Everything you need to know about outsourcing recruitment process, a key strategy for companies

By choosing to expand its recruitment process, the company transfers all or part of its recruitment process to a third-party company which is specialised in this type of assignment. A real strategy, outsourcing recruitment allows resources to save time, but above all to optimise the distribution of work. It makes it possible to find the best talents and to quickly find the profiles adapted to the objectives of the company. Here is what you should remember.

ProContact, human resources outsourcing specialist

At ProContact, we believe that the outsourcing of human resources is a social issue. With this in mind, like a real recruitment firm, we take charge of the entire recruitment process to help companies properly evaluate candidates for each type of position, to make the most of the skills of internal recruiters, to streamline costs and effectively prepare for the integration of new employees. This whole process involves the following missions:

  • Pre-recruitment;
  • Administrative management of the recruitment process;
  • Integration management (organisation and monitoring of the trial period, astonishment report, etc.)

Indeed, at ProContact, we put our teams of Human Resource experts at the service of companies looking for efficient and proactive solutions in personnel administration and HR management.

Outsourcing recruitment: a temporary or sustainable solution

Outsourcing is a flexible solution that gives companies a lot of flexibility. More specifically, by entrusting their recruitment to a specialised provider, they have the opportunity to integrate a third-party recruitment team on a temporary or long-term basis into their human resources department.

Temporary integration is ideal during periods of high recruitment, while the second is relevant when the company wants to devote its human resources department to larger, resource-intensive and time-consuming missions

What are the benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process?

Outsourcing the recruitment process has evolved to shift from traditional hiring methods into an era of modernity and economic efficiency. For example, your provider relies on databases to find the appropriate profile. It uses tools often unavailable in companies to select the most appropriate candidates in relation to the needs mentioned by the sponsor.

Outsourcing for a recruitment that is truly adapted to the company

The company does not have the same recruitment needs throughout the year; the needs vary depending on the upcoming objectives. In such a framework, it is complex to accurately determine the amount of resources needed to carry out the various recruitment campaigns. At ProContact, we are ready at any time to lend you a hand!

Together, we take stock of your requirements, whether it is an on-demand recruitment process or for a long-term project.

A faster and more efficient hiring process

For an optimal operation in the long term, the company must adapt to a constantly changing economic environment. The delay in hiring qualified people delays the achievement of objectives, so it is essential to be one step ahead of the competition.

Outsourcing the process to a specialised supplier is the most appropriate response to maintain the rhythm, but above all to avoid the famous “casting errors” that can damage the operation of the company and its positioning in the market.

Outsourcing recruitment to strengthen the employer brand

As a company, you need to continually look for high-value candidates. In order to convince them that you are the perfect company to welcome them, you must first of all project an image in this sense. This mission goes back to your human resources, a real showcase of the company.

Count on ProContact to reflect the values of your company and to present a convincing image. Choose an outsourcing provider that can quickly and efficiently transform into an extension of your human resources department!

Remote recruitment that is respectful of the salarial regulations of your country

Labour laws are essential and it is in the company’s interest to comply with them. How does this happen in the case of outsourced recruitment? ProContact has a trained workforce that is always up to date with wage legislation. Through a clearly structured recruitment process, we protect your company from the risks that may arise in the event of non-compliance with legal rules.

Outsourcing recruitment processes is the perfect opportunity for the company to update its law and compliance knowledge.

A better use of human resources

By choosing recruitment outsourcing, your company will relieve the existing pressure on its human resources department, which will increase efficiency and productivity. By delegating this part of your operation to ProContact, you will allow your internal resources to focus entirely on solving internal problems.

A strong recruitment service

ProContact’s experience makes it possible to provide companies that need it with a complete recruitment service, with clear pre-recruitment processes for processes, fluid administrative management of recruitment and concrete management of integration (organisation and monitoring of the trial period, astonishment report…).

Outsourcing recruitment, a concrete solution for modern companies

At ProContact, we have a skilled workforce that is constantly trained to find the best talent for your business. By choosing a provider with all the necessary human, technical and material resources, your company will have a recruitment process in accordance with its policy. Moreover, it will, at the same time maximise the productivity of its own HR department.

Choose outsourcing with ProContact to improve your company’s internal employee selection processes and streamline your existing recruitment system. Outsourcing is more than a solution, it is a tool that companies have at their disposal to optimise their operation since they are entering a modern era during which efficiency is not an option, but a strategy.

With outsourcing recruitment processes, attract the best talent and above all, retain them!

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