Let’s focus on the outsourcing your customer satisfaction surveys

What would be a company without customers? Even more important, what would a company be without satisfied customers? A lot depend on the satisfaction factor: sustainability, development, the ability to innovate, to position itself solidly on the market and to face the competition, especially in today’s context, during the pandemic that we are going through. Since customers are unable to live their life the way they used to, they are even more concerned about getting a top-the-notch service or product.

As a company, you need to be able to do just about everything in order to prove to your customers that you are taking their demands and wishes into consideration. Don’t waste any more time with low-value tasks and delegate them! Outsource your satisfaction survey service to ProContact.

What are customer satisfaction surverys?

What is the real purpose of a customer satisfaction survey? This service is much more thorough and complex than it seems. Here are 7 good reasons to set it up within a company:

  • To listen to customer’s needs,
  • To understand sources of dissatisfaction,
  • Respond appropriately to customer’s demands,
  • Improve the company’s offer in the long term,
  • Facilitate internal decision-making,
  • To remain ahead of market developments with customer feedback, and to
  • Measure customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction survey to listen to what customers have to say

Customers love to be listened to! By giving them the chance to express their needs, the company collects essential data, which will be analysed to understand their needs precisely and above all to improve their experience in a constant way.

The customer satisfaction survey is even more useful when it comes to unhappy customers. The latter are listened since the company gives them the opportunity to express the reasons why they were not satisfied when contacting your brand. Here, the data collected will allow the firm to calibrate their marketing strategy and, especially their corporate strategy.

So why outsourcing? Simply to offer professional agents trained for this type of interaction. The agents of our customer relationship centre master all the methods that will encourage your clients, satisfied or not, to open up and establish a relevant dialogue, thus feeding more data to your databases.

The importance of understanding sources of dissatisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a major issue. Without it, the company loses money and quickly gets lost in an inadequate strategy. The satisfaction survey, therefore, becomes an essential and reliable tool that will allow the main interested parties to express themselves with authenticity. To obtain this authenticity, our call centre will assist you in developing direct and relevant questions.

Thanks to the information provided by your dissatisfied customers, your company will be able to improve and adapt its offerings sustainably.

Customers’ needs

Having for goal converting disgruntled customers into satisfied customers, outsourcing will allow you to delegate three key steps in your strategy:

  • Listening: a quality that every employee does not naturally possess,
  • The ability to detect marketing points to exploit,
  • Providing a concrete response to dissatisfied customers

Again, listening becomes the central pillar of your company’s relationship with its customers! Our agents are handpicked and selected according to their ability to listen to and interact in a clear and serene way with their interlocutors.

Continuously improved offerings

It is a fact: a properly conducted satisfaction survey allows the company to innovate and to adapt its services or products according to the needs of customers. More authentic than market research, this practice must be implemented permanently in order to preserve the already acquired satisfaction and recover the lost one.

In concrete terms, a product or service quickly loses its attractiveness, as consumers are constantly looking for a better experience.

Facilitate internal decision-making

A company cannot allow its teams to fly without instruments. It is essential that they feel involved and mobilised thanks to concrete data, resulting from work carried out upstream. The satisfaction survey is the most appropriate tool to create an environment in which each internal resource will understand the purpose of its mission.

With the information that comes from the questions, each player in the company will be able to focus on creating a rewarding experience for the company and its customers.

This consumer-oriented approach has already proven itself, for example at Amazon or even Apple!

Remain ahead of market developments with customer feedback

Who else but the customer knows better about their own needs? The satisfaction survey is a form of active communication through which each interviewee will express his needs, even if these are not catered to yet by the company.

It is therefore the guarantee of being one step ahead of trends and behaviours. In this pandemic period, it is essential to consider every clue left by the client, in order to turn it into a satisfactory answer.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Last but not least, the customer satisfaction survey bears its name because it will allow to “take the temperature” of those who justify the existence of your company!

Each survey and each interviewee will come to feed an essential database, created in order to create a product or service that could be described as personalised.

Contact us!

The tasks listed above take time and require experience and skills that you may not have internally. If you have a marketing team, does it need additional resources so that it can finally focus on its core business?

ProContact is more than a contact centre. Thanks to trained, qualified, handpicked and multilingual agents, we allow companies that choose us to gain credibility and above all to satisfy their customers. To learn more about our services and for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an email or call us on (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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