on the needs of your structure. Thus, outsourcing will not become a massive dislocation of your company’s culture. Your provider, chosen with care, will become a partner willing to put its resources and commitment at your disposal without imposing itself.

In the current and, especially coming, economic climate, your outsourcing provider will be able to help you focus on vital processes and survive the historic crisis raised by Covid-19.

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