Why outsource your order-taking service?

For the smooth running of your company, for its evolution and so that your different teams can focus on their core business, it is essential to know how to delegate certain tasks/ certain services. By outsourcing your “order taking” department, you will be winning on many levels. Use the time saved to focus on consolidating your position in a sufficiently competitive market and gain skills. Discover an external partner who will help improve your company thanks to this major project that is outsourcing, even if it is to turn to a foreign country!

Being at the head of one company, it is important to know how to delegate certain tasks and to learn to trust another company. This is what outsourcing offers, a concept perfectly applicable to the order-taking service.

Outsourcing your order-processing service: how it works

Order-taking is now an integral part of the services offered by any good outsourcing specialist. Throughout the past few years, this type of service has enabled many companies to become more efficient.

In the outsourcing context, the order taking is processed by phone, more specifically by taking incoming calls during which agents will accompany your customers during their purchase journey. Trained in customer relations and having a huge knowledge of your company’s offerings, operators will help customers choose the products that will most accurately meet their needs.

How can they do so with such accuracy at a distance? The agents selected for your mission are constantly trained and always up to date on the products, services, rates, means of delivery, promotions, etc. that your brand offers. Even better, these agents are able to redirect and help customers in case of difficulties, thereby preserving the image of your company and leaving no room for the competition to make a move.

All of this takes place in a timely, synchronized, organized and efficient space that is rid of waiting times that are too long. Added to this is a tracking service to ensure that requests, demands and orders have been delivered on time.

The importance of an error-free order-taking service

There should be special mention to the importance of error-free ordering. When turning to your company, the customer will provide information essential to the proper processing of his order. Any lack of attention on the part of his interlocutor will lead to an error in the overall process. If this type of failure occurs repeatedly, it can permanently damage the image of your company.

Outsourcing providers take meticulous care to train agents in conversational techniques. Listening, entering information and even using specialised software, you must put all the chances on your side to build customer loyalty and especially so that they are happy to go through your company!

The benefits of outsourcing your order-taking service

Outsourcing order-taking service involves many advantages:

  • Lower shipping rates,
  • Reduced operating costs
  • A wider reach to help your business grow in new markets,
  • A better focus on other aspects of your business, so you can grow serenely.

Reducing your shipping costs

Many suppliers have facilities locally, but also abroad, which provides a strong enough basis for lowering shipping prices. According to specialists, companies that have chosen to outsource their order-taking service save an average of 15-35% on shipping rates.

Reducing your operating costs

Exit extra costs! It is well known, delivery services charge a fixed storage fee on the products that they store for their customers, regardless of the quantity of orders.

Growing in other markets

Thanks to outsourcing, your company will finally be able to cross its borders by accepting orders from abroad.

Significant improvement of your customer service

An essential part of running a successful business is reliable customer service. Outsourcing will allow you to take orders 24/7 not only by phone but also by e-mail. Let’s add to this, the after-sales service which will take care of returns, exchanges and refund requests.

A state-of-the-art outsourcing provider

By choosing the outsourcing of your order-taking, your service provider will benefit from the latest technologies in the processing and shipping of your products. It will integrate a system which will allow your e-commerce business to streamline orders through:

  • Better inventory management,
  • Better item tracking,
  • Increased security,
  • Better shipping and handling costs,
  • The ability to select the operator
  • Better payment processing

A more efficient business

Outsourcing your order-taking will allow your company to gain efficiency. This is especially true for developing companies. Faced with the increasing number of orders coming from the various existing channels, your company may find itself wasting working hours. By entrusting this task to an offshore provider, your teams will finally be able to focus on their core business, create new products and services, improve and market existing ones and propose new ideas.

What to remember…

Outsourcing is not just about cutting costs and saving on your business expenses. It improves and increases the efficiency of your employees while helping you gain positioning in the competitive market. It also allows you to gain flexibility thanks to a reliable and trained workforce which available outside your company’s hours.

Thanks to outsourcing, your company will no longer have to worry about the administrative aspects related to hiring employees for your order taking service or to invest in specific hardware or software.

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