How to develop your start-up through outsourcing?

Outsourcing is one of the practices adopted for a long time already by many start-ups. They understood that this solution was particularly suitable for their development. Today, in this economic and pandemic context that we are experiencing, if you have such a structure, it is time to give up your fears to save time, skills and money, all thanks to outsourcing.

Numbers that make you think

In his article “Over 1,000 UK start-ups collapse amid coronavirus”, the website tells us that “According to new data from Plexal and Beauhurst, the number of start-ups that filed for bankruptcy reached its highest level in 10 years in September (ed. note 2020), while the impact of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on new businesses.

More than 1,000 companies have filed for bankruptcy, liquidation or dissolution since the UK lockdown began in March. In September, 273 companies filed for administration, an increase of 181% compared to August.

According to the report’s analysts, these data highlight the delayed impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, as government support programs artificially delayed the problems until September”.

Outsourcing helps to stimulate the growth of the startup

However, the current economic context should not make any start-up lose sight of its objective: to grow! Thanks to outsourcing, this goal becomes much easier to achieve, provided, of course, that you find a trusted provider who truly knows his job. This is the asset that the start-up needs to optimise deadlines and deploy faster in new regions, while focusing on its core business.

At ProContact, we have understood that the simplest and most time-consuming tasks in appearance actively participate in the proper functioning of any start-up. In order for it to continue to develop, grow and gain position, it must be able to count on trained and professional people who are available to take care of them. Here is a range of services to adopt according to the needs of your startup:

  • Telephone reception
  • Remote secretary
  • Surveys, research, satisfaction surveys
  • Remote marketing and teleprospecting (making appointments, prospecting …)
  • File classification
  • Database management and enrichment
  • Customer loyalty
  • Technical support (hotline, webhelp, technical support)
  • After-sales service and customer service
  • B2B/ B2C Prospecting;
  • Remote secretary;
  • Customer relations;
  • CRM tool and CRM software;
  • Satisfaction surveys;
  • Human resources;
  • Digital outsourcing.

When is the right time to outsource when you are a startup?

Wikipedia defines a startup as follows: “A startup or “young firm” is a newly created innovative company, usually looking for large investment funds, with a very high potential for economic growth and financial speculation on its future value”.

In front of the “youth” highlighted by this definition, we can legitimately ask ourselves if a start-up really needs to outsource and when to proceed? It is essential to take stock, because each structure has its own life-line.

As outsourcing specialists, we advise you to do this when the flow of activity has become too sustained for the start-up’s human resources, preventing it from managing the company’s expansion, its performance and at the same time as customer satisfaction.

ProContact provides startups with a multilingual team of qualified, versatile and expert remote actors that are fully dedicated to your satisfaction, but also, and above all, to the satisfaction of your customers. Our outsourcing platform offers you the same quality of service as in inshore thanks to our three production sites. Our mastery of technological resources both in terms of CRM software and office equipment as well as the control of production costs, allow us to offer remote services with a very competitive price/quality ratio. Our teams are ready to take on new challenges for you, both in the fields of remote marketing, remote prospecting, incoming call management, but also to handle outsourced tasks (HR, remote secretary etc.).

Finally, we offer you a partnership, based on respect and sharing the same values.

Ask yourself the right questions!

To live and continue to grow, the start-up often has to make complex choices, set priorities and ask itself the right questions, if it choose outsourcing:

What tasks are essential for its operation and cannot be outsourced? These tasks must therefore remain in-house. Nevertheless, internalisation is not the solution in itself, for example, for actions that require scarce skills or significant expenses, such as digital marketing, web development and customer services.

How can I reduce my costs without losing quality? It should be borne in mind that outsourcing is not always the best solution to reduce costs, because as a start-up, you need to continue investing in the formation of your human capital, recruitment and development. However, when calculating the return on investment from outsourcing, do not forget to take into account the expected level of service, the cost of internal management (including recruitment, training and development) and the criticality of the service for your operation.

Is outsourcing the best solution to save time and achieve faster operational results? It has been repeatedly proven that outsourcing can help a company accelerate its expansion and allow it to focus on more strategic goals. To achieve such results, start-ups that have chosen outsourcing have worked hand in hand with their provider!

Contact us!

Outsourcing has become a tangible and concrete business strategy for the development of any start-up. To find out more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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