Outsourcing your secretarial service? Why should you do so?

A secretarial service is not just making phone calls and scheduling appointments. As a company manager, you need to be able to rely on an organised, trained and professional person who will take charge of all tasks with low added value but that are much more strategic than they appear. However, if your company does not have the possibility or the means to create a position, including in-house, here is how outsourcing can cater favourably to your needs.

Outsourcing your secretarial project

Several scenarios may justify the decision to outsource the secretarial service of your company. Some of them are:

  • You are just beginning your business operations,
  • Your employees are overworked,
  • You suffer from the lack of a secretary or you need an additional secretary.

In any of these cases, your schedule is sufficiently overloaded and you need to delegate certain administrative low-added value tasks that are repetitive and particularly time-consuming such as managing calls, attendance, emails, etc., to others.

On the other hand, you don’t have the time or the budget to hire another employee, or even someone in-house. The same applies regarding the training of this person… Among the solutions offered to you, let’s talk about outsourcing.

Remote secretarial services offers several benefits

  • This option allows the company to save considerable funds on hiring processes (social security contributions, training hours, retirement plans, etc..),
  • The supplier provides all the equipment, all the supplies necessary for the execution of the mission that you entrust him with,
  • Remote secretaries can work per hour, on a timely basis, or according to units of creation
  • This operation is not regulated by legal requirements, so you can ask your provider to offer you a 24/7 service.

An outsourced secretarial service: explanations

By choosing to outsource its secretarial services, the company manager will delegate certain tasks to a third company, whose employees are trained to handle a wide range of tasks that are flexible and compliant to the needs of an applicant. These may be:

  • A telephone hotline (dealing with outgoing calls, screening incoming calls, taking messages, etc.),
  • Managing appointments,
  • Transcription of proceedings,
  • Preparation and the follow-up of estimates and invoices,
  • Recovery of unpaid debts,
  • E-mail management (sorting, processing, filing, Editing)),
  • Database Maintenance,
  • Personnel attendance management, etc.

Outsourcing secretarial services, also known as remote secretarial services, generally involves leveraging the services of a specialized company located outside the country. This allows the manager or business-owner to assign tasks that he cannot deal with or complete to one or more persons. This would depend on the volume of his work. In return, he can benefit from a high-grade service that is supported by dedicated tools or standards.

Many companies have taken the leap!

Many companies have taken the leap and have entrusted their secretarial services to a third company located abroad, such as in Mauritius, because this option is beneficial for both the company and for its employees. :

  • Outsourcing companies already have all the human and material resources required to take over the tasks entrusted to them. There is no need for the customer to intervene,
  • The client company will have the ability to focus on its core business,
  • No more work overload spectrum for employees,
  • There is no need to carry our recruitment operations, for instance for temporary positions, to complete the workload
  • Offshore outsourcing allows the company to save a considerable amount of funds on expenses

Outsource your current secretarial service to save money

The day-to-day tasks of a secretarial service are undeniably time-consuming!  They take up the time that the company can completely devote to its own development, which is essential for its sustenance and for it to rival with competitors. When you outsource the tasks you consider having no added value, the administrative section of your company is able to continue to function while you can devote the necessary budget and resources to your development and expansion projects, among others.

Remote secretary services are the most popular solutions among companies that wish to be able to continue operating while being completely efficient.

Choosing the right provider

When outsourcing of your secretarial service, it is essential that you take the time necessary to choose the right provider. Selecting the right company to cater to your needs is an important part of the outsourcing process.

The perfect provider must be able:

To offer you tailor-made formulas that are suitable for your needs and that can be customised according to the workload.

To listen to you and advise you while acclimatising itself so that it can seamlessly shift from being a provider to being a real partner of your firm on a daily basis. Its role is to collaborate with your company so that your employees can focus on their primary mission: to develop and expand the company.

To demonstrate the ability to be constantly available. It should be noted that a secretarial service never really take any break. In an emergency, the provider, or rather the partner, must be able to assist you “at a moment’s notice”, regardless of what time it is.

To provide you with competitive rates while at the same time being able to deliver a high-quality service which meets your needs and your expectations. Moreover, offshore outsourcing allows companies to make 30-50% savings, if its implementation is well thought out and organized.

To provide you with service guarantees that respect your specifications, in particular with regards to the tools used, the number of human resources, processing times, the quality of the equipment, the competence level of stakeholders, etc.

A remote secretarial service is a year-round tool that can be customised according to the needs of the company. This solution, while it may raise concerns and reservations at the beginning, allows any company that turns to it to win on many fronts, human and material and financial. There are enough evidences that prove this!

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