How to execute a successful outsourcing project in 2020!

What if 2020 is the perfect year to make your outsourcing project a reality? This solution is now easy to implement, proven as reliable and put into practice by many companies who do not hesitate to share their experience. The key is to find the best fit for your needs, just as you would for a classic recruitment.

While the market economy is in full swing, there is no reason why you should not outsource some of your company’s services. As a boss, your time is valuable, as is the time and know-how of your employees and the aim of your company is to achieve its goals productively and efficiently. By outsourcing, you will delegate without abandoning the services concerned and you will benefit from a perfectly calibrated service, while making savings.

Outsourcing in general

Outsourcing is about more than just hiring people from outside your company to take on certain tasks to save you time. Outsourcing is a solution to increase the quality of execution of certain tasks at a lower cost.

Currently, you feel that you are limited by the resources that you have internally. Outsourcing, offshore more specifically, is a window on other resources around the world; Resources trained, educated, economical, flexible, adaptable and available even beyond your operating hours. Let us add to this the technological means that are now available. These make it possible to operate enterprises 24/7.

Another important point to keep in mind regarding outsourcing is that the client company only pays for the services rendered, while internal resources lead to heavy salary costs for the budget (contributions, equipment, sick leave and others).

Executing your outsourcing project in 2020

By choosing outsourcing, your offshore provider will provide you with a turnkey service, but that is always adaptable to your needs. How to initiate your project calmly and effectively?

Identify time-consuming tasks

These are usually time-consuming, repetitive tasks that do not require constant supervision. These can be your human resources, your satisfaction survey service to assess the quality of your services, your remote secretary service, teleprospection or even telemarketing.

By outsourcing these services, your company will free up time to focus on its core business.

Identify low value-added tasks

A task can be time consuming, repetitive, but it is not less important than others for the proper functioning of your business. However, in the case of an SME, if you feel that your internal resources can handle it, it is important to go back and ask yourself the right questions. By focusing on this task, can your employees help advance your business; helping it grow through his core business and helping it position itself favourably in relation to competition?

Identify areas that you are not specialised in

Even as CEO, entrepreneur or boss, you are not an expert in all aspects of your business. These include, for example, communication with customers, the ability to sell your product or service, conversation in the commercial sense and others.

These “gaps”, although human can represent a weak point for the development of your company and especially regarding its place in relation to its competitors. By entrusting the services that require such know-how to professionals, your company will be able to evolve with complete serenity.

Choose the right offshore outsourcing provider

The process of hiring an offshore outsourcing provider is similar to that of hiring a collaborator:

Start by determining your needs: it is a matter of carefully pointing out the time-consuming services and describing them in the smallest detail, for example, if it is a question of answering by telephone, or by e-mail, in French or in English, the time zone and other such factors. Put as much important information as possible in your description while remaining concise.

Choose several specialised companies: cross-check the opinions and experiences of past and current clients, ask for recommendations from your counterparts and use your professional network. If the internet is full of advice and reviews, it is essential to rely on the experience of other companies, but also on the exchanges that you will have with potential candidates and the quality of their answers to choose the right outsourcing provider.

Find the right fit for your company: is the chosen service provider able to offer you solutions before problems arise? Does it have an incident recovery plan? Are its human resources flexible and able to adapt to your needs in terms of working time and workload? Take the time to sort out the potential candidates and then select the most convincing ones and rank them. They are the ones who will pass the final stage of the recruitment process.

Sign the contract: the contract is not just a formality! It must cover all the essential points, your expectations, your imperatives and other factors.

Integrate the concept of outsourcing into your business process: an essential step to ensure smooth and successful outsourcing is to establish a relationship of trust not only with your provider, but also with your employees during the integration process. Familiarise this new partner with the subtleties of your company’s operation, showing them in detail your systems and processes so that they can blend naturally into the flow. Clearly express your expectations in detail, for example, regarding the progress of tasks, meetings or areas requiring improvement.

Communication is undoubtedly the key to successful outsourcing. Clear, direct and frank, it is the pivot of a partnership between two companies that are not necessarily located in the same place on the planet. Certainly, it takes effort, time but by encouraging exchanges, you will lay the foundation for a dynamic collaboration during which you and your provider will become lasting partners. This will impact positively on the productivity and loyalty of your employees and the development of your company, which will thus be recognized for the quality of its services or products.

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