Outsourcing your satisfaction survey service

As its name suggests, a satisfaction survey measures client satisfaction. A real tool in the arsenal of customer service in any company, its aim is to interview as many people as possible with a series of focused, clear and simple questions. Outsourcing is now a common practice. It allows sponsors to hand over their investigations to trained professionals who are at your disposal but who are also available to assist your clients and who abide by existing laws. How is this advantageous to your company? Find all the answers in our article about outsourcing satisfaction survey services!

What are the uses of satisfaction surveys?

Every company is concerned about maintaining and improving the quality of its products or services and about maintaining its brand image and reputation. It must also maintain and increase customer satisfaction in order to drive loyalty. To do this, it is essential to take into account the opinions of customers, whether they are other professionals or consumers. By carrying out satisfaction surveys, data will be collected, cross-checked and analysed in order to draw conclusions which will allow the enhancement of products and services offered.

The customer satisfaction survey in 4 steps

The process of conducting a satisfaction survey must be carefully planned. You must:

  • Identify the problematic and the aim of the survey. For this, marketing and sales reps can work together.
  • Identify the medium used to carry out the survey: by phone or online?
  • Prepare short, clear, structured and non-stereotypical questions.
  • Collect, process and analyse responses

It should be noted that this exercise requires human and financial resources and time.

General Data Protection Regulation- the safety of customer data

When conducting a satisfaction survey, your company will collect a huge amount of data. This must be protected at all costs and professionals in the sectors involved are in a position to handle this matter. Currently, the system in place is the General Data Protection Regulation, the famous GDPR.

Since you will collect and store personal data, investigators have an obligation to provide some information to respondents at the beginning of the conversation to comply with the legislation. They must inform them on the:

  • Nature of data collected,
  • Purpose of this action,
  • Identity of the companies for which this data is intended,
  • Duration of retention of the personal data,
  • Transfer of the data outside the European Union (EU), if applicable.

Reconciling GDPR with outsourcing your satisfaction surveys

The GDPR will not hinder the outsourcing of your satisfaction surveys under any circumstance on the condition that you take some precautions.

  • You must inform your respondents that you are collecting their personal data,
  • You must collect information that is strictly necessary,
  • Respondents must be able to access and change their personal information,
  • You should maintain a data processing register,
  • You must use compliant software and
  • Choosing a provider that is in accordance with the legislation.

Why outsource your satisfaction survey service?

Your company will only benefit when it outsources its satisfaction survey service. By entrusting us with this part of your customer relationship, you are saving time and human resources for other high value-added tasks. You will rely on a specialized company to take care of your customers!

Outsourcing implies:

  • Saving time: by choosing to outsource your satisfaction survey service, your company will allow its employees to devote more time to essential tasks. As a result, you will achieve your business goals and you will be able to focus on the core of your enterprise.


  • Saving money: let us consider SMEs, for which it may be difficult to implement the human, material and financial resources dedicated to customer relations only. This is where outsourcing can become an added value to your customer relationship service. By assigning this part to another company, you will benefit from extended hours, trained and specialised teams who know their job and guaranteed data security.


  • Maintaining and increasing your clients’ trust: the customer is able to trust a brand, a company or a product only when the latter is able to answer to his questions without hesitation, to meet his expectations and his needs. By taking the lead through a satisfaction survey, you will maintain and increase this trust.


  • Taking a step back: outsourcing is above all a collaboration between two companies, which doubles the opportunities to exchange ideas. This is an undeniable benefit for your company’s business strategy.

Are you are considering to opt for satisfaction surveys sent by e-mail or by traditional mail? Keep in mind that very few people respond to those. This is because the voice, the human touch, always takes over. By entrusting your satisfaction survey service to a third party company, by making the choice of outsourcing, you will benefit from many advantages, among which are:

  • Professionals who are trained to listen and to take information while reassuring respondents,
  • Teams who are able to intervene in your investigations in a neutral way, which gives precise results,
  • Professionals able to express themselves in multiple languages, which allows your company to address its customers located outside its geographical area,
  • Results delivered quickly so that you can make the necessary analysis and exploit results in a timely manner.

Safety, quality, speed of data processing: outsourcing your satisfaction survey service can be a challenge during the implementation of your project. Nevertheless, by choosing a company known and recognised for its professionalism and the quality training offered to its teams, you will win on several levels. Outsourcing is in itself a tool for companies wishing to progress, to expand and to allow their employees to concentrate on their core business. Choose to focus on high value-added tasks and entrust equally essential but time-consuming services to other professionals who are trained and motivated to take them in hand behind the scenes, without interfering with your development.

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