Succeeding in your outsourcing project: the advice of ProContact, your partner

In addition to reducing costs, outsourcing is primarily a partnership that produces results over the medium and long term. This solution is perhaps the most relevant one today for companies wishing to remain ahead of the competition in an economic context shaken by the pandemic. More than ever, it is necessary to lower expenses without losing in quality and efficiency. If your company plans to turn to outsourcing, here are some essential points to consider to succeed in this project that will have an active role in the development of your company. ProContact is a specialised contact centre leading in its geographical area. We accompany you as from the training but also throughout the realisation of your project.

What are the goals of your company with regards to outsourcing?

Your outsourcing operation must begin and take place within a clearly defined framework and in line with the overall challenges of the company, so that it can justify the objectives of such an operation. This outsourcing project can meet the needs of the company that also wants to:

  • Reduce, control and optimise operating costs,
  • Expand its expertise, without having to hire an additional resource,
  • Continue to develop and respond effectively to its customers by focusing on its business,
  • Reposition internal resources on high value-added trades,
  • Optimize the quality and speed of execution of its work,
  • Improve and increase the quality of service,
  • Get better visibility into your activities while staying in control

Our experience in the call centre sector allows us to offer you a tailor-made contract that is able to meet your expectations.

Identify and analyse company services and activities that can be outsourced

To draw a realistic list of your company’s activities and services that can be outsourced, here are the questions that you must ask:

  • What activities represents the core business of my company?
  • What about the safety of its operations? Will an outsourcing provider be able to respect or even improve the quality?
  • What costs for these in-house activities and what will be the costs if they are covered by a contact centre?
  • Which outsourcing partner is ideal for my project: a company located outside my borders?

The Customer Relationship Centre ProContact offers a wide range of services that you can quickly and easily outsource: B2B/B2C prospecting, remote secretary services, your customer relationship service, your CRM tool and software, your customer satisfaction surveys or even your human resources.

For a successful outsourcing, your company must master the activities to be outsourced

Outsourcing does not mean that the client company is getting rid of an activity that it does not master the mechanisms of. By having the necessary skills in-house, this ensures a smooth steering, which will lead to an effective and long-lasting partnership.

At ProContact, we rely on solid communication, guaranteeing the goals set together. This will also achieve better productivity at controlled costs.

Outsourcing, a complete but above all human process

As a company, each player must be able to express their expectations, but also their fears regarding this outsourcing project. It is therefore essential to demonstrate to your employees that your project is rigorous in all respects, that you have taken into account all the technical, economic, strategic and of course human aspects of this next stage of your evolution. For this, the organisation of your outsourcing must be precise, done to the millimetre, and supported by a solid process.

So you will need to be able to set up a team specially dedicated to this step. It will have the function of organising the project in detail, making the link between the internal teams and those of your provider.

Many companies have succeeded in this challenge and have turned towards outsourcing one or more services to ProContact! Today, they benefit from the best tools, but also from teams of consultants specially trained for quality support and delivering concrete results.

Finding a trusted partner for sustainable collaboration

In the context of outsourcing, the provider is not only a provider of a service, but he must also be able to transform himself into a trusted partner. Its role is to implement everything so that the client company achieves its goals. On the other hand, the client must be able to take into account the business objectives of its supplier. Each party must win the contract, in a context of understanding, collaboration while complying with the contract.

For example, ProContact provide you with a clearly established offer, allowing your company to actively participate in the transfer of skills, information, etc., to the agents of its contact centre.

ProContact: more than an outsourcing provider, your partner!

As outsourcing specialists, we offer a high added value partnership to companies wishing to outsource one or more services. Our Contact Centre has all the necessary technological means and trained, qualified and multilingual agents. Our call centre brings together all services on the same platform, in order to offer a global and sharp expertise on all the trades that are essential to the development of your company but are not part of the “core business” of your company.

Today, companies that choose to trust ProContact’s call centre to take charge of their needs related to prospecting (call processing, traffic creation, outbound calls, etc.), loyalty (inbound calls, data entry, routing emailing, etc.), commercial and administrative management (satisfaction survey, customer satisfaction analysis, KPIs management, dashboards and performance analysis, customer engagement analysis, etc.) will be able to continue to grow, to consolidate their market position and to grow up. To learn more about our services or for a quality partnership, click on our contact form, send us an email or call us at (+33) 1 77 75 04 50.

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