Telemarketing: 5 reasons to go through outsourcing

Telemarketing is a traditional marketing method, especially in the B2B sector but it has evolved over the years. Today, there are no cold callers reciting their texts like robots. Instead, we the trend is targeted marketing, which involves personalized content and is compatible with various channels. It can be said that modern telemarketing is not a redundant, boring sales technique but rather an innovative one. Why? It is able to attract the attention of potential customers, but more importantly, to incite them to buy your products and services. To take this approach even further, by being strategic, telemarketing can be outsourced and it can become a particularly effective tool to promote awareness, loyalty and establish a relationship with existing and potential and customers.

A development that leaves one wondering

There is the impression that everything has already been said about telemarketing. Negative opinions are everywhere on the internet. Many advance that it is unnecessary and time-consuming for respondents. How is this possible, when companies, at least the very large ones, spend, sometimes, substantial funds to fine-tune their communication? Some of them have not yet had the idea to apply the latest and most effective practices, especially since telemarketing has expanded and evolved significantly when compared to other digital and social marketing channels.

If your company is ready to approach telemarketing from a new perspective that is free from its worn-out feature, if you have all the relevant data from your company, outsourcing this service can become an asset; it will involve cost reduction or maximized return on investment in contrast to other marketing channels.

By giving this mission to a company specialised in outsourcing, you will be able to rely on trained professionals and forget about mechanical texts that tend to drive potential customers away.

5 good reasons to outsource your telemarketing activities and campaigns

For effective telemarketing to take place, every company must take the time necessary to define its strategy and to plan to the nearest millimetre. Outsourcing is the perfect solution, because it offers several advantages, as you’ll discover below.

Save money and become profitable

How does outsourcing a telemarketing service allow your company to save money and be profitable if you want to generate a large volume of prospective customers? It allows you to operate on an hourly basis or on Bi-Monthly, Semi-Annual or annual contracts. This can be customised according to your business objectives and the size of your company!

In addition, by delegating its service, your company will save, in particular on the various tax and salary contributions linked to the hiring of an employee and on the training time that will be required, etc.

Trained and experienced telemarketers

It is appropriate to consider sales and telemarketing as skill sets because it is not just a matter of making or receiving calls. By entrusting your telemarketing service to a specialized company, you are guaranteed to be taken care of by an expert team, trained and able to adapt in a very short time, regardless of the sector, including telemarketing. These professionals are competent in communicating via phone calls, but also in sales techniques. Thanks to their personalized, human speeches, they actively participate in the constant increase of your conversion rate.


In contrast to what one might think, telemarketing requires some experience, as it is not just about making calls to a list of prospects or about selling products. Telemarketing is an effective tool to launch a marketing campaign and to reach a wide audience quickly. With outsourcing, this service remains timeless, allowing for example, your sales department to focus much more on lead generation and sales strategies, tracking, after-sales calls, impromptu calls, etc., on shipping new products, closing transactions, looking for new leads, which are essential to the company’s development and prosperity.

In addition, by choosing a qualified service provider, your telemarketing strategies will attract new customers, retain existing ones and bring back older ones, while attracting everyone’s attention without you having to intervene at any time whatsoever.

Flexibility and versatility

To sum up, with an outsourced telemarketing service, your company will benefit from great flexibility and versatility. Moreover, outsourcing is the perfect solution if your company has to conduct a particular campaign at a specific time of the year.

Flexibility: this is one of the main advantages of outsourcing. If you do not need a full-time person for this service, if your needs are prompt or fluctuating during specific periods, outsourcing is the immediate solution for your company.

Service providers are aware of the needs of businesses, and the vast majority of them are able to propose solutions that are customised and customisable according to the needs of their clients. Moreover, you should not hesitate to compare providers, especially if you choose one located in, for example, the Indian Ocean.

Maximized return on investment

Over time, companies have come to realise that outsourcing a telemarketing service is actually synonymous with maximum return on investment. The reason behind this is simple: for the company, hiring one or more people to conduct telemarketing is costly while the provider naturally works on a contractual basis. Moreover, the resources used to hire a person will limit your resources and the exercise takes up a lot of time and energy.

Savings, visible profitability, time saving, flexibility, versatility, exponential ROI, today the outsourcing of your telemarketing service will provide you with several advantages. Start implementing this step by thinking clearly about your strategy, by setting out your needs and expectations and above all by choosing a provider who listens to you and understands you. If well conducted, this operation will allow your company to grow and increase its customer base!

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