12 good reasons to outsource your consumer service

Your business wants to grow and to achieve this, it is essential to offer impeccable consumer service to your customers. This feature obviously involves large companies, but for quite some time small businesses and entrepreneurs have tended to follow suit. This affects their image, their reputation, which is sometimes impossible to maintain by relying on an internal team.

Outsourcing consumer service: a trend which is more and more widespread!

When we talk about the outsourcing of consumer service, the image that immediately crop ups is that of a crowded, noisy call centre located in a foreign country; a centre in which the staff is being made to work 24/7. To prove that this reputation is not deserved, more and more companies are turning to this solution to outsource the problems faced by their own customers. Over time, this trend has led to the emergence of many offshore companies specialised in outsourcing consumer services. The result is worth it because customers see it as a simple, fast and convenient solution which avoids having to face a multitude of complex menus, waiting a long time on the phone or having to explain its problem to several interlocutors to find a solution.

Outsourcing your consumer service to reduce costs

Outsourcing beliefs are many and have a hard life. Among them, there is the one which would like to advance that a call centre is more expensive. Why? Because the provider must amortize their infrastructure and their employees. The reality is far from so gloomy: outsourcing specialists represent an economical solution which will allow your company to save on wages, benefits and employee training.

Time saving

In the case of entrepreneurs, many want to take charge of their consumer service or, if they are a team, to distribute this task among the collaborators. However, as the company grows, it will also have to devote more and more time to this position. Outsourcing your consumer service will allow you to redistribute your time and expertise on your core business, allowing you, at the same time, to focus on the main missions of your company!

Benefit from the know-how of qualified professionals

Like all areas, consumer service requires skills. It is essential to apply good practices and techniques that only a trained person can apply on a daily basis. By entrusting this service to a team that has not been trained for this purpose, the consequences can be negative and harmful to your business. Outsourcing is the guarantee of having an impeccable consumer service.

Increased versatility

By entrusting your consumer service to an external and offshore call centre, your business will be able to benefit from additional services, flexible schedules and other skills that go beyond what your customer service will be able to handle internally. One example would be the cases where you need a consumer service that is available 24/7 or if you need several representatives for busy periods. Outsourcing is the most relevant answer because your provider has all the resources necessary to adapt to your needs in a framework designed to be naturally flexible.

Develop your business

Consumer service is far from being reduced to teams of operators who spend their time answering phone calls or emails. If your company needs an outgoing call service to support its development, outsourcing is able to set up reception, conquest and cross-sales campaigns. Indeed, outsourcing can quite serve as a lever for the development of your business!

Increase the overall efficiency of your business

The expression “time is money” has never been truer in our context of merciless competition, strategic positioning and, of course, globalization. Faced with this, the result of your business will greatly depend on how you manage “its” time. Here again, outsourcing your consumer service will come to your rescue by taking care of your customers’ complaints. As a result, you will be able to direct your time and attention to the main business and to forget about administrative or salary aspects.

Increase your business revenue

With customers being more demanding than ever, it is important to have an impeccable, efficient and easily accessible consumer service. By succeeding in this bet, you will offer a sense of security and of availability to customers who want to be the centre of attention of your entire company so to speak. To meet the expectations of your customers and to dissuade them from turning to the competition, rely on outsourcing. Your service provider already has the expertise and the necessary experience required to take care of your customers on a daily basis. The result is clear: your business will retain and increase revenue!

Ease the workload

The management of such a service can be complex, whether you are a new company or a fast-growing company. Outsourcing your consumer service will allow your company to reduce the workload of your employees while benefiting from a reliable service which is able to listen to and understand your customers.

Flexible customer service

Another important aspect of outsourcing your consumer service: flexibility of schedules! Thus, your customers can reach your company even outside its opening hours or during public holidays.

Rely on dedicated agents

Rely on your provider’s agents to focus on your customers and only on your customers, simply because it’s their job! Upstream, the process is a clear and supervised one for a smooth transition between your employees and the teams of your outsourcing specialist.

Benefit from modern technical means

Technology is everywhere and even more so in call centres! If your business isn’t up to date, don’t worry about it thanks to outsourcing. Teams, including offshore ones, benefit from the latest hardware and software with the aim of always offering the best in consumer service.

Multilingual support

Many call centres are able to provide service in several languages. This is obviously an important advantage which allows you to better communicate with several of your customers!

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