Why outsource your studies and surveys service?

It is essential, as a company, to have an adequate knowledge of your customers and prospects. Conducting surveys is an essential tool today. However, if you do not have the skills or resources to set up such a service, outsourcing with ProContact is “the” solution you need. Here are the reasons why outsourcing your studies and surveys department is a good idea for the development and sustainability of your business.

What is a survey?

The outgoing survey is a statistical method which has for goal to study the behaviour of a specific population from a sample. Survey results are the results of a study. As a company, you will need to determine a margin of error, also expressed as a percentage, with your outsourcing provider.

Why conduct surveys?

Conducting surveys is an exercise commonly practiced by companies, for example, when they are creating a new product/service and one wishes to obtain the opinion of the targeted public on already existing products/services.

Do you have the right tools to successfully complete studies and surveys?

Does your company have all the necessary tools to conduct surveys and surveys? Does it have the resources required to exploit the data collected after delivery? To conduct a study, you need the right software so that you can gather the information that your business will need to draw effective and tangible conclusions.

Let’s add to this relevant questions, to which the targets will gladly answer, and operators trained for this task. For example, if your studies and surveys are conducted over the phone, it is important for the agent to master conversational codes, not only to hold the attention of the respondent, but also to subtly convince him to “play the game”.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your studies and surveys service?

Benefit from professional management: your company needs professionals for all its departments, including when it comes to taking charge of the studies and surveys part. Thanks to outsourcing, your company will be able to offer surveys conducted by professionals who master the best practices in terms of studies, collection, data management, etc.

Benefit from rational time management: studies and surveys require time, but also attention. Outsourcing these tasks will save you time, which you can spend on your core business.

Benefit from a tailor-made and complete team: It is difficult and useless to free up the budget necessary to hire several people dedicated to studies and surveys when you are a company. Thanks to outsourcing, your company always has a trained team which is able to conduct your studies and surveys at any time according to your needs.

Setting up a survey campaign

Several parameters are to be taken into consideration when setting up a survey:

The context: why does your company need a study or survey? What exactly do you want to know? Is it a question of knowing the satisfaction level of one or more clients? Is it about launching a new product or service? Depending on your answers to these questions, your outsourcing provider will be able to set up a custom survey or study, which fully corresponds to the needs of your company. While the basic method may remain the same, it is essential to calibrate the questions, which vary according to different situations.

The target population: which sample of the population will have to be interviewed? By answering this question, your provider will be able to choose the most appropriate method to produce results that reflects the reality, thus reducing the margin of error, even if it exists.

The channel: whether by e-mail or telephone, the mode of administration of your study or survey will have to be adapted to your needs and your goal. Once the questionnaire is in place, it will need to be communicated in the most effective way to the defined population sample.

Choose the right time to launch the survey: rely on the experience of your outsourcing provider to agree on the perfect time frame to launch your survey. For example, if your company intends to launch a new service, the survey will need to be done before the production process of the new service in order to measure the interest of your customers.

Telephone survey through outsourcing

As part of the development of your products or services, consider entrusting the completion of your studies and surveys to a specialist. Outsourcing will allow you to quickly know the behaviour and needs of your customers. Thanks to the information collected by the agents of our call center, your company will be able to adapt its work and resources.

If your company does not have the necessary human and technical resources and the essential skills to conduct a study or survey, outsourcing is the perfect solution to assist you, even if your deadlines are tight. ProContact conducts studies and surveys that will allow you to better understand the behaviour of your customers in order to implement the appropriate strategies.

Objectivity, speed of execution, advanced technologies, rational and improved use of resources, increased accuracy; thanks to these outsourcing will provide you with better visibility on your next moves. Our call center does not lack assets: location, experience, human resources, flexibility, we take in hand your studies and surveys and customise the service to provide you with relevant results.

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