Our tips to reduce your operating costs through outsourcing

Outsourcing rhymes with cost reduction. This solution is to entrust one or more services of a company to a third party provider. How to optimize it to be financially profitable as well? ProContact has been present in Mauritius for more than 18 years now. Our expertise has earned us the status of being reference in the field of contact centres. Here are our tips!

Outsourcing has convinced thousands of companies around the world. This solution offers many advantages to companies that decide to entrust some of their services to a specialist. There are many reasons, but the main one remains the reduction of costs, making this sector particularly dynamic in all circumstances. If you own a business and you plan to outsource, the first step is to understand how this solution can help reduce costs.

Bet on a provider who can take over while being away from your business

For effective cost reduction, do not stop at the first provider you contact.

Your provider must demonstrate that they have all the necessary resources to manage your projects and meet your needs without delay. Its agents therefore need to be constantly trained to handle your own clients and requests transparently and on an equal level with that your internal resources. Thus, your services will be delivered remotely, but much more efficiently.

Do not hesitate to approach outsourcing specialists such as ProContact. Since we are located in Mauritius, our agents are multilingual, qualified, trained and flexible to deliver services tailored to your time zone.

By confiding your needs to us, you will save on recruitment expenses. We also provide training for our agents, allowing your company to focus on its core business.

Agents available according to your schedules

If the question of time zones arises, know that, at ProContact, we adapt our schedules to those of your company. We are also able to ensure the continuity of outsourced services when your offices are closed, if you express the need. We give you the opportunity to reduce your lead time.

Outsourcing to reduce your wage costs

Reducing the lead time will allow your company to use its resources more efficiently, but also to only hire employees that are essential to its proper functioning.

Outsourcing so as not to suffer from a reduction in the wage bill

If your company is going through a complicated economic episode and it is forced to separate from some employees, including those who are important, outsourcing can take over. This solution will take over by allowing you to increase your margins and reduce fixed fees. It will also free up capital for other uses. In addition, your provider will be able to offer you a fixed-term contract, allowing you to further reduce your expenses.

Outsourcing to benefit from cutting-edge technology

Over the past decade, many innovations have come to the aid of businesses. At ProContact, we have invested in an advanced CRM allowing all possible outsourcing treatments: e-mail, chat, SMS, GED. We take care of your human resources services, satisfaction survey to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary solution, your tele prospecting and your telemarketing.

In addition, we have set up a Digital Service that supports your maintenance/redesign of websites, e-commerce management, social networks, file processing, design & graphics, or content creation.

Outsourcing is therefore the best way for your business to save on technological investments.

Outsourcing to reduce financial requirements

There is a huge difference between wages in Western countries and those in countries such as Mauritius, where there is no shortage of skilled labour. Outsourcing with ProContact is the possibility for your company to save more capital, because besides the aspect of wages, you do not need to invest in premises and equipment.

A provider entirely dedicated to your needs

A good outsourcing provider conducts highly selective recruitment based on language proficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm. They must have an operational Call Centre team without delay and provide their officers with sustained initial and continuing training. At ProContact, we have little turnover and an average employee length of 4 and a half years.

To better serve you, we provide “virtual ambassadors”, entirely dedicated to your operations and concerned with the image you want to convey.

To choose outsourcing is to be able to rely on professionals trained by the care of their employer. If you were to hire employees with the same level of expertise in your home country, the cost would be much higher.

Step-by-step outsourcing

How can step-by-step outsourcing reduce costs? Once your outsourcing project is in place, during the transition phase, you can only hire part of the offshore team. This will reduce the training costs of this same team.

Once the team in question is operational, the most experienced officers will be able to take the reins and train their counterparts.

Your outsourcing provider is a partner. Its role is to increase the efficiency of your business while allowing it to earn on many plans, including financial. ProContact supports you in your outsourcing project, advises you and will help you to set up a team capable of taking charge of your needs quickly and transparently.

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